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Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Mike said...

Hey did you ever cross paths with Brother Nathanael ( I heard he was was homeless around the brookline area a couple years back.

Mike said...

One group of people influences people ,tells the in crowd what's cool, what's in, how to think, who to like, what to buy, owns the biggest corporations, has the most seats in government, famous hollywood people, biggest music companies, prestigious occupations have lots of them. Chain stores are owned by them, these groups have power and influence worldwide. Owning, controlling all this, and not knowing about and even denying groupstalking exists, even labelling people as paranoids if they claim victim of groupstalking. No, I can't believe that, jews are running the groupstalking show just like all the other things they got control of. All races work for them in every occupation, that explains the diverse attacks from all kinds of people.