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Please be advised that this written work is theory. It's theorizing, pondering and amateur research. For legal reasons I state that I have no actual belief in these theories as fact, if I did I would have sought legal recourse. Until that occurs this blog can only be considered theory. If it does then any and all actions PAST AND FUTURE that have been taken against me during the years producing this work will be labeled war crimes under international law and any other legal protections that apply.
I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Friday night and how the MK Ultra human experimentation rooted in Nazi atrocities is now used to manage and 'handle' human beings en masse

As we speak I am having trouble telling you about the night I had. It seems that when I put on my computer and sit to write it all down, document the experience, suddenly not only is my condition improved just enough to perhaps take away from my desperation to tell on this system’s torture but I become forgetful and begin to have memories jumbled of the past 24 hours events. As if I might as well just get up, forget about it and get on with my day.
I will push through however.
Last night was awful. Just as often happens on Saturday nights I was in the mental and emotional state where I am pushed to such a limit that I wanted to have surgery to scar my face. Again it was so people would “Leave me alone”. My logic was that it would at least take away from the sexual predators and the jealous female factions. That people who don’t understand the full scope of the situation, who think its just the cover story then wouldn’t expect so much from me. That it would make it fully clear that what happened to me and is still happening is extreme and not under my control.
Last night I also became familiar with the point of view of the Muslims and other populations that are against the US. I never had time before to consider the fact that not only are many of those factions most likely victims of covert ops to engineer things the way they are now (citizens of Iran have noted covert activity to shape events in their region and have specifically mentioned “CIA” though its unknown if that is just their guess or they have the ability to conclusively prove that. But its somebody’s black ops anyway). But I never considered that these technologies were being used on them they way they are on US citizens. It saddens me and alarms me to think that not only are they acting out under such duress as all TI’s know how inhumane and severe these programs are, but that conversely, we as American citizens are being treated as foreign enemies not only of America but its allies obviously in the case of Muslim factions: Israel. (Which might explain why so many Jews and so much Israeli involvement seemed to be present at least in the beginning during Bush.)
I took on the view that America is indeed a most evil place and it does indeed deserve to be destroyed.
Also I formed a theory that this 666 The Beast ‘End of Days’ line of thinking has to do with the gang stalking system of brainwashing itself. That the mark of this “beast” which is so referenced is merely going along with and supporting the deception involved in creating and perpetuating a false reality. The one that has been created and is upheld- supported by the system of brainwashing and deception known to Targets as ‘gang stalking’. TI’s tend to understate the magnitude of the situation. “Gang Stalking is basically a three point system to create complete control over an individual or a population (so it seems). The use of human forces in psy ops, black ops, false flag operations: all covert activity involving live human beings who engage with an individual or an entire population is the first part of a ‘gang stalking’ program.
The second part is the use of chemical warfare or mind control. Chem trails are quite possible but I have not researched the subject enough. But its feasible due to the nature and motivations of such a system of social control and manipulation. Individual Targets experience the use of chemicals for destruction of their health and mental state such as purposeful gas leaks or other destruction of health or physical tissue damage. Mycotoxins (mold exposure) are documented to have been used to destroy the health and intelligence of dissidents in the USSR (cold war Russia) and the US military has a chemical warfare weapon named Yellow Rain that is synthesized from mycotoxins. TI’s also experience very sophisticated ‘mind control’ drugs slipped into medicines such as capsules prescribed for other purposes. Experimentation and creation of such drugs with such capacities are also documented within the realm of the CIA/Military human experimentation from the past that included such horrors as MK Ultra and the radiation experiments.
Some TI’s have experienced a Matrix-like experience in public spaces such as an entire bus full of citizens becoming sleepy all at the same time and awaking at the same time due to what seemed to be something coming out of the vents of the vehicle into the air in the enclosed space. This is what makes chem trails so feasible. Not the ‘how’ or ‘where’ but the WHY. This system has the motive to commit such an act so suspicions should be investigated seriously.
The third point is mind control of individuals and most likely entire populations using what seems to be advancements in technologies as well as human forces either manning the tech or human beings able to influence other human beings using superior powers of a psychic nature.
