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Saturday, November 20, 2010

bizarre commenter

" I-mean-your-tech-is-still-torture,and-look-online-people-are-still-being-tortured.... again-I-smell-that-you-may-be-a-fed-disinformant... anyway-take-care-either-way,and-have-a-good-day. dash-guy
By Anonymous on GS system makes self defense and self advocacy nea... on 11/19/10"

Err, Okaaayyy.
First of all I cant take this as seriously as I would due to the - between-every-word-whats-up-with-that?

Also, you are incorrect. I never said it stopped as of Obama I said it lessened considerably and this is most likely due to he (or Bush- its contested by both sides who signed it) of them signed an executive order stating that torture could no longer be used as harshly as it had before Obama came into office. Most of what occurs overtly with such things is what also occurs in covert activities as well.

Smelling disinformants is a very interesting skill or talent. Perhaps you could take a K-9 position with the cops.

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