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Monday, November 15, 2010

What Happened? (long post)

After watching this Clash interview that is on the main blog I thought about how different kids are today. Thier views are a strange mix of more conservative yet much more lacking in decency and civility. Perhaps its just Boston the way it always has been but I note this among young people around the US. Perhaps they always were more conservative than I was used to.

What is most disturbing is the way that the powers that be have taken away alot of the maneuvers to live outside the grid or the system, like squatting. Reagan closing the nut houses and those people becoming a large part of the homeless problem was a brilliant psychological warfare move. And of course it comes from the Bush-Reagan Republican camp that same group of people that have brought us hours of entertainment for years now. Everything from Kennedy's assassination, Johnson receiving the 'wink' from a Texan politician at his inauguration, the destruction of MK Ultra files before any real inquiries were made, Reagan's near assassination during Bush's vice presidency, endless secret covert activities internationally, Reagan trying to put into overt use the program we know as 'gang stalking' to manage people in prisons and mental institutions, of course if you can use covert war to get a Target INTO one of those places then these programs would have been used on them if they were overtly in use anyway. Perhaps letting the nuts out was good for rotting the cities out so that gentrification could be validated and the doing away of any and all sentiment left over from the 60's or 70's about helping the poor. Oh and adding crack to the mix was a brilliant move as well. Make white flight happen and eventually you can legitamize any and all action against 'the poor'. But 'the poor' and 'the homeless' have purposely been made into the worst elements of society one can think of and this I believe has been done on purpose to justify extreme attitudes against these populations. Most likely adding in enough plants or black ops/psy ops people to really make things happen and stir up shit, make the crazies even crazier is a great part of this social engineering marvel. THEN squatters are just more of 'the homeless' that now include crack heads and the nut jobs who should rightly be in institutions instead of on the street- The Enemy of decent, fruitful society. That means any one with a revolutionary attitude is easily squelched if they are truly poor or oppressed. Just surround them with the TRULY mentally ill, crack heads, and get the youth to blindly accept the WORST parts of black culture as part of political correctness (parts that blacks themselves understand are detrimental to society) and voila! you have a formula for ridding yourself of anyone with a brain who gets put onto the streets. And make sure the cops create a culture of snitches with The War on Drugs, which of course is also partially managed by govt and military forces to begin with. Make sure that somehow, the public eventually equates these fascist, militant actions against The People with 'the homeless' and every other element that exists on the streets. The newly created street life is one of filth, African American ghetto mentality or wanna be gangstas who of course could never truly function as career criminals so only aid The Man in his oppression by thier sheer stupidity and eventually having to turn informant due to said stupidity. These are your low level 'plants' who actually serve as a part of a collective psy warfare on the minds of both the dissident and the public.

You have created fear in most decent people. They retreat into snobbery, mindless consumption and the fallacy that more tech makes a better person. They hide in gated communities and YUPPie artless apartment buildings. 9/11 and you are now SET in putting militant parameters around YUPPie snob land. The gangstas and the rot will still serve you well to keep everyone down and the crazies serve as the eternal reminder of what could happen if you don't conform and end up on 'the streets, even though they would probably be insane if housed or hospitalized anyway but you are trying to brainwash people not have them think logically. So equating insanity with homelessness and poverty is to your benefit. If they aren't crazy then they will fall into drugs or the gangsta scene hopefullly and crushed will be any true rebellion in them.

I know it seems racist as I often do at times. But the reality is that poor whites have been existing under Kings, very VERY oppressive ones for alot longer than other cultures. We KNOW how bad this can get. We KNOW what needs to be done against such powers. And over the centuries the powers that be have slowly crushed the fight in Europeans. Its in our collective memories- the Inquisitions, the plagues, the castle off in the distance with King, Noble, Surf, Peasant. African Americans may have experienced slavery and may have broken tools, had black slave uprisings and fight to this day but often they seem naive or oblivious to the elite white's way of doing things very VERY quietly, very slowly and in secret. This is the secret of the throne room of the whispers in the castle. And sadly I have experienced far too many blacks who seem to be helping the oppressor instead of fighting. It seems that all they require is a good standard of living and that is enough for them.

The blacks that are targeted perhaps fit a profile of a human being that would not make a good houseslave or someone who is rebellious by nature..something that makes them worth targeting. Becuz when blacks do take to going against a power system they seem effective enough. This is why I believe that COINTELPRO activity never ceased. I have heard on underground rap songs that the mainstream industry is infiltrated to an unbelievable level and its the only reason its allowed to exist.

