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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Companion's Cell Phone Might Be Source Of Stress

Its Boost i think or a cheap one like that OWNED BY NEXTEL he said yesterday. That is thw company who owned the cell tower repeaters thar were on my apartment building at 335 Washington St Brighton MA, U.S.A. during the Bush era. Where so much torture took place. It could even b something about my companion himself. What or how it wud b done I dont know. His step father is an IT guy who works in Burlington. He himsef isnt what? A chip or hacking the cell itself to get to me? How would it work? Like maybe he knows about it or maybe hes just being used by the system. Or his phone is anyway. I CONSISTENTLY FEEL BETTER AND MYSELF AGAIN WHEN THIS PERSON LEAVES MY PHYSICAL AREA. THE FARTHER HE GETS THE MORE NORMAL I FEEL AGAIN.


Anonymous said...

I think these cell towers merit some investigations. I'll be looking into what should be done, to see if any "strange" signals are being superimposed on top of the normal voice signals. You know, "strange" signals, like ELF range mind control signals.

Guy said...

You've mentioned before that you can feel people's vibes, you are energy sensitive, etc. Could it just be their energy? Most people these days give me a heavy/stupid feeling. This is why we are targeted. We don't fit in this world system. I'm convinced the abrahamic religions are only designed to keep people in a state of ignorance of their true nature, and afflicted by suffering. Kind of like the whole masonic system: create the problems while pretending to be the saviour. People afflicted with theistic beliefs cannot understand this, their minds are made too dull, so they will always blame anyone but their own god. As a person who has left christianity, the immediate freeing/lightening of the mind that occurs is very noticeable.

Guy said...

Also, I know exactly what you mean about feeling better, and yourself again, when this person leaves. It is exactly what I feel when my alcoholic father comes and goes from my presence. I believe now that all people's minds/auras affect each other. Which means we can't just all get along. People with different views or mental states will make each other feel uncomfortable.