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Monday, April 20, 2009

Viewing the TI as an idiot or incompetent may be a foothold for perp influence of the public

You have to understand that your average person is stuck in a certain mentality.

Not everyone has an artistic nature or is eccentric or avante guard. These sorts of people cannot figure out why other people are incompetent or seem 'stupid' to them.

Its becuz they exist in the very reality that is daily validated by every ad, every article, every news report..the false generated environment in general.

These kinds of people are usually not artistic so from the get go there is not going to be any kind of understanding of you as a TI and especially if you are a survivor of programming.

These types cant figure out how someone like me for instance turns out to be very smart.

They have no talent or family line connection to the arts, the occult, or high intellectual pursuits. Their understanding of our world is very limited. To most of us THEY seem retarded not the other way around.

They can be ignored in our worlds..until they are put upon you within the context of gang stalking.

They are quite useful to the perpetrators who know damn well that you cant program stupid people. Most survivors of tbmc are highly intelligent as well as creative and can think in the abstract. However, Targets are usually at a great disadvantage somehow and whatever is the vulnerability then it will be exploited.
The public cannot understand why you fell into these traps or why you handle things the way you do. Often, these thick heads or 'normals' who judge solely by the cultures values and aren't smart enough to suspect or even see that there is info missing in the equation so therefore there is a mystery or question as to what is really transpiring.
They often make a quick judgment like you are an idiot, simply stupid or undereducated, underclass- whatever.

The problem with being a TI is that you cant really let anyone new get to know you and/or are often around people beneath your level, like the thick heads.
If you have a conversation with these people, eventually you will find that alot of what comes out of your mouth is way above their heads.
And if you encounter educated college types who think you are simply uneducated, there will be things about you that are above them in a way that colors outside the lines and therefore they wont want to see it anyway.
All these types of people are firmly in the system we live in and they like thier place in it. They see themselves as winners, and the system backs them up.

There is no accounting for taste jsut as there is no accounting for these people being the way they are. However, they are very useful to the oppressive system against a TI. If you do show high intelligence, they wont be able to keep up anyway or relate and they will simply go back to the negativity in your situation becuz its all they can understand.

They live in the box and don't see outside it.

I reacted to the ridiculous "think outside the box" and invented "there is no box"...becuz there really isnt. This is pure corporate loaded language brainwash. THEY invented it so THEY can have it.

The main thing you have to remember is to refuse thier reality. If you are a very abused TI then you realize that the system has asked too much of you and left you no choice but to act.

This is not a rebellion against social norms either, firstly becuz what happens to TI's isnt normal and secondly ANY reactionary attitudes only validates the power structure.

I dont even think that these types can fathom what is going on and if you tried to describe what was happening to you even in the simplest terms of psychology which is a socially acceptable subject, they would not be able to relate at all. To them, there is only 'the way life is' or 'this is the way things are'. Either that or they are of average intelligence and average life experience and will not be able to understand what you are going through. They jsut arent there.

Just the gang stalking level is not going to be understood unless workplace mobbing is familiar to them, forget about psy ops which even though its documented, to them it goes on elsewhere. And to try to explain programming of mind controlled slaves to anyone other than other survivors, artists, scientists or computer programmer types who deal with systems, the very CONCEPT I think is just not even able to be introduced. You HAVE to be able to think IN THE ABSTRACT and I now see alot of people cant.

This is why its so important to get the TI away from thier own kinds of people or thier friends and intimates. The people you will end up around are part of your slow demise. They will wear down your artistic ability and intellectual abilities becuz you now have no one to talk to or relate to. Just like a prison.
And it ads to your humiliation and the destruction of your self image becuz you are surrounded by people who only know part of the story that is negative and only see you as an idiot.

And people hate incompetence in thier world and thier lives so they may see you as a symptom of that just becuz you are presented that way.

Do not forget who is doing the presenting of you and a false image.

Also do not forget your true right to privacy. The people who are not connected to these affairs should stay unconnected to these affairs IN YOUR MIND. Disregard them totally as they have no value in any of what is really going on and see they dont even have enough information to make informed judgments as they do not even know about the presence of missing information.

They have no bearing on what is transpiring for Targeted Individuals unless one day they decide to do some serious homework about what really goes on in the world they live in, instead of just taking the prefab version from the producers of our culture.