This pushing of political correctness based on race is one of the oppressors greatest weapons. In the fight against this sneaky enslavement of mankind using technologies, tactics and weapons that are essentially illegal, there are blacks you can trust and those you cant. PC is going to get you killed on the battlefield end of story.
And the perps go after anyone with a racial wound like myself. Its to ensure that one becomes hateful and alienates people based on race not actions. What I see now is a culture of blacks that are frighteningly for the Man and actively doing his bidding but also hide under the umbrella of PC with this idea that "you HAVE to accept us" like its a law.
Whites incorporating into black culture happens naturally when whites live among that culture. Some men and women are going to prefer other 'races' for romantic tastes. And that was cool years ago as you went out with another race due to your own WILL and your own personal tastes. But to have such a conversion marketed by media, to be brainwashed out of your own culture or to have it destroyed totally is unnatural. Anything that occurs unnaturally must be examined very carefully by those of us in this situation who are watching the enslavement of mankind over a very slow time frame, but it is occurring. If part of that occurrence is the destruction of poor and middle class white culture then it must be addressed not for reasons of racism but for reasons of the survival of all of us.

IF the scenario was of powerful BLACKS having the black culture take over white culture then it would actually by less of an issue. It would be understandable due to the shift in power and the battle lines would be very clear.
Whites would either accept it or lines would be drawn between views.

But there is something creepy and very sneaky..subversive with a conservative neocon madman type of group in power and through this black culture takes over the lower white classes, while rich white culture and other cultures stay untouched by this shift. The existence of 'YUPpies' and ghetto gangsta types to the exclusion of poor and middle class or working class whites is nothing more than The Man having blacks absorb a culture of other whites that threaten him as he tries to take over the whole world- the NWO if you will.

Its interesting that the NWO does not seem to include the existence of poor or primitive white cultures. That somehow that has to be sacrificed for 'world peace' to occur.

Your being sold a bill of goods by factions of people who have had these scams and modus operandi for centuries. The blacks are now fully in swing with thier 'con' as it were.

Every faction has its con to gain power or access. Its not PC but it is reality, something PC is not built for. Its the games of war, politics and commerce. We are not school children still we get treated as such moreso now than ever. HATE is not going to solve anything but self respect, resistance and knowing who you are by not letting factions pander to you WHO YOU ARE OR SHOULD BE is the starting point.

If anyone knows about thinking they are black its me. From first grade til 5th I lived among blacks from the worst neighborhoods in Boston during bussing, a social experiment by progressive blacks and again thier rich white counterparts, that no one is willing to admit hurt alot of people in the process, just like the rearranging of the world is hurting people now. Entire populations are suffering from the effects of globalization. No one seems to notice as long as they have what they need to seem socially acceptable and fit into the snob criteria. Good moral character is not based on how much money you have and how much you either haven't been caught doing, hide from people or simply dont indulge in such as sex, drugs etc. Its not how you treat people or standing up for whats right- its being GOOD and being RICH. That's all that matters now to get past the censors...or should I say the sensors.

My mother saw that back then they treated us like animals. No one cared like they do now about ghetto children. Boston had a way of doing things which was to hide it from tourists or the public. The attitude was that you are going to die here just as you were born here. The teachers did things that no one would ever get away with now, yer typical Angry Irish Catholic teacher- just like the nuns our parents had that were bad without the habits on. They were abusive just as they still are today. Southie is not cool just becuz you have seen it in a bunch of movies with the same 3 assholes (Wahlberg,Affleck,Damon) who 'rep' Boston all the time. Southie is f*cked. Its still an Irish ghetto in alot of ways. Big strong Irish kids still come through Cambridge strung out in the prime of thier youth as a testament to that. I see it all the time. The poor blacks and whites of this area were a total nightmare. And the other factions knew exactly how to manipulate them to keep everyone down as they still do today.

My mother got me out of there. I moved to her childhood hometown of Waltham where my family has been for 120 years. It was still not wealthy but it was less concentrated violence and a dead end. Working class Italian, Irish, French Canadian and a small concentration of PuertoRican. Now its different, it did not have the money to escape Gentrification as communities like Lexington have been able to preserve thier city. Any culture that existed there has been destroyed in the interest of yet another perfect community of 4th waver immigrants, YUPpies who work along rt 128 or commute to Boston, college kids from Brandies or Bryant. Its their city now. I look up at the rooster on the church that my great grandfather put up there 100 years ago and realize that its not my home anymore. It belongs to the NWO now.

