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Much interesting to view. Agents being able to scan someone in public spaces and get a file on them is certainly an novel idea lol. Enjoy and feel free to speculate.



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Saturday, November 27, 2010

A Web Page On Aquino, Satanism, Nazis, The Military, Psy Ops...and the culmination of this information

I get it now. I dont want to, but unfortunately..I do.

Whats so great about my experiences is that I have been going through this totally blind to the following information. My experiences map out what is stated in the link much better than any mere claim or vague accusations.

Its due to being compartmentalized and programmed. Going about it from that perspective. I was walking through much of these experiences blind and totally innocent of information.

This didnt help the MK Ultra testimonies did it? Years later the False Memory Syndrome people just chocked it up to therapists implanting memories in people alleging to be survivors. But the therapist in the video of the Pres Advisory Committee states clearly that she "I dont read in the field". So they were compartmentalizing information to not have cross contamination.

What is interesting is the False Mem people simply referenced people claiming to be survivors of Ritual Abuse, NOT MK Ultra survivors, as those people have official documentation to be telling the truth due to being validated at least with settlements.

All along its been a simple game of info management.

And I have to say that I am a bit...pissed off now. On a very base level. How the f*ck was I to know that Aquino had lots of power in St Louis?
Yer gonna send blacks to f*ck with me and try to kill me? A bit desperate on the nature of the 'help' arent we? Well, the new high priestess of Church of Set is a black female. Aha, ha.

In fact the amount of blacks involved was astounding. And it ultimately pisses me off truly. How the f*ck can you support neo nazis in places like (obvious to me now) Norway and the black metal scene (obviously) while having so many African Americans used in the little psych warfare games? Is that becuz my psych profile suited blacks to be used as a powerful breaker of me psychologically or to capitalize on my obvious race issues from being involved in the bussing fiasco in Boston in the 70's? Its obnoxious as f*ck really.

I often wonder if some truly Nazi factions somewhere or some Nordic factions were just so disgusted with blacks being part of this to a high degree that they put a wrench in the mix so that I would survive. Probably due to some sort of respect for any DNA I may have. I know I am Dutch and German but there is no direct link to being Nordic. I suppose looking at my mothers family its a bit obvious. Red hair, extremely tall, some of the facial features. Cork Ireland is supposed to be a large Viking area..who the hell knows. But someone, somewhere had some sort of...motive to respect whatever DNA is present in me. In fact it often seems like part of this program may have been to bring that DNA out, or activate something that was dormant. Sadly to the exclusion of other DNA I possess. To hook me deeply back into whatever ancestry I pay possess from these areas and it makes sense if the Nazis were obsessed with this area as the perfect race.

I also recall over the years having a connection to any jewelry I have seen that possessed a black sun. This could be something very ancient that the Nazis hooked into but it could be something programmed into families.

There is something going on with the Nazi issue that harks far beyond human experimentation. In some ways it seems like their goals are coming to pass even after their supposed demise. What I cant figure out is if this is the case then why is society being allowed to go the way of becoming brainwashed by black culture and PC wimpery/illogical thinking? I have learned the hard way that the most devious tactics of the designers is often to create the exact opposite situation of what you would think they would want often to get the people to react or create a backlash that in the long term creates the very conditions they were looking for to begin with.

I have known for a while that there is something going on much bigger than just the small pieces that the media refuses to fuse together. MK Ultra, programming, ritual abuse, satanic factions, military etc.
The situation with the Nazi plan even from way back over time seems overwhelming to me.
I can surely make sense of what I do know and I can surely link the info together in a logical manner but to dare to write the last word on this would be an arrogance that even I am not capable of.

( I also in the past have read up on the writer of that piece. I know that the author is not the most credible activist in this sphere. Nor is the title of the piece worth a damn either. Its ridiculous actually. However, the material as its stated along with the way things are linked together is sensible. And it does reflect years of research by other activists. The whole blessed by Satan and Illuminati Vatican thing I could do without. What I am in need of is something that links Satanism around the world in the past decade or so with the military and Nazi subject matter like MK Ultra. This is not only due to all of this coming to pass in the way the world is going but it falls in line with many Target's experiences odd and unbelievable as they may seem.)


Anonymous said...

I think this pretty much sums up what targets go through.

Trying to escape our prisons, they figure out ways of tightening us down so we don't escape again. Also, the part with the tranquilizer darts... that sounds eerily like what they do to us via tech and chemical warfare. They keep hitting us with that stuff over and over till they get us under control.

Also, monitor the hate mail you're getting. If you're getting closer to the truth, the hate mail will scale up accordingly. If you get further away from the truth, the hate mail will fall down. So, that's why you should enable anon comments: to see how far from your "target" you are.

uglyman04 said...

Hi Miss Rachael, The Aquino pointer led me to some very important research! Thanks for being you:) Looks like the Koreas are gonna get nasty and get us involved too , maybe even China... world is going to hell... I am not rich by any means but let me know if I can help as you have helped me.. cheers