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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Saw Bush On TV book out- Is it too soon to start covering up the mess with maneur?

Did I spell 'shit' right above? Who cares.

It had to happen at some point. This is almost as tasteless and self serving as the movie that came out during his presidency about a CIA man and his dedication to the work. It was so obviously a butt kiss to his father's life story. It was during the era of the war where no one was paying attention and on C SPAN there would be a former CIA agent guest speaking during a CIA fundraiser which is in itself a joke and in bad taste considering the work they do internationally. Oh, I am sorry is my sleeping outside in Harv Sq part of the trickle down effect? Oh, thank you ever so..

What was great about that is I got to see what my future would be like as the guy was horribly deprogramming and kept 'switching' between one part of his mind that had a speech for the nice people and he kept recalling memories and getting stuck in that and then getting back on the subject again. This is very common upon the break down of programming and I just wonder sometimes if its one of those little favors that was done for Survivors to show us exactly what we are up against.

Bush said that he felt he had done the right things during his reign..I mean presidency. I also sat there today while doing my laundry and looked back over the past years and felt I did the right thing for the situation I was in. And I have yet to do more.

But watching this and looking at the state my life is in I wondered if he doing all the right things was in line with my doing the right things considering he is done with his book and I am still living like a peasant and just trying to get my health in order. One of the sides has to be wrong.

My older friend described the whole Bush era corruption as the pink elephant in the middle of the living room.

Something told me I have to write this still and its was very important to do so. But how, with so much opposition and finality of reality thus far, am I supposed to get such a thing completed and if so will it have any impact, do any good?

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