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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Allegations About CIA Torture Raises Medical Ethics and Questions


BINGO...I am so targeted most of the time I cant concentrate or focus or even remember one day to the next. So days off like this (as holidays I am get relief from being targeted) I take advantage of the opportunity to recall what I know to be true: the human experimentation never stopped. It goes on still today. And anyone who blows the whistle is an enemy to be neutralized.

The only problem with all of this is that the public has to at some point make that leap mentally in understanding that these issues are not only connected to MK Ultra but that what one reads about in the physical realm is being done to people in a world in which you cant see it readily. Physically but its done with technologies. Mental , emotional and spiritual but its done through covert activities via hardcore psychological warfare.

People want to believe that things like this go on in camps or prisons- not out in public spaces. They dont want to look at the homeless and think that many of these people ARE victims of abuse. They want such victims fenced in so it does not touch them. Though they may want them rescued or helped- they dont want to think it could be happening right now in THIER space especially to innocent people.

The public also does not usually want to deal with realities of war or conflict such as extremely dirty, brutal fighting or destruction as well as the killing of innocents. That is not what is glorified in romanticing the soldier or war.
Which to me is very interesting considering the phrase from the 60's "Would you let your daughter marry a Rolling Stone?" came from such sentiments as "Would you let your daughter marry a soldier?". My grandfather told me that they were often refered to as 'dirty, dirty dogs'.
Even the song my foster father used to sing from the Army was:
"Your in the Army now
You're not behind the plow
You're a son of a bitch
You'll never get rich
You're in the Army now"

The rep of a soldier was not so savory in past eras, which is more realistic than paintng every single American and allied servicemen on earth as a hero. Servicemen are just MEN. They steal cheat lie, and fail like any other men. In war they become altered so they may kill and of course end up raping as part of an age old behavior in war. Some are, were or will be criminals. Some are child molesters.

The realities of war, like of death or other natural human events are now so hidden from us that we are easily brainwashed into perceptions that are untrue.

The problem is very simple: man is too grown up and evolved for war. Also, mankind now has been altered by the internet and modern science, medicine etc. EVERYONE wants to be rich famous and king. The public had to be handled and gotten under control somehow.
But what has been done is that people have been trained to be ultimately greedy while being more in tune with need of others or what is going on in remote parts of the world. Its caused a sort of phenomena where people seem to be grouping into tribes or groups for a sense of protection from an awareness of a huge global world perhaps too fast.

In order to do this people must ignore reality and take on a cult mentality that allows for romanticising of characters such as servicemen, firemen, police men, African Americans, The Homeless etc etc .

These generalizations seem to make modern people feel they have control over a world that is just too big.

Its normal for the first few generations of people to live aware of the rest of the whole earth and its populations to be freaked out during the adjustment. This may also be the reason for the new disregard for individualism. People are taking on so much of the larger picture they are forgeting that the larger picture is simply made up of individuals.

Grouping people, making broad judgements and keeping things under control is making it easier for them to take in the whole world. Since when have humans had such information at thier fingertips? Not in my mother's day thats for sure. Gen X was the first generation to encounter this.
The way humans behave is changing due to the way thier world has changed around them.

But one must use common sense.
One of the reasons I was never totally f*cked up over the twin towers was that even before the 9-11 alternative theories it was just common sense that after such a major undertaking whoever did it was not going to do such a thing anytime soon afterwards, also its logical that the US was now going to go into action to make it so that they would not have that opportunity again.
Also the targets were very prominent govt buildings or Jew based, money places. Places that the Muslims would target against thier enemies.

Boston is so much more full of medical and intellectual powers that its kind of like the attitude towards Switzerland in war: no one is going to be stupid enough to attack the bank. (Swiss accounts etc). People from all kinds of countries have their kids going to school here and such. Also its so mixed that a foriegn enemy could not say 'THIS is a Jew area or banking center'. Its just not that kind of city. It might actually be much more dangerous to attack Boston than NYC. Thats if you accept the official story.
And if the alternative version is the correct story, then Boston would not have been a target either as it does not make as much of a statement and would make less sense trying to frame your enemy by bombing such a city.

