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Thursday, November 18, 2010

GS system makes self defense and self advocacy near impossible/ feeling relief probably holidays

The purpose of gang stalking is simply to let the worst elements involved in this get to the Survivor and then when its over, a sacrifice of sorts though no blood spilled, it seems the system wants to 'reform' the person and totally destroy who they once were as well as any potential for growth they may have had.

To many ignorant outsiders it will seem that the person is being reformed or its for thier own good or to help them grow. This is not the case.
The purpose is to give them a very hard choice: either join fully and consciously the Satanic outlook and lifestyle or become Christian and non existent as a Willful being, basically a saint or caretaker for others.

This is all about denying the Survivor independence and personal power as well as any metaphysical or psychic powers they may have had.

Its really a program designed to neutralize and silence RA or programming Survivors. I assume that the way its done the designers claim that if you choose to not become totally repentant or to join Christianity, you'll suffer by being on the Satanic side and this will now be of your own Will as an adult not born into this as a child as the situation was before. Now that the Survivor is fully aware of thier circumstances, if they choose to continue any Satanic activities or outlooks or involvement in the culture such as music etc, then it seems the person will suffer greatly if they do not finally give in Willfully to thier 'Satanic' side. If they do NOT want this to be thier life style then they are made to suffer to hang onto any remnance of Satanic programming or other Satanic content unless they totally submit to Christian ways of thinking and deeds etc.

This is the ritual abuse play by play of what is basically MK Ultra methods of wiping a personality and reformatting them with constant non stop brainwashing.

Its also very VERY unnecessary- their are many cases where the Survivor, especially if they have high level complicated programming, is perfectly able to self reprogram, with the help of a goo therapist that is or other knowledgeable persons.
But the powers that be choose to basically abduct the Survivor into a program of terrorism (and attempted murder outright!!) and if they dont suicide then at that stage they are actually now primed for behavior modification! If the Survivor hangs on and reaches this stage, they will only live to experience a spiritual, mental, emotional death, a metaphysical death and a severe weakening or destruction of the health cutting years of life and quality of life off of their lifespan.

That is why whistle blowers are given the gang stalking 'treatment' which is basically the same thing they do to dissidents in Iran (documented and Ive posted about it) by covertly ruining their health and psychological well being so later when they suffer from the effects it looks like it had nothing to do with what occurred while they were imprisoned.
A Survivor of high level programming/RA , at the stage of deprogramming, IS essentially then a whistle blower.

Its very difficul tto function usually and the critcism I usually recieve is obviously more harassment. There is no way that anyone could do any better under the circumstances. People seem to dislike that this has become a very dark and somber blog opposed to years ago when it was occasionally funny and much more positive. Well, considering the nature of the gang stalkingh program that is the natural progression of the author's state of being! What are people expecting? For this to get any better with time? Its a slow soft kill program, and death or slow desinigration is the only predictable process.

The only reason I can even write this at this time is due to the fact that once again the holidays provide relief to Targets. This actually makes like MORE depressing and hopeless as I have to see what life would be like if only I was not targeted. At 3am this time of night its easy to see exactly what the reality of the situation is, when the influence and targeting stops at 12 midnight. Here in Boston area Sundays are treated as holidays and there is relief from remote influence almost as one would find in the night- from 12 midnight to 6 am nationwide USA.

This means no vacation or rest for someone like me- constant slavery. Becuz when others are vacationing I will be trying to take advantage of the lack of mind fog or jamming and pump out as much work as possible. In the middle of the night or during holidays.
I can also finish work that remains unfinished due to the usual memory loss or inability to concentrate or brain fogging or jamming that seems to be the normal state of mind induced by this system from 6 am to 12 midnight 6 days a week. ALso in this area lately I have been experiencing strong fatigue so spend alot of my time sleep when I can. Its really something one cant fight or control I have tried. This is why its good to move to other areas that are not as heavily controlled as the northeast. When you've go Nixon (Prescott Bush's protege) calling Harvard U "Kremlin on the Charles" you can guess that, with the Nazi supporting, neocon and Satanic agenda wackos in ccharge right now that this area will be STRICTLY controlled.

Anyone being critical of my work is either totally insensitive or a perp..or doesnt understand how hard it is to be ME under MY circumstances in THIS country at THIS time. Try empathy is hard to come by...and I never expect it really. That woudl be very stupid of me- to rely on human beings. People pass by me in the street and hang thier heads but no one is really doing anything that I can see other than passively support the destructive behavior modification program I am now in due to not suiciding during Bush. Yeah, those are people you can depend on. I do have support but one cant always see it readily. What kills me every day is the lack of support I had during the height of the harassment here in this very city and area years ago. And people just walk around like it never happened.

I want revenge nad i am going to get it. I want justice and I will force it. However since this is planned on being part of an entire cover up which includes many other things I dont think that anhyone, especially in the covert ops community is going to come out and say sorry or do justice.

The system in place now is to make everyone forget about what happened and move on- or die remembering. Its great these catch 22's they form isnt it? Truth destroys all this bullsh*t so just keep pushing on that end. it seems to be the kind of exposure they fear most.

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