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Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Monday, November 8, 2010

A Message To Verizon

Due to the fact that Bush is no longer in office and they are pulling fed marshals off of planes its obviously over pretty much. The feeding frenzy is over and the cowboys are settled down now. No longer can lawlessness be explained away or rationalized by anti terror actions nor can such behavior be covered by confusion of wartime hysteria.

Your trucks are marked and very visible. If you notice as a gs target or an observer of such phenomena marked cops cars and other obvious offenders like firetrucks are no longer performing overt stalking and harassment on Targeted Individuals. That is becuz they are smart.

Your drivers are obviously very stupid.

If I see one more Verizon driver playing games, f*cking with me or stalking/harassing me in anyway or acknowledging my presence in a manner that is inappropriate and would only occur if I was truly being targeted I will slam you with the biggest lawsuit I can muster or find some other form of revenge. I will focus soley on you company and its vehicles as related to the alleged covert activity known as 'gang stalking' in popular slang which is a targeting of private citizens for the purpose of harassment with an overall effect of a psychological warfare campaign.

You have seen my talent at research. You will note that I tend to cover many subjects related to gang stalking or many suspected participants in the alleged activity known as 'gang stalking' and thier connections to corruption, intelligence agencies who support corporate or special interest internationally or the military industrial complex. Imagine what would occur if I focused all of my attentions on ONE corporate entity. 24/7, 365. No job, no family....nothing to lose. Great mobility, intelligence and resourcefulness. And I do all this NOT unprotected by other covert factions which are not obvious to me.

I suggest you tone it down or get your drivers in line considering your vehicles are marked. Also I recall that your billing system was constantly screwing up and attempting to rip off the customer..was this also harassment? Documented.

The American public have constant complaints about Verizon and thier billing practices, which due to being a corporate megalith, you avoid and continue to make money off of the public.

A stink could be made in a time where Obama just acknowledged on 60 minutes that American families are indeed in, do they really need a company like Verizon? With so many new and cheaper competitors?
Yes, we know you 'own' the towers that many of the smaller guys run off of by renting from you.

...wait. You 'own' cell towers. Microwave runs off the same bandwidth as cell phones.

Anyway, tell the goofs (usually men) who drive yer trucks that party time is over and being in a marked vehicle and acting the fool dont mix.

Have a NICE day...

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