So when many people got caught up in hysteria or started feeding into drama saying things like "Well, I just started to wonder when Al Queda was going to walk down MY street" not only was it just that HYSTERIA, but also one could tell that much of the public knew that other things were going on (like targeting people and witch hunts) that this terror alert era was covering for. Things that many people in our society are excited by, want to be part of, and relish the thought of such an opportunity to arise.

They KNOW that such a situation is going to spawn such paranoia, chaos and confusion that lots of 'fun' is going to be had with drama and doing things (like mobbing and harassment) that one will NEVER have to pay consequences for. There are people who watch for such opportunities in history and believe it or not, they seem perfectly normal and decent before such a feeding frenzy comes into being.
Who knows why such events trigger such behaviors in a portion of the population but not other people. Perhaps this is the very power or beast within the people we label 'sheep'. They hide thier claws and fangs until the leader puts it out there that its ok for the herd to turn nasty.

My mother actually did what many perps had done afterwards. She asked me some very strange questions. Perps were asking me what I thought of George Bush. That occured a few times over a long time span of years. My mother in much the same manner over the phone, asked me what I thought of the war. She then asked me arent I worried about the war and its outcome.
I simply replied that she didnt have to worry about any wars and that everything was going to turn out alright. I actually responded like the caretaker I had been for years. I now realize that part of setting up a TI is to ask them things probably on a tapped line.
The most common questions were:
-What do you think of George Bush?
-Do you believe in God?
-What do you think of the war?

Each time one got the feeling that one's life depended on the answer. My intuitions just told me that this was part of the harassment and it also told me that the people involved in asking these quesitons were spineless, two bit assholes who were lowly worms working for someone else and that I should sit there and actually take them seriously in order to get through this- but of course I should record mentally what the backround looked like, what they were wearing, what they looked like and also analyze them and thier tactics for future use against this enemy.

All of this is complete bullshit. I was never dangerous and anyone knows from years of info on programming that a programmed person is not a time bomb unless you push them or screw up thier heads too much. It was extremely damaging to have these factions do what they were doing under the guise of doing it to prevent me from being dangerous when in fact they were pushing me to snap or suicide.

One group on a bus, the woman told me that it was an experiment to see if someone who talks to themselves will commit suicide if they are not allowed to do so or how long it would take.

That of course is part of psychological torture in itself. Its all a bullshit cover to destroy someone out of jealousy and so that anything I claim about being victimized past or present or in my old life by my mother, Jake or Julie will be totally discredited.

The only thing that this has done to destroy my mind, my talents, my looks, my health. There was no value to reform at all. In fact the only time I feel good again and balanced is when I get at least a few hours alone to dance around a bit listening to music, folding clothes or organizing something and perhaps chatting to myself about concerns or at least how to organize properly or whatever. Planning and mulling over whatever I am working on.
All of what has occurred is a result of being targeted OVERTLY since 1996. If you didn't like the way I ended up by 2002 or so then maybe you should have taken into consideration I was being f*cked with since 1996 overtly if not much more covertly for my whole life.

It took Jake to make me realize that its not normal for bus drivers to abuse and antagonize you every day you go out. Its not normal to be followed by cars all yer life. Or constantly meet 'weird' people mostly men who waste yer time or engage you in questionable conversations about sex or other things. These things have been consistently going on for my whole life you have to realize. I have met people who came up to me in 2007 or so when I was targeted who knew me from Acton MA when I was 19 years old. Thier ONLY statement was "Oh, you were beautiful then". These are the people from the pedo networks and the networks who stalk, and manage mind control victims since childhood. They know who your family is. They know who you are. They talk about sex constantly, then you wonder why you could never get out of adult entertainment or even why you got into it to begin with.
These men show up moreso when you are trying to keep a normal job I notice. And they antagonize, stalk and mess with you til you are so unable to control your temper or behavior that you just snap and go into the business or go back into it.

Whats interesting is that they can pawn themselves off as CIA or FBI as a false flag operation. Whats more questionable is how the fuck do they have so much damn money, resources and access? This is why no one believes victims who are targeted. I know that the programmer I met, Eddie Cox was from Louisiana. He claimed that the Cajun crime networks were very in on 'not following the rules' and that was pertaining to sexed up pics of little girls in his cell phone-his "little princesses" as he described them.
I have only seen one movie showing the American public there is even a such thing as Cajun organized crime. Since the general public know nothing about this really, then you cant expect them to understand it exists. But it does..