Also there is much either documented to already exist along these lines that is used in psy ops over seas by military factions for ‘peaceful conflict resolution’ or the govt has been questioned concerning the existence of human psychic forces and they never deny such a program or forces but do not admit openly to such a thing either. Again there is not only motive but capability as well as there has been experimentation done by the Navy and other factions where funding was documented to be for such purposes.
The technologies seem to be microwave or electromagnetic. Both of these are totally feasible as well as some are part of the documented use in overseas psy operations.
What is most alarming is that microwave technologies run on the same bandwidth or section that cell phones run in. Such technologies due to the nature of microwaves cannot run underground which is why cell phones use towers and why one gets no ‘reception’ when out of range of a tower. Targeted Individuals have consistently experienced relief in their symptoms when getting into any area where cell phone reception is out of range such as underground or in buildings that are steel and concrete and are designed to protect their equipment from outside forces such as hospitals and in some states, govt buildings.
There is a variance to this. In some instances of desolate land where no cell phone reception is possible it seems that the entire area is managed by tech that is far more damaging and heavy handed than possible ‘mind control’ through cell towers using microwave to piggy back or utilize that bandwidth. Such places Target’s have experienced are military base areas like New Mexico between ABQ and Santa Fe much of the southwest desert in fact. Also Wyoming is an absolute nightmare for some reason. One TI had no cell reception for almost the entire state’s length but found that the ‘remote influence’ took on a nightmarish quality.
It is even thought that perhaps any mind control through cell phone/microwave type delivery is perhaps to regulate either individual targets or entire targeted populations that are being targeted by other forces or more severe influence- either by warring or opposing factions (such as a foreign nation for instance) or as part of a dual point program of torture and cult mind control brainwashing. An example of such a program would be the tortures going on in Guantanamo Bay and other facilities where a person is first tortured and then a psychologist is brought in to council them and instruct them in how to ‘handle’ the torture properly. This is nothing short of brainwashing and human experimentation. Its ‘good cop/bad cop’ at its very worst and with this country’s history of never holding human experimentation atrocities accountable by the laws in place its doubtful if such actions are solely to gain information. If so then they are MK Ultra related experiences, designed to gain information out of PROGRAMMED persons who are compartmentalized and trained from infancy not to reveal information under normal torture circumstances.
Much of this activity may be deemed necessary to gain information but we know all too well that under the guise of such activity traditionally the powers that be have been seeking to form methods and a system to effectively and efficiently ENSLAVE humanity indirectly and covertly without their knowledge.
That is the severity of ‘gang stalking’. Many Targets are simply too overwhelmed to be able to express the full magnitude of such a program. Also the reaction is either one of disbelief or more common it seems of not caring due to other citizens believing it does not affect them as they seem happy and content with their lives. Humans also tend to have an internal attitude of ‘better him than me’. The gang stalking system is notorious for using and utilizing the worst in mankind’s base nature to achieve their goals. Ape like behavior within all of us that cannot be easily handled or even consciously understood especially by modern people’s in a Judeo-Christian society (that consistently acts out in what they would deem a ‘Satanic’ manner if they were honest about the nature and set up of their civilization).
As the people fool themselves daily so the designers, social engineers and psychologists use the fools quite efficiently and wisely for their purposes.
Last night I experienced a realization that taking on the Mark of The Beast was simply going along with the enslavement of mankind and standing by these covert ops. That or engaging in them actively. And that those of us who do not take on this agenda are going to die or be tortured etc which is basically what is happening to whistle blowers on these activities. This would explain why even those TI’s with satanic programming or RA experience being targeted by satanic factions. Its time to either come out as an awakened sleeper or to become Willfully active in Satanic programming or be destroyed- or be forced into Christianity to survive.
Of course this is all brainwashing and a falsely created situation and circumstances. I note that a Rosicrucian or other Hermetic approach or practice by Targeted persons seems to be the greatest threat of all as such systems require a balanced approach to life, not mindless enslavement and the human WILL is focused on heavily. Beauty, peace and balance seem to be totally undesirable to this system. They want a holy war and that is also a guise for getting people under control. They want lambs and goats- not human beings as the gods they could be in this day and age.

