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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Front Page Says Bloodless 'Safer' War In Future

One major newspaper carrier today said a Middlesex Sheriff allegedly committed suicide due to an inquiry into ethics and his pension.

The other major publication had a front page article about the military claiming that bloodless war with technology, robots and machines would be "safer".

War isnt supposed to be safe. Its supposed to be out of necessity and each time man suffers thus ensuring a time of peace.
A war using robots would be pointless. And it would also present a state of constant warfare due to man not having to suffer casualties.

The military industrial complexes best wet dream yet.

Also there is a little problem of the Terminator scenerio. Stupid sci fi movie? Yes certainly. However, from my experience the internal programming systems that so resemble computers within the 'Luciferian' programming systems are cold, calculating and have no human like emotion or feeling.
Within a person's programming there is an internal systems manager. It or "I" if you like used to kill off or destroy alter personalities that would malfunction, simply due to thier no longer being efficient and thus an actual threat or danger to the entire system.

Just as the larger 'system' tried to do to me as a programmed mc slave. I was programmed to experience suicide sequences and self destruct on cue and this would have been programmed in to occur at a certain age or upon brain damage, and the danger of memories or files becoming discovered by me or outsiders. Thus I had become inefficient and a danger to the system and all the actions of 'gang stalking' are simply a way to fix that or to neutralize me within the larger 'system'.

Do you honestly want a world of soldiers that think and function that way? Of machines that can kill and have no human emotions or other qualities we have? It matters not that AI may be able to develop a mirror of human emotions or record our emotional or mental activity 'signatures'- there is no one on this planet like us. If anything creating ways to avoid coming adverse environmental conditions through fusing man with tech might be advisable (aside from trying to see if you can fit a human consciousness into an inanimate object to preserve that person after death or to live on in a body that can withstand any environmental conditions. Which is not recommended and is a very stupid idea trust me.)

Its a stupid idea and it needs to be stopped.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, the AI required to have a robot recognized humans would be incredible. According to this article, Google has an experiment going where it takes a network of 16,000 computers just to recognize a cat.

So according to this article, it isn't feasible yet to actually have a Terminator cyborg capable of recognizing a human. Unless, of course, "he" is networked into a wifi network which consists of a networked cluster of thousands of machines. The tech is just too far advanced to be used today.

Unless, of course, there are people, corporations out there who have surpassed this technology that Google is experimenting with. And there almost always are, especially when certain branches of the military research are involved.