And since my grandfather was such a sexual predator to his children and he is from that area and used to party with Cajuns in his youth, one wonders if that is the original connection right there, or at least that this faction knows of him and the women in the family and thus believe they can treat the women accordingly.

Plenty of civilians have acted out in this and I know they are acting criminally. What gets confusing is the costly stuff, that makes one think its an official organization like CIA etc. It gets very confusing when you dont have enough information. Eddie Cox trying to access my programming on a bus is one thing. An entire perp group having the capacity to occupy an entire Greyhound bus, then gas me through the vent, mess with me then gas me again into being awake then mind f*ck me some more- THAT is a bit expensive isnt it? How the hell does THAT work anyway?
Then there is the virtual rape while riding on a bus in the southwest with Satanic content. First of all no one is going to believe that (not that I give a shit everyone can tell) less so if I say it seemed military in nature and along with that many more instances of experimentation by large groups.
Seeing an entire bus of people here in the Boston area fall asleep at the same time from the air vents was also alarming and I also would have succumbed to sleep if I had not been terrorized in much the same manner in my travels.

Also I experienced that someone out there has the capacity (again very expensive) to read your deepest true intentions at border checks in places like NV and NM- sensitive military areas. And to 'virtual water board' a person via helicopter, where the 'confession' seems to be read by some sort of tech or tech assisted human interface..either that or just a good old fashioned psychic.
Lots of this kind of sh*t was going on during Bush and for all of the times it seemed like interrogation much of it was outright torture, experimentation as well as Satanic sadistic 'fun'. Thier idea of 'fun'.
Exactly like the description of MK Ultra experiences.

And this also seems to be about EXPERIMENTING with how to break someone not breaking them out of necessity to gain confession.
Which of course is once again according to one of my most important rules of thumb: What ever is going on in the OVERT activities of any faction connected or with probable connection to covert activities is parallel to what a victim or target is experiencing within the realm of COVERT activities.

Usually I am so under control especially in this location that I cannot even think to publish like i am right now and lately have been becoming victim to many diversions like Jews involvement and African American involvement. I may just have to admit once again that I cannot control myself in this location nor can I seem to beat the system here. It beats me every time and I have to realize its becuz this place is full of bad memories and unfinished business- this gives the system a huge advantage over me, one that I dont want to admit to usually.

Staying here I fall into traps all the time. I dont even want to think what I have written in the last few months especially since it got cold. It seems that this area is gang stalked more during Summer and when school starts there is less need for human forces due to the tech taking over almost completely. I only get gang stalked if I leave an area were tech is firmly in control or has heavy control.
This is the same in SD Cali where I was gang stalked when I left the downtown area and went into a less saturated Chila Vista or Old Town.

I think I just want to have closure on what happened here so many years ago but I cant get that until I tell my story.

The irony of that is that when I do tell my story I am essentially being 'broken' by this system to talk or tell information from being tortured. It will prove that this system of isolating and torturing someone then making them feel suicidal (like they are going to die) DOES work to gain confession from persons with high level mind control programming.

Its also a game of control for the overlords involved. Its always been about that. I was told that by Lou Gheppeti, that its that way due to having a woman held captive and there is nothing she can do about it. Its a get off for many of the people involved and no one has to stop them as its under the guise of experimentation or national security or whatever.

This is why its so important to address this issue overtly. People are being abused as part of games, most likely for money or even filming or live feed from cameras for those with the access and funds to be involved as well as human experimentation.
That is the way MK Ultra was described as well-that many of the experiments were horrific and didnt seem to have any value except sadism and torture.

Much of this activity is done for occult purposes or rituals which no one is going to believe. I know this least of all is going to be validated, yet these are the absolute most damaging actions of all against a Target. Its the emotional and spiritual damage that is so unbelievably harmful.

Also much of 'breaking down' the victim is done to make them primed for behavior modification-thus the constant ideation to go to UMass stop making what happened the focus of my life, just get a job and forget, conform and get a job finally and that will make it better: these are ALL very damaging and dangerous suggestions. They are nothing more than tactics to ensure the victim does not reveal what happened to them.

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