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Friday, November 12, 2010

Kennedy's, gang stalking and a new post from Skeptic blog on LBJ and the 'wink' photo at inauguration

You have to understand that I am not one to side with any particular party, I just feel the truth is important and this event seems to link to alot coming out of Texas connected to corruption.

In my situation its so confusing as I do not know for sure who has done what. Its very false flag operations with gang stalking often enough. I mean, them saying it was the FBI who wanted to 'talk to me' was obviously bullsh*t but I have many factions that I am confused about wether they protected me, turned on me or turned back to my favor once they found out it was all a set up and they have been used possibly.

I have to consider that I may have actually recieved assistance from a southern faction or similar. There seems to have been a faction that wanted to assist me as they did not like what the Yankees had done by sicking thier "n*ggers" on me. Then again this could be bull as well and they may be the ones in charge of such a large concentration of blacks to keep thier empire standing, blacks who are loyal to them as they would have been during slave uprisings.
So its hard to tell.

And the Irish mob are suspect as well. I have seen many indications that my situation may have involved them against me. Everything from the scum in NA (Howie, etc) to the scalpers and guys from Southie who still make fun of me by calling me "smiley" due to my suffering from such crippling depression at times that my face sags and I have a defined frown or lack of emotion.
Also those bastards across the street from me at 335 Washington St where I used to live, where this went 24/7 are an Irish pub called Porter Belly's so go figure. The cops helped start a war between us by abusing thier power over noise levels. I hate the cops from District 14. They are total scum and what is so amazing is the way that my mother seemed so smooth with them towards the end of the past she had made it clear that she had dirt on them from working as a bartender in the 70's and I just wonder how much they would help each other get rid of me if it was profitable or convenient.
They'll get thiers like everyone else in this. They are, however, the single most disgusting bunch of cops and I will never forgive them for that vibe I got when she went into the police station with me that day. They deserve each other as they both share arrogance at an unbelievable level. And they both enjoy messing with people and hiding while they do it.

When I went through Dallas and got stuck at a shelter there, a big warehouse, there was a car outside with its lights beaming towards us at night and in the morning when I left as if to tell anyone and everyone, especially the black males who seemed to be all over it when I was downtown, that I was indeed being watched and protected. So its hard to tell who that was.

I also happen to love west TX and outside of the heavy black presence, Dallas is allright as well. I felt something there that jibed with me like something welcoming and accepting. Its hard for me to hate TX, even with the amount of harassment I get in El Paso which is alot believe me. It is a direct opposition to the MA way of thinking and existing. There is a sense of the individual there still and respect for individual preferences. You could smoke in the shelter, play cards with a big screen tv..I mean really BIG. I was impressed with the size of things there.

And I note that they seem to be more overt or were about thier corruption. These photos are an example of that. Yankees keep things much more covered up so you cant catch them and its very very sleazy. Where are photos of any such indications of corruption? You'll never in a million years find any thats for sure. I WISH..

The northeast is very dangerous. They have many good fronts to fool the rest of the US if not the world, they are very smart, quick and silent about what they do.

As for the Kennedy's its also very confusing. OK Ted stood up against the CIA even for MK Ultra and other issues on the floor many times in his career. LBJ was friends with Hoover from FBI and Hoover couldnt stand Kennedys. But when one counts in thier connections to the Irish mob and bootlegging, which means other ethnic mobs, that is questionable. Then thier covering up of personal wrongdoings to save thier careers like womanizing or accidentally killing the women they are womanizing with (ahem), this also puts thier motives and actions in doubt.

And if Monroe was a mind controlled slave and someone offed her par the course of being what she was or it was true she was waking up, growing up and was going to tell all then in my situation I must doubt the Kennedys very much and anyone connected to them. (Which would be my dad's family by my paternal grandmother's own admission. She introduced me to someone who she claimed did secret service work for the Kennedy's).

So they may well be against abuses of power from certain factions but they also have a history of going along with the sacrifice of expendable women for thier own personal benefit or the benefit of thier cronies its seems.

Also Ted Kennedy made an obvious effort to sign up with FFCH during the height of this, which is a TI advocacy group that many people have experienced to be infiltrated heavily with perps, operatives and criminal opportunists and crazies who discredit the group (who do little or nothing to weed them out). They reject people who seem too smart or will ask too many questions. This move on Kennedy's part is suspect. I wondered during this time, how someone with so many years experience from an political family with a history could not have known they may be illegit. As a man of power didnt he have his own network of spies and informants? Didnt he know what was a front and what was genuine?

Then when I was living in MO for 6 months a politician from that state all of a sudden jumps on board with FFCH along with Kennedy. WTF? And he is very anti big brother.
If they werent genuine in thier efforts it seemed to me it was a move to buy cred for an outfit that only served to discredit TI's or get them with dangerous people who would screw them up real bad. I know believe me.

How could two politicians be so naive? It is quite possible men who are so busy with other things have little time to check out such things for thier level of legitimacy.

Ted Kennedy died of cancer while I was away in Berkeley CA. He died while I was away just like my grandfather had in 2002. I was in Vegas then, away from Jake, his love for me that confused and smothered me and running from the feeling that something was about to go very wrong in my life. I know now it was the suicide programming clock or rather in programming images it stands as symbolized by the hourglass. This is a part of The Wizard of Oz if you recall and its a scene in that movie that every programmed person fears a bit and sorrows over all thier lives. Within every programmed person there is very subconshusly, all the information about what has happened to them as well as what lies ahead of them in life. Its not normal to know that yer life is sorrow and that someday it will surely end in suicide.

