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Thursday, April 30, 2009

Why I dont disclose all information

You have to understand that in my case for alot of people involved this is a game. They are either programmed family members who are supposed to harm thier own children (and they probably dont even think about why..well actulaly when asked one time this particular family member, who I when I asked her if her God would approve of what she was doing to her child or harming her own child [by helping to torture and destroy] she stated that that is something she would be forgiven for. After years of research I have found this is a typical response from a cult minded person. Its a 'text book' answer.) or they are severely f*cked up people around you who have taken full advantage of the ax coming down and are more than happy to see the results.

If I disclose what has happened fully too many of these idiots will get thier sh*t off by savoring the story as well as taking credit for everything that has happened. After people see how severe it has been,
all the people who helped pull this off are going to smile and thier smiles will only get bigger as its revealed just how destructive this all was.
Becuz it
1) gives them a sense of power
2) makes them appear dangerous
3) gives them street cred

whatever you can think of.

That is why it must always be clear that this is about something most likely intergenerational as well as a connection to my mother being a human radiation experimentee at the infamous Naval hospital connected to MK Ultra..not some rich assh*les from Boston and elsewhere.

But all the people who played a part are more than happy to take the crown for being sooo evil and such.

If I was not targeted to begin with, all these people would never have been allowed to do anything to me..not in the sheer group effort it was done in.

In the end they are to be portrayed as the cowards that they are...taking advantage of a situation and a vulnerable person.

The problem with these sorts of people is that they like to feel murderous and bad ass in thier own minds or with the protection of others.

Typically they are super dependant on either hiding thier assh*ledom and also on some outside form of support-financial or otherwise.

Becuz they are essentially 'leashed' they need to exploit someone, like me for instance, that can be viewed as say the same way as a video game. I am not real to them and I dont matter when the game is done.

Use this to your advantage--you'll know how.

However, you have to not internalize
1) what 'people' think (becuz the people dont know what the hell is going on fully)
2) and not internalize what the enemy is going to do or feel or think once you do something YOU need to do on your end, like put out information.

These types of people feel that they have won just by being privy to these proceedings. Just by feeling that you have been singled out.

Remember, their judgement system means little due to the fact that they even are knowingly in on something like this. If they were truly into focused (and I mean like a laser beam that kills with pure energy) then they would be living as gods--being happy and healthy and creative. Being their own masters.

The only perps I really respect are the sadists. At least they are living the forbidden dream and being their own gods. The sheep piss me off more than any other faction in this game. The really sick ones are focused...I said I respect their drives..I dont agree with them. The beauty of such a person is that rarely do we find true sadists who operate with sophistication and artfulness. We find some cheap sick f*cks in on a murder who smirk about it alot. Cheap and tacky.

The great thing about the true sadist is that he is so sick he is usually able to be spotted by someone perceptive. S/He stands out to those that see. And they are few and far between.

Your average shmo in on this would rat on his conspiritors in a second (thus his nature to be in on these things to begin with) or die within a week of being targeted himself. These types are part of the general public who have watched too many episodes of survivor. They are tasteless and a hopeless part of the hive mentality..and the 'artists' make good use of them readily.

And as we know, perps are just for hire whores or cult mind controlled. (But much worse than sex workers, who, if I am correct, provide you with something you called for that is pleasurable opposed to forcing you into something that is basically murder). I use the term 'whore' to mean for sale..and I need not offend sex workers everywhere. Unless you are also a perp somehow..then you are no better than the idiot out of jail trying to get a reduced sentence. STUPID.)

Remember your story is yours. Dont let the perps have it. Copyright it. Some mercenary jerk somewhere is probably just waiting to steal it.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

There is pressure on me to kind of shut up and go along with the harassment. Of course, everybody I come into contact with daily knows what I post here and on other sites. They can't all be perps. It goes to show you how many are going along with this. I find that if I start showing up somewhere "new" regularly enough, my once peaceful atmosphere is now invaded with all kinds of insane conversation that mirrors my harassment in other places. And of course, there is the usual very ludicrous cutting-me-down visual harassment with unfavored gangstalkers.

It's amazing that you can work so hard for something as a TI, and find that they've decided "Uh uh, no, we can't let you have that", like THEY get to decide if you reap the benefits of your hard work. They are like collective gods... they can decide whether or not you can "have" something.

The whole operation is so seedy and scummy, IMO. There are laws put in place, which perps and gangstalkers regularly subvert or just plain don't care about.

I have a right to free speech, and I will exercise that right here and elsewhere. I find that I get harassed regularly for expressing my opinion here and other places. That in itself is a violation of my constitutional rights as an American citizen.

Also bear in mind that both we TI's and gangstalkers alike are being surveillanced by the mighty constitution subverting perps. It makes sense that in order to properly "harass" a TI, the gangsalkers harassing and gathering info from a TI need to be surveillanced and monitored remotely by the perps.

Maybe I'm wrong for not going after them hard enough. But my perps sometimes are fair to me, so that keeps me from going after them like I should.