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Friday, November 5, 2010

Media psy ops starring Helen Hunt and Bette Midler..a child with high fevers MUST be brain damaged

Oh, an interesting psy ops in media connected to my health in my infancy. A totally horrid movie with a sagging, aged Bette Midler, obviously being held together by plastic surgery starred as well as a very haggard and tired Helen Hunt. BOTH of which I abhor in films. Bette was alright as a musician with her mermaid costumes and her back up singers in wheelchairs on stage in the 70's. (Sick humor was big with this generation- back to the 50's actually). When she came on stage and looked in a mirror a stage hand had facing her as part of the act, she would look in it and say dramatically "So CHEAP!" It was fabulous. Back when fabulous was allowed to be.
The last thing I was to see is that beautiful, buxom, perky, BALLSY, uber talented Jewish woman in a piece of sh*t like this I saw. I recall another great line from her a movie but as the old Bette. Off of an elevator I believe- an exit scene anyway: "Your all so jealous- you can hardly BREATHE." Awesome. A true diva, not a plastic modern creation of The all those awful, uncreative women they claim are 'divas' now. Blech.

Helen Hunt is someone that I never wanted to set eyes on to begin with. She's one of those people like Spacek that is just plain hard to watch due to something lacking in her beauty or charisma. Spacek tends to grow away from scaring me as a human skeleton as her character builds so Hunt loses again. I think its becuz she is so plain, so boring and so without merit that I just dont understand why I dont go to any office park and watch people leave thier day jobs instead. She's the epitome of boring and plain- but I guess some people want that when they watch a fantasy on a screen..becuz they want a mirror of reality, which of course makes no sense but I'm not them.

I dont know what the name of movie was or when it came out but it was really blatantly obvious. Its one of the reasons that I as well as other Survivors of mind control programs or projects advise to stop watching all new media until you know what yer doing with mental shielding or are deprogrammed enough to not be triggered. In it Midler was a mother and Hunt the daughter. Hunt was being emotional about her mother not wanting her. "just tell me that you wanted a life more than you wanted me!" Then Midler tried to explain about how young she was and the kids health problems, such as high fevers. Hunt then says that she had a fever of 106 and rising one night and constant high fevers and if you dont get the kid to the hospital in time, youve got a braindamaged kid on your hands. THAT is when I knew this was the typical bs. Most likely aimed at my mother who watches lots and lots of movies as I recall as admitting she is targeted due to being a survivor herself is much too hard so its easier to hide. I cant say I blame her but I dont like being manipulated. My mother is so damaged that she might get a sense of safety from being watched and given little messages like this in media. Its exactly what the perps want and its part of her upbringing in a sick family where my uncle used to 'watch' his sisters all the time to 'protect them'. Well it certainly scared the shit out of everyone at the bar she worked at so it was effective I guess.
With how nasty this system is, it was probably necessary. I recall lots of perp like action from the pervs in this system when I was little. It never ends for people like us.

I also know exactly what mind games they are playing with the brain damage reference. First of all, its a way out for my mother who will start wanting to take that on as an excuse as to why I am the way I am. When I was younger instead of facing the reality of our situation as well as her abuse of me, she would often revert to asking councilors "Whats wrong with this kid?". She has my tested by a psychologist at a place called Beaverbrook in Waltham and its simply said I was an intelligent passive aggressive blah blah whatever. I recall seeing an Iranian women there. When I called for my records during being targeted in 2006 the secretary there discussed the woman with me as she remembered her as well. She told me she died of cancer years later. She then called me back, scared to death and told me that I was never seen there, no records existed of me. When I told her that we just discussed the Iranian woman who I saw she disavowed the conversation and hung up. Yet another attempt to make me feel I was being wiped out of existence. Nice try and again- everyone is going to pay for what they have done to my life. Badly.

In fact, over time, I will make many people wish they were never born. Its the only reason I stay alive...and its a very very good motive I do believe.

Yes, my grandmother was always telling me to keep a secret between her and myself (central control of information like an intelligence agency), which was that the reason my mother is so messed up is that she is brain damaged from a condition that occured during her birth. I then tricked this lyer as I often enjoyed doing by asking her just when my mother started to act up and display such 'symptoms'. She looked like she was running on auto pilot before answering, which is good due to this being a weakening of the persons compartmentalization and denial, and carelessly claimed: "Oh, around six years old or so". And according to the story I got about the abuse in the family, THIS is the age when her father first started his crimes against her and possibly other family members of a sexual abuse nature. He's lucky he's dead thats for sure.

He was so evil, such a CREATURE from the Louisiana bayous, that after he died I had nightmares for 6 months afterwards that his corpse was going to come to the door of my apartment or I would encounter it in some other way. Necromancy was never an occult subject I could deal with well and perhaps whoever was messing with me knew that. The perps know what scares us.

So its logical that due to this being a hurtful thing used from mother to daughter that my mother might take the bait as a way into denial and out of truth. Which is fine but if anyone ever tries to say I am brain damaged and thats why I make these claims of such experiences I will sue the shit out of them as well as ask for proof. The only brain damage I have incurred is from exposure to mycotoxins for 3 years as well as the unbelievable stress of years of psychological warfare and stress.

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Anonymous said...

Perps are like that. They expect you to swallow the BS psy-ops they are seeing in movies and elsewhere. It's as though we aren't smart enough to see through their BS. They tried that with a psy-op on Ghost Hunters. This one guy had the strange feeling he was being watched every time he was in his basement. The culprit? A fluorenscent light ballast transformer. They took a reading, and they explained that the biological effects of the EMFs on a human make the person feel as though he or she was being watched. Which, of course, is complete horseshit. First off, there are many sources of EMFs in the house. Second, they took the reading a couple of millimeters from the transformer, which of course is going to give a significant reading. Third, the field power density falls off significantly as one backs away from it. Fourth, a laptop LCD gives off a stronger field than that ballast, and one is in constant contact with it and in close proximity to it. How then haven't they investigated feelings of paranoia and laptop LCDs? I felt slighted, with my background in electrical engineering, that they would actually expect me to fall for that. The trick they used was: the fluorescent light looked exactly like the ones I have in my basement. Using their BS explanations (psy-ops), they expected me to make the connection between being watched and these lights, which are almost never on in the first place. And I've actually researched their surveillance for years, and they expect me NOW to believe this lame psy-op? Some of the things perps do are so lame, you have to wonder if they aren't affected by their own BS. I mean, they've lowered their own intelligence with their own bullshit, hence can't think of better ways of expecting us to fall for their crap.