Technology is being used to ENSLAVE mankind and dumb down his existence intellectually, spiritually and aesthetically as well as tolerate the ongoing physical ill health brought on by various pollution from industry. Most likely humans will be given bodies to live in or robotic body parts to deal with a failing environment. Now that will create yet another industry and profit which is all this system seems to think about. This place could be a potential paradise if man were to fuse nature with technology. The motive of humans seems to be to dominate and get wealthy- ape like, mammalian predator behavior. Have the most food, the most children, the most land and eat, drink, war and be merry. Just like the animals, but the animals cant create like we can. We are abusing our god-likeness or god spark in order to simply fulfill our animal desires without moving on or evolving as beings at this stage. Any evolution that man is experiencing now is being manipulated by certain powerful factions for THEIR agendas not the good will of man or care for the planet and its inhabitants. Man has this misconception in this still fairly new era of technology that technology equals some sort of divinity or god-likeness or superiority. That technology is god like and inherently ‘good’. That people who can acquire and afford lots of technology are ‘good’ or intelligent.
As a now transient traveler I have often found that in areas such as Boston with the some of the highest incomes and intelligence levels of the all around population, all a ‘homeless looking’ woman like myself has to do is pull out a beat up laptop and the perception of me changes as well as any urges to try to shame/humiliate me with an inferred sense of superiority of onlookers. Again humans are more trainable like animals than they are gods in their own right. This is THEIR choice but its also not entirely their fault either. The Satanic view is that such people are simply weak or not elite enough to be blessed with power of Will or spirit or intellect. The Christian view is that they are not doing God’s Will or that they are focusing on the wrong things. The Hermetic or Rosicrucian- balanced and dualistic type of view is that they cant exactly fight what they don’t know exists. They need more information- if you give it to them some will become enlightened and act on their Will and intellect. Humans need a chance before judgment on them. They are not ALL easily trained animals- though some do prefer to be enslaved as its their nature, its more comfortable and ‘easy’ for them.
This view seems to be THE greatest threat against this system right now. I believe it is due to ENLIGHTENMENT being the greatest threat. This may be why many TI’s as well as the public are being brainwashed into accepting a Christian point of view or a Satanic one. Both are strict and really don’t allow for much ‘enlightenment’. The Satanic view is hateful of humans (Lucifer’s angry side or core difference with human nature) and simply deems all others unworthy. Their view is that Christians are in existence to clean up the mess and casualties of their greed driven, self centered, elitist system that excludes those not like them. Christians are so various in their beliefs that its hard to even get a hold on what they believe. Most of it seems like just another submission to a deity and to a strict code of actions in life that excludes enlightenment and the use of the Will. Also very disturbing is the blood-cult like Christian Right who believe in a chilling philosophy that Christ’s blood was spilled to cleanse their sins akin to a human sacrifice as well as a childish, cult like belief in accepting Christ as one’s ‘savior’ will absolve all sin. One will then be ‘saved’. And their actions tend to be quite militant in nature as well as abusive of other human beings and their personal freedoms as well as their civil and human rights under the law of the United States of America.
BOTH Satanic and Christian belief systems are pushed by the brainwashing system in place and are preferable for Targeted Individuals to internalize opposed to ANYTHING having to do with TRUE ENLIGHTENMENT on this planet at this time in history. That is what ENSLAVEMENT is all about. CONTROL and suppression of the human WILL.
Anyone given such a choice who is balanced and sane might likely go crazy or into permanent insanity due to the conflicts they present. A sensible self respecting person would chose Satanism but may not like the lack of Light or the self centered nature of their type of enlightenment..plus other things that are quite violent and disrespect human life.
But Christianity only presents more conflicts. Again one has to give into the idea of a superior being one cannot see or readily feel as part of the universe as well as this deity has been gender identified as male which is ridiculous in both Satanic and Christian belief systems. Interesting isnt it that both are monotheistic and male dominated. Muslim, Judaism, Christianity and Satanism are all systems with MALE deities as the only ‘king’ involved. I notice that the more female respecting Catholicism with Mother Mary holding the power of ancient pagan goddesses if not queens or chieftainesses is systematically being destroyed world wide along with the more covert and unnoticed destruction of non abusive Masonic or Rosicrucian content such as artworks, architectures, as well as many structures around the planet meant to be an energy grid by the ancients.

