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Friday, November 19, 2010

Newspaper Article Recently: MFA alongside Two Pedo Stories

Recently two things showed up in the local newspapers that were helpful- its true that not only do I "have friends" as was once hissed to me by Lenny from Women's Lunch Place after surviving being targeted (and attempted murder, kidnapping etc) years back but all TI's have 'friends' many of them seem to be journalists. Either that or its more psychological experimentation but its seems genuine.

Reading the paper for useful content I found a page that had two stories about pedophilia that framed a piece about the Museum of Fine Arts unveiling thier new expensive wing. It was very intersting as one story almost sounded like it was supportive of a man who was being threatened for releasing a How-To book on child molestation and another story that was not positive about a predator who was caught at age 70 or so. The piece about the MFA was on that same page.

Strangely the title to the MFA story was titled 'wing of new MFA flies open'. What caught me was the 'flies open' part. As in a man's fly being open. There were pics of old men including the mayor. And around this was those two stories I just mentioned: either someone is trying to tell the public something or someone is playing games again or its more psychological testing. Remember- MK Ultra related stuff seems to be about how to wipe the personality and reformat or create a new personality. They seem to keep testing in order to see what the reactions would be. So I dont trust anything that much anymore.

There was a radio show I posted on while going through Chicago. They had done a story about a woman who put a naked statue of Michaelangelo's David and put a santa hat on it, something like that- the radio host gave the typical conservative crap about how it was wrong nudity etc. Then they did a piece on a young politician who was targeted with some sort of references towards his penis being rather large and photos of him in just a santa hat or something like that. I recall that I wrote a post about the radio show being lame and then focused on his being targeted to show it happens in politics all the time.
Afterwards I had this very unpleasant experience. I sensed that somewhere there were a few people, either multiple women or a man and a woman who were shocked that I did not link the two stories from that radio show together- that the statue of David was basically the same thing as the pics of that male politician as both were of a nude man in a Santa Claus hat. I actually was given, mentally a vision of hte comparison and felt the surprise of the parties involved that I did not or was not smart enough to link the two.

This is obviously a psychological test. Its also obviously an instance of not only testing but when the subject or experimentee does not perform well or correctly, then the system will 'teach' the subject or instruct them so they learn whatever it is they missed or did incorrectly.

This is the kind of thing that goes on all the time with being targeted. In certain locations one is being schooled and taught or instructed all the time so its really part of a behavior modification program. This is why coincidences in media cannot be trusted.

Here is a photo of the newspaper article:

The museum School was part of the original very nasty campaign locally but Mass Art was as well. Many of the institutions involved in the original gang stalking campaign here in this area have after Bush and during a recession gotten major renovations done and very costly additions added onto thier establishments. MFA and GBH and St Elizabeth's Hospital are just a few examples. With MFA the company involved was with the major addition was out of Britain.

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Anonymous said...

Probably it's just more fuel for the machine, mocking us and our misery as well as targeting some TI's to make them feel like pedos. That's my take on it. Most journalists go along with the Big Machine, and in fact align themselves with a faction or two that are targeting us. Otherwise, they would be out on the street, just like us. Everywhere I go, I encounter sheeple doing directed conversations of outrageous stuff to get me pissed off. I guess some dumb pedophile bitch got jealous of my legs, and decided to get his little associates in on the act. Still getting targeted openly in ads. Such powerful men and women.