During my exodus from Roslindale and the bussing horrors I realized that I was white. I started to lose my blackness I had picked up during those years. I lost my ebonic accent. I no longer played double Dutch jump rope. But I never lost those memories and I never lost that little black I picked up there, its been invaluable during the worst crisis along the way especially dealing with the horrors of the more deep motivations for me being Targeted. Its not as easy for them to destroy the little ghetto girl as it might be to destroy the little foster home girl or whatever else I picked up as part of my identity. However, that edge was earned. I got beat up by kids for a few years until I became 'tribe' with the black girls. Thier parents tell them to beat up kids just cuz they are white so PC is a bit hard for me to swallow. Its all bullshit to me, some nonsense for hardheaded rich or other isolated white people who dont interact with black culture enough to understand it. Again its also due to the ignorance of rich whites but also the ignorance of the modern black culture. Much of the progressive culture seems to focus only on improving things not dealing with what is there that needs to be fixed and much of the ghetto culture is still very ignorant about whites, at least in Cali and places up north. Most blacks and now I note other cultures up here in Yankee territory expect white people to be afraid of them or ignorant of thier culture. This has added to the process of destroying white cultures and sub cultures. It seems like they dont know anything about whites and especially the sub cultures. The younger kids have been taught here that no race friction is acceptable at all. Its a done deal and that is sad. However, there is much on the side of blacks now that is taking full advantage of the actions of thier richer white partners in this, they know damn well that the poor whites are potentially stupid, ignorant, weakened now and easy prey. They are smart enough to see the rich whites hammering down on the poor white cultures and destroying out of existence the sub cultures. And the racial cold war is very bad up here. In So Cal Mexicans tend to side with whites as they dont tolerate blacks taking thier territory. Its so close to the border that they call it Aztecifornia or something like that. Here however anyone NOT white seems to bond with blacks over being 'colored' or 'dark peoples'. It goes to show the power still evident in the WASPy power structures as well as the still strong Italian and the Irish ethnic cultures and of course the very out Jewish culture here which is probably the most accepting to outsiders. The more orthodox they are you'll know it believe me, that yer not part of that culture. Which is fine, becuz there's not a bunch of orthodox Jews walking down the street with extreme swagger, towards me as if they are gods gift to women if not the human race and if that doesn't work then I should fear them due to thier innate bad assness which they believe they invented above all people..in the Northeast anyway. Its totally irritating and its a daily bunch of bullshit I could live without. After traveling and becoming VERY sure of who I am, where I have been and where I come from most American blacks see this in my carriage and stop the nonsense. Its the 4th wavers that have become a difficulty to women in general. ALso that is part of the neoconservative plan I think- get men from extremely sexist societies like India and West (Sub Saharan) Africa (North Africans are very nice usually) and just watch the American women struggle once again for their power. I often feel like we are in the age of suffrage again having to deal with such males. Its only a problem here in the North East of late I have noticed other parts of the country they dont dare pull such domineering bullshit. I think they see the power that the American 'dark peoples' have with the PC + Gangsta= total all around domination of whites who arent rich enough to escape thier influence. And they see how the rich whites love to accommodate everyone to allay white guilt or be up on the latest thing or the times or whatever. ( It is very common in gang stalking to see such places as St Louis MO which are typically racial fighting hot spots, to see blacks and whites living in harmony in a modern type of set up but STILL engaging in organized stalking and harassment- which totally rips the Target away from any image of the American Dream. Many of us have had to live through this during a time of transitioning in this country dealing with race and class. This was a brilliant move on the perps part due to it adding not only added stress on the Target to have to deal with social changes without really being a part of society, but it further isolates the Target from society as they have not dealt with the world in a real manner since being isolated and targeted. Many of us are still mentally and emotionally stuck in that same time period in which this system 'abducted us' and everyone abandoned us or betrayed us to this system- moved on, wrote us off and we are no longer mentioned. Its exactly like being a POW which is why its a psych warfare program and alot of is based on the brainwashing tactics of Asians as experienced by POW's in camps throughout history. Having us taken into this system, targeted, during a period of war preceding difficult social changes as well as economic ones was very smart on the part of the oppressor. They KNEW that it would add to the damage of us being left behind in life and the world, further making regaining sanity and any sort of a life very difficult if not impossible. People trying to get us to move on or forget are doing more psychological damage than good and this is often what gets survivors of gang stalking to kill themselves. There is so much unhealed and so much not taken care of or addressed that the person cannot possibly move on. As most of the public believe that its a reform program or that we deserved it due to smear and cover stories- there is often a general sentiment from the public of these attitudes. This is done on purpose by this system to ensure that a psychological prison is constructed- inside and OUT so the person can never really heal or fully grasp or recall what happened to them. Its a prison constructed to keep secrets, forever. I often wonder if the torture prisons that are constructed by CIA and in foreign countries to avoid laws and view by the public do not serve the same agenda. Why then, are people kept there so long?

