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This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Film Archive blog: The CIA, the mafia and George (H.W.) Bush

Found this by chance. Its hard to do much solid work while targeted. I am obviously taking advantage of it being Sunday, as unbelievable as it sounds. But that is what the therapist said concerning her clients at the Pres Advisory Committee On Human Radiation Experiments. Its right in the video..the harassment and her saying that she was taking a risk in being at the Committee hearings.
Its the same things now that go on. Only now they have alot of tech to do what would have been much manpower driven before.

This is a blog to a YouTube sight The Film Archive. Things that the system and its people probably wish would just blow away like dust into the past so that no one remembers or notices anymore what IS going on and what HAS led us to this predicament as it is now.

Ya know I really dont have a problem with all the organized crime moves- I mean we all know its unfair etc but that is business and that is the way the world has always been. Its why George Bush is so powerful (duh).

My ONLY problem really is with the mind control tech part of what is going on and has been for years but now you've got a whole nation under its influence and its not just tech. Its psy warfare all around and brainwashing via tactics and methods ALONG with tech.

All the other stuff would be totally tolerable becuz that is what humans do and that is what powerful people are into- this sort of corruption. Its not surprising at all..but the enslavement of man is wee bit over the line really. Its simply irregular and totally unfair. Humanity has no natural defenses against such a system.

We could all live with the usual corruption and wars I think. No one should have to live with a suppressed consciousness in a totally controlled and contrived environment. It simply goes beyond what is fair play on this planet and the parties involved all know it. Evening up the score with awareness is the only option.

And today also I can percieve reality clearly. Once tomorrow comes at 6 am it will all be a mess of anxiety, doubt, self loathing, warped self perception, forgetfulness and fear as well as constant interaction with what seems to be an interface with tech, causing constant mental disturbances.

Its so obviously tech. That and possibly the use of some sort of chemical influences. The motive is certainly there.

The reason that I post this is not to showcase such content as obviously people are readily aware of this information and if not then they are either not interested or havent been exposed to it as yet. I post this to show the kind of people we are dealing with and that there is obvious motive present for the implementation of mass mind control as well as the targeting of specific individuals.

Some TI's are not disinfo agents so much as they are trying to express a point of view or do activism while being targeted by psy ops as well as the use of what most of us agree is technical in its nature. Its very difficult to stay mentally clear while this is occurring. Also, changing locations is only a temporary solution. So people questioning say, why do I stay in MA if its so targeted here. Well, where else do you suggest? According to my documentation and experience over the years its nationwide and other TI's claim its international. So where do you suggest? It doesnt matter much where one goes.

Look at the power levels of the people involved. Do YOU honestly think that changing states is going to help or countries? That was obvious from the start even before I understood what it was about.

They are more annoyed by someone staying and fighting.

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Anonymous said...

it's me again, nicholas lawrence ouellette, brayvo777 from youtube. look i get the point, you don't want to meet me but i'm just saying there's no turning back now you can update your blog every damn day and inform people of what they need to know, that's all great, and all the info is awesome, but really what is your main motive, how are you helping yourself by doing this.. seriously, what ever happened to unity. why do people never trust anyone these days at all. this is just gonna hurt us more. i'm standing up against this from a different angle than you not to spread information but just create new ideas on how to battle it. Just like 9/11, we know it was an inside job... we know... and we know the NWO is real... so what else can we do other than unify? CREATE new ideas. Get "Them" interested. Get everybody interested. MAKE SOME NOISE!!!!! because you can't just let them walk into you... you can't let them get in your way. they want that. you are letting them win. i will continue my search, censored left and right to actually get someone to listen to me here. I am very lucky i have my family supporting me but that's all i've got. I hope you have your support too. I want you to remember me and what i said. Help yourself because right now you're contradicting yourself... you said this thing was to make you either a saint or a slave, right? more or less? well you're a freaking saint by writing these articles. what's wrong with that? nothing. it's great to spread this information to people so they know. but once they know what are they going to do. exactly what i'm trying to explain here. you say different areas are about "teaching" you to get an education, conform or whatnot, i mean, etc- but.... can stay in your bubble... but just know you're in a bubble. it just seems to me you're in an endless vicious cycle. i've been there SO MANY TIMES, i know exactly what it's like. i kno you probably don't have the money you want, or the education, or even the freedom, (or the family, which i'm lucky enough to have..) but if you aren't already trying already..... FIND IT.... with all that it takes in your kind heart... do everything you can with it to find it. do it for you. cause right now you're doing it for everyone else and that won't help you out of your bubble. i'm sorry if this isn't what you WANTED to hear.... i respect the fact that you've been in this much longer than i... god knows how long i will be in this for. But i have a feeling they will leave me alone if i start making something of myself. I've wasted my life away being selfish and selfless at the same time, smoking the days away and missing out on tremendous opportunities........ All i really wanted was to meet you and tell you this , that i thought your approach to this was steadfast but you needed a second opinion, of someone who is also intelligent and kind hearted. But you probably think i'm a cop and i'm going to jump you. Or i don't know, maybe someone told you some shit about me. I have no idea. all i know is you didn't answer me other than 1 message on youtube saying "i don't know what to tell you". But you know what, i can tell you this, i can't call myself a survivor of gangstalking....., but i can call myself a survivor of LIFE, i've been through some tough shit that i won't even start in here..... yeah i'll admit it, you've probably been through much more.... but hey...i'm only 24. i have many years ahead of me. hey, this is just my take. so whatever, take from it what you will, but remember me. I hope we see each other someday, if we don't, remember this. H E L P Y O U R S E L F (you deserve it, you don't deserve to be in torture) and unite with good people (like me). Life isn't just a bunch of experiences, it's a lesson. Good luck.