Part of organized stalking is to get you to INTERNALIZE social norms and that includes the opinions or feelings of the public.
Why should you internalize something that has nothing to do with you? And also this is an attempt to force you to 'lose' all the missing information that they do not have.

For me I know that its hopeful I will 'know my place' ' accept my situation' and most likely assimilate to the norm as defined by society.
For me this would mean accepting all the crime against me as acceptable as well as accepting a lower intelligence than before the hardcore gang stalking campaigns as well as a different career path, an a different social and economic level opposed to what was desired or possible before.

This is surrender to the enemy plain and simple and in a way its the same thing as accepting an occupation by an enemy that has insisted it has already conquered the land.

That is only so if you let it be so.

AS LONG AS THEY HAVE TO USE COVERT MEANS TO GET OVERT RESULTS, AS LONG AS THEY INSIST ON STAYING HIDDEN, THEN YOU TOO CAN KEEP THEIR EFFECTS ON YOU HIDDEN AND BLACKED OUT. In other words use the same lack of understanding out there against the perps as they are trying to use on you.
They are so arrogant that they want a TI's overt responses and acknowledgment of what they aer doing as effective and real YET THEY EXECUTE THESE ACTIVITIES THROUGH CLANDESTINE OPERATIONS AND ACTIVITIES.

Use this arrogance. It is THIER vulnerability. Look around many people truly know what is happening to you. Alot but not most people. The perps want you to think everyone is in on this or that everyone knows your business or that you are targeted.

If that were the case then they WOULDN'T HAVE TO BE SO SNEAKY (duh).

So hide in the same framework they do but use this to ignore them, disregard them, disengage them, abuse them, confuse them, etc.

Think of the public spaces they use as an ocean. Think of the people as schools of fish that are disengaged from what is going on.
You are being hunted by a certain kind of animal, and YOU are a certain kind of animal. All else is background.

The perps have confusion themselves in proper perception. I had an incident where one turned to an older one and asked if I could really 'see' them. Anyone with an eye for investigation can see or street smarts. Unless this also was bs.
They seem very mind controlled and the way that they speak, look and often engage with one another tells me that they are themselves involved in something very cult like which seems to resemble a dysfunctional family set up.

Play with this as often as you can and read up on cult mind control.

The public, unless they are of use to you as diversion or cover, have no part in what goes on until the day these activities are readily acknowledged by authorities publicly.

The perps will have you believe that THEY own the hearts and minds of the public. Well, only a very dis informed public could it be.
Remember that.


Medawar said...

It evidently is possible to get mentally-handicapped youths and adults to take part in stalking, though.

The anti-concorde campaigner, Richard Wiggs, used to work as a teacher of mentally-handicapped and disruptive pupils, and actually manage to win praise for "involving them in political campaigns when no-one else would have done." Well, yes, other people would have recognized how sick it was to impose their politically ideas on people so damaged that anything their teacher said would be true...

Wiggs had some clever tricks for getting the mentally handicapped to perform tasks in general, which made him look a better teacher than perhaps he was, and he used these to get them to follow his victims about and generally cause problems for them. If you call the police because you're being "harassed" by a mentally-handicapped person, of course, the police think you're bullying them, or are irrationally frightened because they are handicapped; the police believe anything except that a cunning old bastard has managed to adjust the mentally-handicapped person's repetitive behaviour until it's focused on the victim and makes their life hell.

Wiggs died a few years ago, but he passed his techniques on. The two main ALF leaders in Bedford help run a very worthy charity that organizes sports for the mentally handicapped. Sports such as constantly following ALF targets about, pouring ant-killer through the letterbox, and so on.

It is fairly hard to get a mentally handicapped person to do this, but once they've mastered it, they will not readily stop, even if confronted and arrested, they will return immediately to the repetitive behaviour upon release.

You may not be able to programme a stupid person, but if you understand the handicaps, you can programme a handicapped person, to enormously destructive effect.

If this isn't happening in the USA, thank your lucky stars for the moment, and be warned that it probably will happen, when you perps develop the skills and patience needed to manipulate handicapped persons.

Anonymous said...

So what is it about perps that they don't want me composing music or doing anything artistic? Why do they want me to just go along with the flow and just 'live a normal life' like they've been trying to get you to do? I think it's a power thing, getting this sense of accomplishment over keeping down the victim.