Sounds like all around enslavement to me. Why arent TI’s being urged to become Hindu’s or practice Buddism or Tibetan meditation? Its VERY telling that Targeted Individuals are consistently pushed or tortured/brainwashed into believing or internalizing specific belief systems as such. Especially when that TI is FEMALE…so damn obvious what they are trying to do.
The one thing this system desires is that the Target have no freedom especially of Will.

As well as wanting to scar my face to ease harassment and becoming hateful as a holyman of America and its ‘evil’ population I was very shame based and weak of character and personality last night. This is the same state of mind as well as thought subject matter that has been occurring in the Harvard Sq area on Saturday’s for the past several weeks. Specifically Saturdays. I note also that on such days the general population in the area seems much more aggressive and party oriented on such evenings that I experience these states of mind and emotion. Last night the population was unusually aggressive concerning ‘partying’ and the harassment that the homeless received in squatting/sleeping areas was prominent whereas this is usually not the case and its mostly a peaceful atmosphere.

I now believe that mass mind control as well as specific targeting of populations for specific reasons has been going on for a long time. Buy when its time to buy for Xmas, ease the pressure and make a merry or jovial mood for holidays (when many TI’s feel the most relief outside of any circumstances that would block technologies such as lack of towers or buildings) and get people going when its time to party (and spend money of course). Its strange that TI’s are very sensitive to the changes that seem to affect large groups of people locally in their area, due to those changes affecting them as well.
Its quite obvious that this area especially Boston not so much Cambridge, has been targeted with remote influence technology to create an environment so pressured and so mentally/emotionally painful that one would need to be wealthy or at least very gainfully employed to achieve a state of what humans perceive as ‘happiness’. This would explain why going outside city parameters on the red line say, to JFK Umass seems to drop this effect. If one goes out to the ‘ghetto’ such as Ashmont train stop much remote influence that causes anxiety and other horrors in the human consciousness of individuals within Boston city limits is no longer present.
Boston is absolutely horrible as far as remote influence goes. Cambridge varies by location and Harvard Sq seems safest for many TI’s. However Central Sq is a place of heavy human forces, in person harassment and stalking as well as what seems like an effect that agitates some TI’s causing aggression and behavior that appears crazy or acting out. Once one is out of this area these affects subside. Its likely one must look at the presence of MIT with its various govt grants and military contracts as well as a live nuclear reactor , to understand why such a saturation of anti terror might be in place. And anti terror ANYTHING is used against TI’s readily it seems even when they do not pose a threat .
One can actually feel the change in remote influence upon entering the border between Cambridge and Boston. Right at the entrance to MIT, the building with the large pillars at its entrance that houses the long hallway just past this is where the change can be felt. Right in between this building and the beginning of the bridge over the Charles River into Boston. Upon entering Boston one can feel a change in mental and emotional states.
Cambridge seems to provide a happy sanctuary affect but the downside of this is much interference with getting anything done and some mind fog or jamming. Emotionally Harvard Sq is a sanctuary mentally it’s a bit dulling and suppresses the Will a bit. Entering Boston one has full Will and a much more clear and true state of emotions. However, this turns nasty if one stays too long especially in Kenmore Sq near Fenway Park. The effect becomes that one’s emotions are inflamed and manipulated to create torture, pain and sorrow that might even induce suicide. I notice that any pain and suffering from past experiences are amplified and continued as if the pain were being used against me as a weapon. The Kenmore Sq area has in past years been the setting of severe torture and abuse by not only the human forces stalking and harassment end of this but very severe pain and suffering due to remote influence technologies. I do NOT experience this in Cambridge. Boston seems to be much more violent and hateful of me as a Target whereas Cambridge seems to want to suppress and brainwash moreso to get me to conform or other effects.
I have entered the Newbury St/ Boylston St area with nice hotels and eating establishments going towards downtown right next to Copley Sq. Not only was police harassment then a part of the gang stalking down there (the police have not been active MUCH the last time I returned nor this trip in an overt manner) but generally the impression I got was that I was NOT welcome there and was going to be driven out and kept out of that area. This may also have to do with the other situations outside of being an intergenerational experimentee and Survivor of programming, more connected to my old associates and their criminal enterprises where a lot of wealthy men are at risk of being implicated.
However the one time I did enter that area and fought through the front lines of the harassment I noted that some one in this area took note of my condition as it has obviously degenerated after years of abuse- and I gained relief in my overall campaign of gang stalking in the entire metro area. It seems the the police are well as civilian (appearing as) looking stalking harassers seek to keep a TI out of certain areas solely to suppress the situation. As if when one does get seen and observed some other faction sees how bad its gotten and eases the program.
This may also be why in Kenmore in the past during the more severe harassment and torture under Bush, my exhibiting signs of BEING tortured by either body language or facial expression twisted and in pain, paralyzed and such, was being monitored and then after such an instance the torture would lessen considerably. One monitor seemed to be an ambulance (frequent around the Kenmore area in my campaign for years now for some reason) and a foreign black older female in a civilian vehicle.
So one of their main concerns is not really the TI nor do I believe the TI’s well being, its not getting caught or detected. Which is typical of this system as exposure is all they seem to fear. LEGITIMATE exposure by official means.
That was my experience last night. I am also being shown visions which are suggestions to travel again and move on without any regard for my present medical conditions which are potentially life threatening and very serious. I cant take antibiotics or even over the counter medications due to the induced allergic reactions from going into anaphylaxis from being given Bactrim one year ago next month. I have insurance in this state. I need to see doctors. I also still have a tooth that when it acts up the pain and heat in my upper jaw goes up my face which is dangerous as it may be a cavitation which can lead to heart damage or brain damage.
SO I am readily being kept from getting medical attention. I have been here for months and am still unable to make appointments which is not only due to the present gang stalking campaign that is active now but the psychological damage from prior conditioning in years past. I was so terrorized by medical personnel and institutions that I now find it difficult if not impossible to seek out doctors due to fear of being abused and terrorized again or worse- passive gang stalking which is simply negligence or not doing your job to the best of your ability. Blowing the patient off basically and that is LESS able to be proven that outright harassment or mistreatment. Its also a much more dangerous blow to morale as its done rather peacefully so sneaks under the radar of the persons’ defenses and leaves them feeling helpless to get anything done.
I would also like to get a lawyer to see if anything can be done not only concerning the Bactrim incident which obviously has done permanent damage but also for anything connected to this campaign that can be addressed. There are plenty of instances of misconduct, law breaking etc that can be addressed without even connecting it to an overall and ongoing campaign of harassment.
I notice I cant get that done either conveniently. Its just like when I tried to get my case together to sue OLNICK. I had to leave this area and go to VT to escape what seems to be the ability of this system to severely and selectively suppress the human Will to turn thought into action as well as control memory loss or memory recall.


