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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

4 things i wanted to post but was mentally jammed: My Uncle, Harv Sq, Arafat, Hussien

Four things:
-my uncle tommy
-Harv Sq from wake up (7 approx) to 8:50 am
-Saddam Hussein

So I wont forget..

I am sick today. Lucky for me this screwed up my schedule, This system knows I am a lover of routine and takes advantage of that. I suspected as much.

Lately I have had a horrible time thinking clearly and getting anything done. This mostly has to do with the state of my health as after going into anaphylaxis from Bactrim my systems seems supressed somehow. I am constantly in this state of non existence or like I am not truly vibrant or alive or able to put forth any energy. Its like being suspended. This goes away when I have another allergic reaction to something or like now I get sick with a cold or similar ailment.

Its been a year and I think this system wants to keep me from suiing for the Bactrim the way that they kept me from going after Olnick again by making sure I was so harassed for the 3 years window that by then it was too late.

I am thouroughly controlled in Harv Sq every morning by what seems to be gang stalking activiey and alot of tech activity mentally. I am a non entity and my only concern is stikcing to my routine. A vegatable going through the motions of life. I noticed this same feeling this morning but i was so sick I just laid down in my sleep bag on grassy brick thing that contains a tree- people usually sit on it not lay down. Too sick to care I just wanted to stay warm.

I noted alot of weird people as i never conshusly noticed before if I peeked out of my sleep bag. I also noted someone snapped a pic of me or my sleep bag covering me anyway. One of those odd people seemed to be just standing there playing look out- lots of that sort of thing. People going to work, some perps reciting thier directed conversation lines which I have not experienced in some time probably as I dont stay here long enough to get targeted that way. I just ignored everything. I also sensed alot of attention from passing cars and trucks. Frustration that I wouldnt move into my schedule and be controlled of course and some people I sensed felt rightly they f*cking should. What is strange is that I got all this psychic connection activity- it may sound like insanity but strangely I am usually right about what I am sensing.

But note that once 8:50 rolled around the entire area- the whole reality became what used to known as 'normal'. No psychic interactions, no interfacing, no thought blocking or mental jamming. Many people had left to get to work surely and taken thier cell phones and computers with them thus electromatically cleaning up the area- perhaps. But the return to a normal state I am encountering is amazing. What a change from the severe mental jamming I have been experiencing lately has reduced me to a state resembling retardation.

Also this is all connected to human experimentation (through my mother being a documentd Radiation Experimentee connected to MK ULtra and other mind control projects.) and its interesting that torture as well as enslavement is gained by somehow getting the targeted subject into some sort of psychic network where people are connnected. Bill Gates proposed such a system at one time...hmph. Just like Ronald Reagan suggested the abusive mind control methods being used COVERTLY NOW, to be used overtly and officially in prisons and hospitals. And for dissidents and whistleblowers as usual in the game of punitive psychiatry.

The second thing is that I then had a vision of my uncle Tommy Willems along with the ideation that he is privvy to this. His motive is that he wants me to come back into the family fold, but this time I will be so beaten down that I will be easily controlled unlike before (as now) I have my own Will and refused to be treated like a slave by my mother's family, The impression was that he is a total control freak and wants the end result to be this sort of (fake) peace between me and other family members. Beating me down like this is a way of getting that result I am told or at least its an ideation. He is indeed a rotten control freak as is my mother and thier parents.

Also I used envisioning my grandfather still alive or his image available to me to defend my self against alot of male energy that was very enslaving and distracting before 8:50 am. This seemed to 'scare off' these aggressive male energies. It seems that I am right in my observation that in pedo/mind control families when the main controller/perp/pedo is gone or dead, this is when the gang stalking system moves in on the family especially male perp energies and groups to take control of the women involved in these families.

-Third is I want to mention this before I forget again since temporarily I cant think and remember. I havent been able to post what i want lately as there seems in place a system that makes it so I forget things I experience or cant remember ideas I have in this area and I have been stuck in Cambridge. During the weekdays I am so tired and fatigued I cant do much else but sleep and take care of just survival stuff. Only on Sundays can I seem to have the energy to get to MIT to use computers.

My mind has become a swirling mess of things I need to do but cant remember, then to think of how to get them done turns into being overwhelmed and then into a system of what can be compared to a house with blocked stairways and locked doors. Mentally this keeps the person jammed and under control.

-Before I 'forget' again I want to say that I had visions of Yasir Arofat for a few days. Like this was very important. I hardly know who the man is other than associated with the PLO which is something to do with oil and being against the Jews. These visions have stopped but it was like some sort of message that it was important to post or address.

- I also had a vision of Saddam Hiessen a few weeks ago again jammed so coulnt post this incident. The impression was that he was a scapegoat and that he was 'murdered' unjustly.

That is all i have for now hopefullly I can get out of here soon.
This alwatys happens. I convinve myself that I can beat Boston/Cambridge's 'system' of gang stalking/remote influence and I always fail and become horribly controlled.
Updated: It seems Arafat died in 2004. That does not mean that my vision was insignificant. Also the head of the CIA that destroyed the MK Ultra files died during this period as well. Richard Helms died 2002. Alot of things seemed to occur during this era that are tied into one another but alas old age always is I suppose.

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