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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Red Sox Helps CIA With Torture Flights

(You have to excuse their form its terrible. The appropriate way to reference the elder Bush is 'George HW Bush', his son being identified by simply 'W' as middle initial. Also I believe the proper term is 'former' president, not "ex". I know that when referencing military service to say one is an 'ex' US Marine means that one was dishonorably discharged. One should say 'former'. But aside from what the authors could have learned in simple journalism classes you have to remember that alternative news sources are often the only ones that will carry these stories. Akin to bloggers giving the world a view of what was going on in Iran when legit news sources couldn't get in to report.)

Note that the only one agreeing with the corruption is the last commenter. Everyone else is focusing on that terrorists deserve it, which is what the corrupt factions want people to do becuz it covers up all thier other activities. With that answer its done. End of story they deserved one wants to realize that these activities are sketchy and make many people curious due to the fact that if you are a powerful agency doing basically whatever you please under the guise of patriotism and ant-terror, then what else could you be up to? The last commenter is on the right track. Who knows how many of the first commenters are just operatives anyway. Who cares.

Well, from my experience in this system I am in full understanding of why I never got money from Red Sox fans and others connected to sports like this when pan handling during games and would even receive extreme harassment during games some of which I have documented and its outrageous, once again during the Bush years. It explains the total lack of sympathy, the systematic ignoring and the silent hostility.

Millions of dollars in exchange for the life of one expendable meaningless whore Nobody will do that. One who is perceived as a threat due to covert factions knowing damn well that she is far beyond JUST a nothing. More blood for money.

And so much more to now validate my war with the system and certain individuals at fault.

Its not always about money and money does not control all problems or damage. The metaphysical cost or toll should be wonderfully high. And the economy is just the beginning.

Pop Goes the Weasel.

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