They have done so much to construct this reality, that of course is not real but a result of covert influence and engineering, that there are GOING to be people that have information that would break the spell nations are under right now if revealed. Perhaps each one of us knows something or saw something- to get us targeted for life.
Years from now- history will probably acknowledge these terror camps on the road- mobile terror camps and prisons- mobile and utilizing public spaces. Constructed to be in full view of the public but yet invisible to them. But it won't change anything..it never does. They just keep doing what they do from behind the curtain as The Wizard to the blissfully happy, ignorant people of Oz who don't care a damn about messy, violent cruel reality. They got em as they have had em for thousands of years and there is no way that they are going to change. Ever.

The world seems very run by corporations now which the public cannot possibly see readily. Also it seems that international crime organizations have become organized as well as very tech savvy. One doesnt doubt that its a collective effort in the end.

This is the new mythical King in the castle of the land that the peasant only hears stories about but never sees. With that one is going to get Inqusitions, dark ages of induced and imposed ignorance just like before.
Once you get used to the games that go on with human populations like this historically you can pretty much bet on them doing the same types of things over and over again- becuz they work plain and simple.

There is a problem with a society that feels that laws dont have to be followed in the interest of some grand dream of world peace- most likely world supremacy.
My post on the MIT newspaper is bad enough. For that kind of nonsense to make it through today or even make an impact on people's minds at all is ridiculous. It shows that people have been intimidated, frightened and scared-if not outright brainwashed into not thinking at all. Critical thinking is especially unpopular.

And never trust anyone with this attitude of 'well thats the way it is now' or any of this bs. I have seen perp groups bring in what SEEMED like a professor traveling with his students to stay at a hostel where he made sure he could be heard by me talking about my situation and then stating "Well, they want conformity not.."(individuality I believe.) What timing he had with that statement huh? The people being unaware of psych warfare and brainwashing tactics are making this just way too easy for these factions to take over the whole of human society. The methods that Reagan wanted to put into place to manage the mentally ill as well as prisoners (and obviously framed up or Targeted dissidents etc) that were so shot down by an outraged public in the 80's are now being used covertly to gain a dangerous form of social control over the entire western world.

There is something wrong with a people that claim PC but villify the homeless and claim to be naive about white collar crime in the non profits. There is something wrong with a people that want so badly to help areas like Africa but turn a blind eye to the fact that these countries are run by either corrupt dictators who waste or outright take the money raised for their people or guerilla factions rob it down the line somehow. Even killing aid workers. Feeding starving children and women under Christian organizations that will only serve to make more starving children ultimately. That is a proven fact in economics of using heart bleeding methods to try to save these populations- they only explode and the problems become bigger.

A society that is into the guilt relieving 'Gotcha' psuedo journalism shows that entrap men with 15 year old girls or glorify being a teen mom and then use child labor to make the products they consume daily over seas.

Its not that this isnt normal greedy human behavior- that is not the problem right now. The problem right now is this totally bizarre sense of piousness that people have internalized. They genuinely do NOT see it as deception. People have been brainwashed and intimidated into believing that being part of these problems is OK as long as they go along with whatever the status quo dictates makes one socially acceptable to society. Never before has the snobbishness and the false self righteousness been so bad as now. At least in the 80's people knew they were on the side of the greedy f*cks. Now its really bad, as liberal Leftists seem to bond with Right Wingers in some strange way that we sense but cant readily see. PC serves only to blind people from real problems..and that is an effect that the right wing neocons want. Its like there are factions in control that ensure that their actions feed off each other to get the ultimate result of a population that no longer questions.

And people do NOT see this anymore. Nor would they ever believe that the tech documented to exist for psy ops missions overseas for "peaceful conflict resolution" (deception of ignorant populations to avoid bloodshed) are being used on THIS ignorant population to avoid bastards being caught trying to take over the world and enslave mankind.

