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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanksgiving Tomorrow/comments

I will get to comments tonight. 50 I have to check.

Tomorrow you will be around family. They may or may not be supportive. They may even not know what is going on with you, but one positive thing is if you are reading this YOU know. Its more than many TI's get in a lifetime (usually cut short by that dirty word 'suicide' or that good old 'bad luck' bs we all experience).

If they do know they may not understand. Worst case scenario: they are willfully compliant with the system or targeted themselves and cant see beyond that..and act accordingly.

Dont forget who you are. Dont forget the situation you are in- its happening and its real.

It may be best to get through the day with a good front. Often the least said the better unless you have full support (and not lip service but then secret back room talk of your 'condition' and how crazy you really are). Being peaceful considering how much has been done to you as a target is more than the world deserves at this point.

And its more than your average human being would be capable of.

Many families involved in mind control projects/programs have been chosen due to thier being dysfunctional to begin with. So you have to be realistic about how healthy many of these family connections really are. Setting boundaries can be done quietly and simply walking away instead of taking abuse or manipulation.
However I have experienced that mind control families are extremely hard to get out from under. And there tends to be a mobbing behavior on the scape goat or the one who is a valued mule or acts out, asks too many questions or has the smarts to figure out what is really going on.

There is no way that yer family is going to change. Some of them are basically dead already or they are going to stay the way they are until thier bodies fail.

I used to find being emotionally independent was impossible. It would work for a short while and then alot of the past unresolved issues would act like a key they could turn to gain control. Often its akin to a mob scene or certain people play key roles and the rest of the family feed into it. ANYONE sensible or intelligent that DOES NOT GIVE IN TO FAMILY DYNAMICS of power and control is going to be made miserable in such a situation.

Such families are ONLY usually concerned with control and thats all. There IS not peace. Recall Cathy Obrien's statement :"There is no peace under mind control"..that doesn't just mean mass mind control or individual programming- that means a mind controlled group such as a family. Its sort of like being in a cult and no one has ever really told you how to get out. Years of therapy and unless you are wealthy you'll get stonewalled and probably prescribed meds instead of a good analyst. And if you are targeted specifically many people in social services, mental health and medical in general seem to know a mind control Survivor's status or at least the signs. For some reason many of these people choose to ignore all the signs of being a mind control survivor and they just hand you bs for most of the sessions you see them.

All those years they go to school and they cant use thier education to instruct you how to get the hell out of your family environment. Its astonishing really.

Thats becuz if any of them ever started to mess with the reality that you are brainwashed or in a very controlling family they would probably become targeted due to giving mind control any sort of legitimicy whatsoever. Either that or if they mess around too much on that level, you'll one day start recalling oddities that will lead to curiosity and a hypnotist. Most of them dont have the balls for it nor the stomach for such revelations. Alot of them are cowards and many of them shouldnt even be in social services or therapy.

The bottom line is that the more that psychology is legitimized to be the source of many people's so called 'disorders' the less psychiatry can suck off big pharma as well as control the masses as they are doing now.

If yer family is especially toxic then just try to look at sitting at that table like sitting among the enemy becuz that is the reality.

Good Luck.

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