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Friday, September 21, 2012

De-Classified MK Ultra Documents Show 'Gang Stalking' Or Organized Harassment Is Part Of The Project

Risk of physicians making correct diagnoses of covert testing

Risk of future release of information by unwitting test subjects

Harassment and disabling materials

Chemical materials causing non toxic abberant mental states...discrediting individuals...planting suggestions...

Its amazing to me that with all this evidence that the testimonies of those experimentees in the video of the President's Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experiments in 1995 were supposedly stricken from the record.

As long as America can continue to get away with things like this not by lack of evidence but by intimidation and perpetuating a cover up, it cant be trusted

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Mike said...

This information is so depressing gets me feeling so down, because I know people are mean, and this just totally validates the knowledge to a proven level. Kind of disrupts my comfort because, this is absolutely undeniable. And only common sense would tell us with mankinds thirst to advance in control, and tech that these kinds of things are going on now most probably in a much more advanced way with using newly invented findings, and inventions. And yet we are supposed to believe our danger is from foreign 'terrorists'. I am at a new level of hopeless despair.