I think they have gone so far with making the people believe that they cant do anything for themselves that they are now primed for mass mind control. Its either the neocons telling you that religion or authority needs to tell you how to live or its the Dems or Liberals or left wingers telling you that PC and progressive agendas need to tell you how to live. BOTH are totally f*cked..why? Becuz if either one of those was that effective then why would you need mind control tactics? But then the beauty of that trick is to claim that such things do NOT exist. But if you accept that they do, just temporarily as an experiment say- a WHOLE lot of other things that did not fit in before now fit together perfectly. There are enough people making claims of gang stalking and use of technologies or weapons.

The main suspect circumstance is the shift to corporate control that has occurred. Right there one has to be suspect. Businesses readily depend on covert warfare to succeed. Remember Rodney Dangerfield in the movie where he goes back to school? He's in business class and he gets up and asks ' So when are you gonna tell em about having to bribe the cops or get 'protection' against competition?'. Businesses of that magnitude have spies and deal with constant threats of secrets stealing etc. They also supposedly depend on CIA type activities to clear the way for their success or dominance in other countries including this one.

And that is fine and good..for them. In THIER world. But the problem in case you havent noticed, is that the WHOLE world seems to be thiers now. Our lives seem to be run very much like thier culture. I think that corporations have taken over our lives in a much more serious way than we would like to think. How much of govt even exists anymore anyway? What is the line between government and corporate entities when you have a creature as the military industrial complex? When you outsource Iraq war and military actions to mercenary 'corporations'? If anything, TI's are not mentally ill people- the ones that are genuine. TI's are people that are experiencing the occupation of the corporate/govt bodies first hand as the new rulers of the world.

These factions have the tech and the manpower- they have the edge end of story. We are now closed in, penned in and no one sees it for what it is.

There is no reason that humanity would have to be under mass mind control-unless you needed to control that population for the purposes of a unavoidable disaster or you were up to something that would meet with great resistance WITHOUT such quieting of the human spirit and psyche, collectively.

And there is no excuse in going along with it- that is another brain washing tactic. I heard a DJ once on the air say in a breathy sigh almost "Well, you never know nowadays when someone is going to catch you with the cell phone camera.." and on like that. It was so obviously bs. It reminded me of the same tone and inflection as my grandmother would use when she was lying about something and trying to pass it off as 'just the way it is'. They hate people like me, raised in controlling families- mind control victims. Becuz once we wake up- EVERY single thing we have ever experienced but were not able to be conshus of becomes points of reference for seeing through everyone's bullsh*t. And all the anger becomes validated once we understand what we suspected all those years- that we were kept, exploited and lied to in nasty, viscous ways, ways in which slaves are treated in history books or other nations that still approve the practice.

People are not sheep so much as they are being controlled in ways they cannnot possible fight. The first and most effective is them not knowing that mind control is a factor to begin with.

I notice that certain things wake people up- things that are not readily experienced in media nowadays and this is on purpose.

You watch that Clash video and you ask what happened? What happened to just being yourself? What happened to caring about things- not PC things but really thinking about problems and solving them? Too much is being left up to experts and authorities. People in power and control- people part of either the military industrial complex or the medical/scientific industrial complex if you notice. These are your Nobles now.

The great thing about this 'kingdom' is that there will be NO peasant uprisings and if there are- the public will be sure to have been fed slander, smear or cover stories. Anyone with a brain who is 'homeless' must be mentally ill, homeless by choice or done something to deserve to be out on the street. Oppression and treachery do NOT exist in the NWO. The brainwash is so complete that people's minds now exist in gated communities not reality to the point that they are out of touch with what is really going on.
And part of them knows it and they either dont care or they are so beaten down that they can only survive and comply with thier enslavers.

Not many people like TI's are willing to fight as if its a suicide mission. And then of course I notice that just as this whole thing is being brought down to enslave the public- anyone who is an extremist is a mentally ill terrorist. THAT was also a brilliant move and timing on thier part. Some of these groups have legit beefs but are reacting in ways that are primitive. All sorts of groups from in this country to other countries. They are most likely being manipulated from the outside and inside as well. Its impossible to get a fair deal as an activist against this machine right now. They have the TECH and the MANPOWER- they have the edge. The media no longer covers real news if you havent noticed but does what its told. Its all sewn up real neat now.

