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Friday, November 5, 2010

Always alot of stalking in East Cambridge MA

So, whats up with East Cambridge near the mall? The little Italian/Portuguese neighborhood. I know in the old days when this was at its height I was harassed alot in that mall. Upon returning here this year I encountered the worst black 'haters' I have ever encountered in MA and runs second only to St Louis or So Cal in being overt, obnoxious and rude about my situation. The blacks in this mall usually let me know by laughing at me..still? Its been years now. THESE are the people you use for black ops or to cover police corruption? (which by the way still wont save you).
And worse than those last two is how outrageously spoiled they are. They dress like they come from Lexington or Belmont money. But, sadly, they are still, rude, heartless, obnoxious haters. Probably the old line I heard during the 70's during bussing. "My mama told me to beat you yup, cuz yous white". Adding a bit of cash flow and good grooming cant change all the things innately wrong with this population. I've had better allies from the depths of Roxbury than these kids. They have picked up all the worst habits from the blonde wealthy WASPS they support and emulate. New money sucks. Bigtime. A lifetime of snobbery doesnt equal an ounce of class. But who cares when yer flashing the brand names and fitting in with whitey?

These black kids have suffered the worst punishment anyone could have wished on them- as a community they have lost thier 'soul'. Now yer as bad as 'whitey'. Good riddence, it shows you couldnt be trusted to begin with anyway if, by nature or DNA you could act like that with or without money and status. Who needs you then?

Anyway, I really dont know why this area of Cambridge feels its so damn important that it has to have so much action just when I am walking down the street. My parents used to live here when I was a baby. When I get near the hospital of my birth there is a bonding to me that this system canNOT break it seems. I recall this is where I was brought when I was eight months old, with a fever of 106 and rising...Oct 31, 1971. The nurse was waiting outside the doors of the ER, my mother always found it strange as she did not call ahead to the hospital.

You can harass me all you want in this area. You cant take that from me...hahahahaha.


Anonymous said...

The laughing thing seems to come and go here in this town. Seems the perps up top ordered this treatment. I suspect the perps have a number of "plans" for me and my life. The laughter, I've noticed, has always been synched with me deciding on a new job path. Every time I think about quitting a present job, I get the laughing goons.

I also get a lot of office personnel and co-workers getting in on the psy-ops. Like, for example, doing the employment gaslighting, making me feel like I've been doing a sh*tty job and need to improve. And the questioning my competence level. I've been accused of "thinking" my students aren't intelligent, but I have no idea where that came from, as I have never had such a notion. I am very comfortable with my students. I have never ever thought that they were lacking intelligence. That sounds like a smear/psy-op combo. Really stupid, it is.

The latest perp harassment revolves around the secretary who schedules teaching assignments. She called, and said one student called over there, and said she could benefit from this online homework system they can use on the web instead of submitting on paper. Right away, sounded phony. Anyways, I was reamed out by this woman. She tells me there are only 5 weeks left, how come I've never told my students about this online system. Which is a lie, because I told them from the very beginning of the semester about it, but most didn't want it. This sounded like an attempt to inflict a guilt/competence complex on me. But my thinking is very intact. Of course, I would know if I would have told them about it or not. I told her, oh well, at least I will be in better shape for next semester. I got dead silence, which is very suspicious. When you confound the perps with an answer they don't expect, they go stone quiet. Not a peep. That's when you know you have them.

I had about 3 workers in charge of my employment in some way, talk to me in a firm voice, telling me I need to improve, or making me feel like I've done something wrong. The one woman must have been manipulated into this, because she was very vague when she was telling me this, and then dismissed me because she didn't have time to talk further.

I love the job, and the students this semester. The co-workers with their perp roles have been quite horrendous to deal with, though.

Anonymous said...

They seem to dread me working with circuits and electronic test equipment. That seems to make them nervous. Guess the Wizard is afraid of having the curtain pulled back to reveal the little man behind the big toys.