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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Strange Effects Over This Holiday and Some Relief

Strangely yesterday the holiday itself was not as much relief as today was. But there was a noticeable difference.

One can plainly tell that this tech is being used nationwide especially in major cities and its very obvious via organized multi stalking that there are certain individuals that are 'targeted' out of the population. However I just wonder at times if there isnt a such thing as electromagnetic pollution that a certain percentage of people are very sensitive to. Perhaps some of the effects are not on purpose. But then if they know about the side effects then it is on purpose.

I read this article about it killing trees. If wi fi is killing trees then whats it doing to the rest of the environment.
It seems that the environmental pollution issues from the old days are now not as important as they once were. The attitude seems to be that its an old issue, that it doesnt matter anymore. Humans are so strange the way that thier perceptions can be twisted so as to reflect a notion of reality that does not make sense. The oil spills, wifi and making things 'green' is partly a bullshit PR move and really its not enough.

I'll have to read more about it. Perhaps the public can be swayed by marketing it as a pollution issue that affects everyone, then that will get its existence established firmly, then we can possibly make the point that if it is now accepted to exist then our claims are feasible.

Being poor stick sucks and its hard to fight an ocean of disapproving faces daily. But I know that one day people will understand what I am doing.

One of the most annoying perp tactics is when they either ride by or walk by and act like yer being stupid about all this or yer not doing something in life yer supposed to. Either these people don't know anything but the cover story or its just attempted part of behavior modification.
I had this one group, looked like a family a year or so ago, the kid who was prob like 20 or so if that said I was "foolish". This has GOT to be perp based. Nobody sane who knows what is really going on is that stupid. Who of us would NOT fight something this horrible.

Foolish..thats all relative kid. And by the way if yer under 39 I dont want to f*cking here what you think is foolish. That has been one of the biggest demographics I have had to deal with in this that I have had a problem with in this campaign: young males, with bitter jaded woman hating older men in a running second, jealous females coming in third. I get perped least by young women, probably becuz psychologically I dont find them threatening so they are useless to the campaign. I think young males telling me what to do or acting like they have any dominion whatsoever is a psych ploy. Not only does it introduce into my experience harassment by young males which I never had to deal with in my youth, thus I escaped its effects, it also returns me to a state of being a younger woman that is now being dominated by males my own age. One of the main points of this campaign has always been to force me to experience things that a powerless, weaker younger average female would have experienced in our culture so that I will be broken of my strong feminist ways or ability to blow off male authority due to lack of experience with it being oppressive or non negotiable.

The whole things has been largely about that. Many women make very reactionary feminists who deep down fear male authority so they are never truly a threat to tthe system. They know damn well that I am not one of those women as being raised by women or protected by what males were present in my bio family. Women were the core however, the cornerstone of my strength. Also removing me from powerful women in my life was a brilliant move at re education to destroy my female strength. They dont mind women who go up against the system as long as you know deep down that you'll never beat it. That deep down you are scarred, traumatized and afraid of male authority, which explains why I was attacked so hard by this system. They REALLY want to make sure I am under control on some level.

Of course they can introduce new experience or regress someone to make the new experiences seem like or anchor themselves in deeper like earlier experiences would have.
Yet they cannot truly change the core of a person. Getting me under control by men was a key to breaking down any power I had acquired over the years. Making me a reactionary feminist or reactionary revolutionary is the desired outcome. As long as the system at large is truly in control then any one going up against it is never really a threat.

Basically what they did is have a simulated rape by trusted male authority figures or male centric male professions after removing me from my female power structure. Taking away any beauty I had in my 30's was also necessary to ensure I never grew in power.

This is not feminist rant this is an accurate rundown of prescribed psychological warfare. The fact that I did not male bash or when men said to me "maybe you hate men" and I would reply "Oh no darling, you dont deserve that much power". That is a great threat to males. They expect us to be intimidated so I assume that this whole thing was partly about showing me just how nasty they can be. But then if one considers that its all programming and that males who have high level programming are actually in the habit of snapping and going postal more than women, when one sees that all female mind control slaves seem to have an innate masculinity and the males a femininity, that is perhaps hidden but female counterparts can see it, its obvious that the programmers wound people so they will be controllable. Again women seem more durable. And when one considers just how much effort, man power and money it has taken to get just one female of my ilk under control one has to consider the measurements on that. ONE programmed female took that much manpower? I think by this stage many of us have figured out what they are afraid of. By the time we understand who and what we really are, the system has basically destroyed any connection to what that was to begin with.

Its all very sad and a great waste of energy and potential. But its the way they want thier world to be. They have to cut things (and people) down to fit. Thats how primitive and childish this is. And stupid.

And its obvious that most of the people involved are really stupid, if not intellectually or academically then definitely emotionally. They are so controlled, so much like cult mind control. And one can spot who the leader is in groups like the one I dealt with down in Florida. And that person is usually the one who is coherent enough to look as if he is suffering from his actions against you, due to of course he having some kind of higher intelligence to begin with.
And its so great to watch those kinds of perps suffer as they 'do thier jobs' or however they want to rationalize it. F*cks. Those are the good memories I will not soon forget.

If only I had more than a few minutes to focus and memorize thier faces each encounter, I could have made sure that over time, they suffered alot more than that let me tell you.

So today has been a good day of relief. It also seems tha t a primitive part of me not only likes wide open spaces moreso than cities but also remembers a time in human history when there were not so many people on the planet or at least in one's immediate space. It seems to lessen my stress when a city like this one is somewhat deserted on a holiday. One can feel there are just way to many people on this planet- its abnormal really in the long history of man.
Perhaps its just that there were less cell phones today or less computers on. But there was a marked lack of being as effected today though there were some instances of interface it seemed.

Its amazing how managed some of these cities are and the marked changes that occur when you leave such a city- and how its exactly pretty much the same experience when one returns to that city. Its so obviously technology perhaps with the help of chemicals.

Strange experience on Wed night. Only one sleeping bag. Froze a bit woke up with a few toes gone numb so I awoke to go get circulation going again.

Its strange the perception that I had of the environment in the early morning like 4 or 5 or so. Before 6 am it seemed like the environment wasnt ...there((?) as much as it was later. I couldnt breathe well..I cannot describe it any better than that. I was like I was experiencing the daily environment during active tech hours as a false environment. Kind of like if we moved to live on the moon or mars, the sensation we would have if we lived in a controlled dome or some other form of false environment. This could also just be my perception due to being so disconnected due to my health and the effect that the high mold and humidity has on me here. I have literally been 'cooked' with these weapons in some instances so my emotional centers are somewhat 'burned' - the use of weapons like that in unison with torture as in the psych warfare part of it and the betrayals of intimates that isolated me in this to begin with. My emotional perceptions are often very strange now. Thi sis due to lack of human touch, sexual activity, love and the combo of being attacked by weapons as well as like I mentioned the psychological warfare. Its all added up to becoming something less than human.

If you watch a certain vid of Micheal Aquino his end statement is "what man can be". I think we all wonder about that statement. Exactly what is meant by that? What kind of transformation is being intimated or thought of at that moment. Its certainly not making men into gods...not Targets thats for sure. If anything it removes us from that possibility.

Since there seems to be an obsession with creating a Hell on earth I wonder if some faction is trying to create something similar to what one would expect its natural inhabitants to resemble?

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