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Friday, April 3, 2009

reply to last ASHES 08 comment...

If I were you I would try to get into something that was like a Faraday cage. Concrete, steel and metal roofing.
Basement level or 2 levels below street level.
Near a body of water, or open space.
No cell phone reception or in a part of the country with the least amount of towers.
Home entries may be a problem for people living alone, others living with you may turn at any time.

Never invite another TI to your residence unless you know them really well before this all happened to you or some other reason you may have to trust them. If they have any sense at all they will not trust you either. I lost a finger becuz I trusted another alleged TI who turned out to be a psycho who was working with police to get a reduced sentence. A multiple felon who was posing as a Christian woman with no record..thats not what her files say.

We are isolated from what is going on as Targets. Unless you have access to peoples criminal backrounds and/or trusted insider info into who you are really dealing with, then trust no one to be who they say they are.

These are some pretty vicsous criminals we are dealing with here. The people involved in organized stalking I have met have turned out to be very dangerous people. Violence is nothing to a number of individuals involved in these operations. Criminals, police, military and other types are all on the list of possible people involved.
Criminals lie.
There are a great number of con artists involved. People who are good at lying.
Organized stalking and harassment is violent. It is simply covert that's all.

Can you imagine the money involved in a black budget funded operation? Just research the rogue agents connected to Ollie North...go deeper and you will see there are skilled people who are using thier skills for private..uh, 'consulting'.
All the type of people I mentioned above work within a system and they have special trianing. Imagine if they utilized thier training outside that system.

Also if its also about human experimentation..can you then imagine how much money is involved in this as a market? How much its worth to sell humans covertly into experimentation? Or what if its military experimentees or other old govt projects like MK Ultra? What is they had to sell people off to private companies like surplus? Or what if now its privatized, like all those mercenary companies that did actual warring. fighting and clandestine ops for the military/govt over in Iraq (without accountability of course).

What ever is going on its extremely nasty and the people involved seem to use humans as slaves. I have learned to hard way that these are potentially dangerous people..very dangerous. I, personally dont care if I live or die so I often throw caution to the wind or am too out of it or tired to see straight. But there are things I have learned as rule of thumb and that is one of them..that people are in this for some high stakes money, favors, grants and thrills. To enslave a human being in such an era or political correctness and JUST SAY NO to everything/go to jail for everything/if you dont conform you will be medicated is an ultimate thrill for people right now. Its the norm with this group anyway but now its become a polished operation.
Also you have alot of whack jobs who believe they are doing the right things to either create a new order or settle conflicts bloodlessly.

Please read The Way of the WASP. World peace is going to suck if everything is non threatning and boring.
There are many people in acedamia who dislike passion, emotion and being human. They are dangerous control freaks who believe that they know best for every one on earth. Most people will go along with these changes, they will either go along with what is put before them, or it will be done over generations so that you 'train' humans DNA to be the way you want it to..kind of like the reason white people suck so hard often is becuz of all that terror in the memory from the middle ages of burnings and such to rid humanity of paganism. Its something you have to unlearn or break out of and alot of people are still bowing to the f*cking king or whoever..certain european peoples actually think of life still in terms of the king, the noble the serf the peasant. They think in heirarchy..they have been trained by oppression over thousands of years time.

The tech and the chemicals out there now are things we cant so easily fight. We cant secretly pass on meaning or traditions anymore privately.

It feels like Mass mind control. I will love to see exactly where this goes becuz it doesnt look like anyone is going to stop it.

It seems like destroying ALL native cultures is very important.

If you want to continue to rebel and exist and fight DONT let people destroy you and in the TI community there are so many dangerous dont want to know. And they are not just dangerous like criminals or perps..there are other things going on.

Stay safe.


Anonymous said...

I think this whole TI business is pretty much MK Ultra and Cointelpro, but a greatly expanded version that is used to keep both the population under control as well as study what is necessary to get certain "rebellious" types (us TI's) under their control. Like, what makes us rebel against the system? That is what they are studying with us (my opinion).

So the goal is to conduct a huge MK Ultra experiment, using a mind-controlled population as 'operatives', to aid the 'researchers' (the perps running this thing) with their experimentation. If they succeed in finally getting the target under their control, or eliminating the target altogether, that is yet another 'bonus' for them in their quest for world domination. They can then have more power available to control other experimentees. Then there are just too many people for the target to fight.

That's why I've always prided myself on being a non-conformist. I always rebelled against the crowd mentality, like in high school, to conform to the 'lofty' standards of the population. That is just a microcosm of what is going on; it's just carried out in the entire world population.

Anonymous said...

That whole story about the Barrios reminds me of the way things used to be. I'm sure a lot of us have been TI's for longer than we realized, but the song 'Lean on Me' was just on, and I was thinking about what a great message it had. You know, Bill Withers came from a poor neighborhood, and the song was about how although the guys in the 'hood never had much, they still had each other to lean on. Back then, before the perps had their stronghold on the world and the chaotic events unfolding (such as the plethora of shooting massacres/rampages), you had communities and neighbors that actually cared. Shit, just having relatives that wouldn't sell you out was a luxury you took for granted. Now, I get treated like a suspicious person who is a danger to society, like I'm going to go after someone or whatever. And certain relatives are just like any other sad gangstalking shmucks that could care less about me, as long as they get their harassment skits in.