No one has the logic left to consider that in order for people to commit suicide or to become extremists those people have to had been driven by something so extreme and compelling that it resulted in this. No one can think that far anymore. If they ever did.

Its necessary now to keep the masses down like this. People are not stupid anymore and progress in tech and medicine was bound to make the ignorant masses savvy to the way the world is run. So what do you do? You go through a phase of appearing to reign in morals and not only clean up the public's lives but to appear to clean up govt etc. When what you are really doing is getting very tight with your cons so that people just dont SEE what yer doing anymore. They just wanted to get rid of the sloppiness or overtness of corruption before. Notice that when that fed investigation was in place they went after the sloppy overt flashy idiots that were conducting business in the old 70's or 80's overt ways. They used the cover to come after me but part of the cover was that I was being overt and stupid about things (so it appeared when actually I was going through suicide programmming, recalling memories and other weird internal changes). I note that anyone who was caught doing anything they just used decoys or blamed it on someone stupid then let the person go onto a good life of opportunity or the person didnt get busted at all becuz they were careful in what they were doing. I personally know of many people who did not go down due to there being the Douglas Bannerman's of the world to either be a scapegoat, take the spotlight as a decoy or be the bust they needed to avoid all the other truly valuable assets and career criminals. Me being so out in left field they thought the era of 'the useful idiot' would work for appearing to clean up govt...all the way up to the FBI office. Arent they wonderful? True heroes. Its a damn show. All they were doing (with all those neocons in key positions during this time period) was getting rid of the people who were really overt and stupid as well as people who were not that important- expendable or didnt have enough money to afford to be worth saving.

Neocons and Repubs have a habit of supporting thier rich criminal friends..as long as they measure up to thier criteria of 'value'.

But there has to be more going on if that many progressive blacks hate me as well as many money obsessed neoconservatives. So what gives? If these bastards want to finally get people under control as one politician slipped saying one day, then they are going to have to work together on covert levels to squelch anyone who knows too much, who sees too much or knows how mind control works. There is a good reason that in the USA movies and other media materials on mind control and subliminals as far back as the 50's have been banned. THIS is why.

Its considered bad taste for all involved- the neocons and thier Liberal Dem friends who want to save the world- to fight the system in a primitive manner. To hit the mattresses, to head for the hills and live like a rebel or revolutionary or family at war- most natural to all humans everywhere as a reaction to oppression- is not demonized as abnormal and evil. Just like that vid I posted on YouTube about mind control cults- the end line from the cult is that "There must be something wrong with YOU".

To be a squatter nowdays people actually believe that you are either doing it by choice, mentally ill or lazy. And thats if yer not on drugs or drink. The idea of rebellion against oppression has been totally phased out of the public's mind. There is something extremely suspect about that view. You should suspect the hell out of it.

This is done partially by utilizing minorities plights as the ONLY remaining plights of the population. Yer white you have no worries. There IS no oppression says the Leftists and the Liberals. There IS no reverse-racism and if there is you deserve it or it doesnt exist philosophically or some other drivel coming out of being a political major or reading too many books of leftist ideology instead of learning how the world really works. Most of these people have trust funds or other support systems wether financial or social and are either purposefully ignorant or truly clueless about any other fights for freedom other than the ones they subscribe to in thier ideology.

This monster out there now is a new one. None of the view points I have seen that are common seem to deal with it readily. I believe this is due to the fact that no one is acknowledging mind control or psy ops as a reality. All points of view mentioned above are from the get go based on the beginning assumption that we are all granted the freedoms we are supposed to be granted. No one is understanding the reality of mind control slavery and how it ties into a combo of organized crime and powerful organizations and people that can prevent the person from having the same rights as most Americans. The American people dont even have those rights in some instances nowadays and no one seems to care...no one is seeing this for what it is. Its the BEST system of oppression ever invented yet. It uses non intrusive methods of mind control yet unavoidable (opposed to religion or books or teachings in school at home etc). Its being marketed as a way of life and reality removed from the old oppressions of morality and church and traditional ways of life. You are allowed to have material possessions unlike East Germany. Women have full freedoms unlike Islam or parts of the Middle East. Its patriotic to go along with it.

People are totally brain washed now and there is less and less of a chance to recover what was reality before Bush. Unless people at least acknowledge that these technologies exist and that mind control is possible and the abuse of it is possible, reality and true freedom will never again exist. It almost feels like humanity itself is going to perish somehow under this system. Perhaps that is just my point of view.

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