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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cheney Opposses Inquiry into CIA Torture

Well DUH. If these bastards destroyed the MK Ultra files and harassed my own mother (and thus one can assume other MK Ultra/radiation experimentees) into not attending the Pres Advisory Committee as well as being part of the class action lawsuit then why wouldnt they destroy tapes and other evidence.

This agency and its dark shadow counterparts does what it pleases. Lawlessness is the only way for this kind of faction to get the results it wants. Destroying evidence seems to be thier way of covering up for larger more secretive programs connected to torture and creating either a super soldier or a super slave who knows which. Many MK Ultra survivors have no way of proving that what is going on now (gangstalking etc) is connected to what went on then due to destruction of evidence that would establish that especially in future (present).

And so it goes on undetected with its victims unable to establish any kind claims to be believed or even investigated. Get big pharma and psychiatry to assist in cover stories.

This bullshit is going to go on and on and on until someone gets a set of balls and demands it stops NOW.

The American public, benefiting so from these actions through a good quality of life and making money can hardly be trusted to be the ones to depend on.

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