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Monday, November 8, 2010


I just assume and have for many years that along with everything else this is not only used to gather info or 'watch' certain targeted persons, but it is part of the overall 'training' of the masses to live publicly, socially and thus make the oppressor's job easier. Its obviously social control as well.

Its so elementary when people who havent experienced the full scope of being targeted scratch the surface like this. TI's have been living cautiously like this for years..or just take it into consideration and dont care anymore.

It affords us one positive thing: to be honest is to use thier system of covert spying against them. If a frame up hasnt worked by now then most likely using the internet is more damaging to thier smear than it helps them- unless you dont take into consideration the dangers as you navigate or fall to the mental and emotional stresses of a campaign.

However living publicly certainly makes observing an experimentee easier which sucks.

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