Yet another father figure or older male authority figure was lost to me while I was away and it added yet more burden to my heart at that time. I might never know if he was genuine in his efforts or just trying to help the jerks in the Irish mob end of this.
After I was saddened on a personal level I then hardened again for the big picture- becuz no one can be trusted, no one tells the truth and emotion, fear or sorrow will get one killed either through suicide or carelessness in covert warfare.

Obviously though, here we have yet another connection to TX, corrupt cops, blackmail, politicians, oil money and a love of cover ups and assassinations.

Its not unsolvable its just put together and shown publicly to make it appear unsolvable...and that is done via manipulation of information once again thier most valuable tool.

Here is some bs I found, enjoy how ridiculous it is:

First of all you cannot have 'conclusive' evidence or a closed inquiry due to the fact that many of the witnesses afterwards started dying mysterious deaths or retracting thier statements. What that means is that you never got all of the data on the subject to make a realistic 'conclusion'. Kinda like the CIA and other factions destroying the files on MK Ultra and the radiation experiments so that survivors, thier families and the public never really know the scope of the programs and projects, so them are forced to take a false 'conclusion' that its ended, over and done with. A few pay offs and an apology from Clinton end of story.

What should make readers suspect to begin with is the very nature of the pull to this article in itself- note the deceptive nature of the headline: that he was almost shot dead hours is sensationalized. Its somewhat dishonest it its implication. This is a red flag to begin with, then instead of taking in all the facts it proceeds to deny all suspicion concerning corruption in connection to assasination as well as womanizing of a celebrity. Who cares what one govt employee has to say concerning his employers? I recall once seeing a talk show many years ago where such an agent spoke of being so "into" taking a bullet for the president, that it mattered little who the president was(Hmmm). And he always felt that job was somehow "separate" from his "real" life (Hmm). He recalled driving by the White house on his days off in a car with his friends and it seeming strange how that was his "other life".

High level programming anyone?

Lets get a big DUH for that one. And a nice "give it up" shall we?
Most people prefer the carefree nice and neat version, but I cant afford such a luxury as instead of me being a human experimentee and a victimized female I wud, in that reality, just be a plain old schizophrenic who really should go along with lining big pharma's pockets.

Uh, no I dont think so.

In fact, the reason I am targeted is due to my being ABLE to think if you notice. And thier main goal is to make that a reality no longer. A dumbed down citizen is a happier citizen.


Anonymous said...

The ironic thing is: Lyndon Johnson may have 'gotten rid of the SOB', but he only lived until 1973. But he did get 6 years out of the presidency, though. I've heard for years that L. Johnson was the one responsible, or partly responsible. So a lot of people weren't fooled. Note how recently, all these shows started cropping up on History debunking the conspiracy theory aspect of the JFK assassination. I thought it was ridiculous.

Here's a theory: maybe these recent shows are to get the public thinking that such tragic events are the sole domain of the patsy being blamed for the crimes. That way, it sets up any TIs going postal as the sole person who really was into [insert slander campaign and 'dirt' on the subject here], and there were no organized crime parties involved. It seems these shows are priming the public to accept whatever a target does is out of his own rebellious nature, like for example, there was dirt on Oswald that he was a Russian sympathizer. And there was an attempt to get the audience to accept that reason was tied to the proof that he was a rebel out to do something 'great' to be remembered forever for, rather than the work of some powerful covert parties.

These people are so damned cocky, the way they are herding us TI's up, and making us out to be insignificant nobodies who is full of anger and delusions who are ready to snap.

Anonymous said...

And here's something else ridiculous: the show on History used the proof that Oswald scored well enough on a Marksmen exam like 30 years earlier to pull off the shots. Give me a break. First of all, he was aged, and not used to firing a high-powered weapon. Second, taking an exam, he would have been much more relaxed. In an actual murder situation like with JFK, taking shots at someone very high profile, and the knowledge that you will be taken out by SS Agents, he would have been so rattled and nervous, which would have impaired his ability to get off the shots.

What bothers me most about all of this is not their power, numbers, and connections, but the fact they are so cocky and arrogant about denying everything they've done, like everyone accepts their obvious lies. It's so damned stupid. It's like they can't accept the fact that they've failed to take down targets like you and me and so many others. They've been targeting me for like 10 years, and they still haven't gotten me to snap yet. Well yeah, they fucked me out of a job, and they did get some nice reactions out of me. They just cannot seem to accept their own failures in life, and as psych. warfare perps. Their arrogance won't allow them to see reality. I think that's one reason they laugh at the targets so much: because they can't accept they can't bring him down, so they have to make believe in their minds they've done something bad to the target. And of course, this in itself wears down the target: their unbelievable arrogance and the way they parade it right in front of us. Such stupid people. And they all have each others' backs with this horseshit.

Anonymous said...

If you look at some of those other photos, Lady Bird Johnson really looks like a lot of perps: kinda smug, with that trying-to-hold-back-an-evil-grin type of look about her. I see that from a lot of people around here milling about: they have this look about them when they look at me, like they won't have to be worrying about me much longer. That kind of look.