  1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qGHe7rdq0Ds

    Taos Hum. So many different explanations, yet nobody seems to be able to pinpoint exactly what it is. It's just something they "feel" and disturbs them.

  2. You know why Buddhism would never fly in this System? One of their philosophies/teachings is where they stress the individual should believe nothing, until it agrees with one's common sense and experience. Also, there is the big thing about self-awareness, and overcoming poverty and old age. These are the very things the System is trying to exaggerate and create. The system wants people to age before their time and be dirt poor, unless they agree to their corrupt philosophies, and turn a blind eye to everything bad going on in the world. The founder of Buddhism saw this bad in his day, how various bad things going on were being shunned or ignored, and he didn't want that. He wanted to solve those things, not shove them under the rug. That's why he gave up his throne: because he didn't like the suffering of the common people that he wasn't supposed to see, because his dad and the other rulers tried to shield those from him.

  3. So that's why targets get pushed into a "safe" religion like Christianity: they don't really teach you to question authority and everything you hear/read like Buddhism does. Rather, Judaism teaches the population to be obedient to the all-knowing, invisible Deity who knows exactly what you're up to. I'd say it's OK to go into Judaism/Christianity, as long as you are able to judge and question effectively the teachings/philosophies. Same with the other religions.

  4. It seems you need to read this if you haven't already.


    Doctors lawyers....gooooooood luck. There are your gatekeepers right there.

  5. Great article. I've had the tooth problem too. I have found that activating the thymus gland by rubbing it and using visuals and emotions will help strengthen immunity and healing abilities. Find ways to strenthen your aura,and integrate your mind and body daily. Ask your guides, ancestors of good will, etc. for help too. This is a 24-7 war, but the same reasons that target people, are because you have the consciousness and abilities to free yourself and control your own energy matric,which ultimately affects others too. Keep the faith.