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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Anonymous Commenter Final Reply

"Enjoy your health. And my IP is in Canada. If you're so creeped out then why have a blog where people can comment anon? My name is Martina, happy? I don't have a google account and that is why I comment anon. I feel less sorry for you as time goes on, but I have read your blog in hopes you would do some good for the TIs out there. But you don't. You talk suicide and you sabatage your own health. You bitch about petty shit and you seem to have no interest in really breaking free. So I WILL STOP COMMENTING. You're a soft TI honey, one they know does more harm than good with her rants and suicide talk. HAVE FUN.
By Anonymous on Mr Anonymous Whines Again at 10:56 AM
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Everyone has to go through thier own processes. And RA/programming survivors have a whole different process and set of challenges than other Targets. Try to understand that people have to see how bad this is to understand what goes on.

Also, being targeted in Canada compared to the US especially a place like Boston with many powerful establishments and institutions and SO much connected to the military industrial complex, for you it must be a hell of alot different.

And yes, I get that the person is basically being a jerk becuz with such a campiagn ongoing to drive one to suicide, no one could do any better. This is like taking a survivor of Gitmo and telling them that they didnt handle being tortured responsibly. Its ridiculous.

The perps know that I come from a harsh family. They know i may respond 2 this. it cud n more experimentation too,,,who cares?

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Anonymous said...

Everyone must take personal responsibility for their actions and reactions, no matter how victimized. One person gets harassed and breaks free and even damages their perps, another person gets harassed and committs suicide. That is the test of the human soul, IMO.

And I'm from the US, I fled to Canada thank you very much. And yes, this is my last comment here but I do understand why you're so damaged and I understand why your perps only go so far with you cause they would rather see you murder yourself than spend much more time on you, that is the way they think. They use people like you as EXAMPLES for other TIs. Too bad it works so well, hope you break free eventually.