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Monday, November 15, 2010

Mr Anonymous Whines Again

"Why are you so stupid? Why use western medicine? Esp. when half of Dr.s ARE PERPS. Yooo hoooo. Pharma kills. Benadryl is making you sicker. You've been eating your tail about this for years. Jesus. REISHI. I've spelled it out for you before you ignored me. But hey what do I know I only got over the mycotoxin reactions with it. Nevermind every time I try to help you I get ignored or bitched at. You are THE biggest baby TI out there you know that? Have fun."
By Anonymous on some new posts at 1:10 PM

But Darling, if only you would reveal your identity I could block you and we wouldnt have any of these problems ever again.. u chose to keep writing anonymous comments as if you were an intimate. Its really boring and has been for some time.

Why dont u start yer own blog and write about yer gang stalking experiences? It might be good therapy for you becuz you need it. I am sorry dear but I have multiple blogs to write and no time for whatever game this is. BYE

Can anyone get this guys IP address if I save the original comment and post it or what? Its so creepy. He talks like an intimate...its harassment surely.

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Anonymous said...

"You can instal an html tool called 'Trace my IP' (.org) and it logs all visitors to your blog by IP and repeat visits etc. Very useful for geographical stats and indeed, pointing out griefers."

Here is the URL of that tool that logs IP addresses:

But then, you may have to figure out a way to install onto your Blogger.