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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My mind as it has been lately

I was the sort of TI in the beginning who did NOT want to deal with the reality of technologies and implants. I thought is sounded too crazy and probably didnt understand the full impact of it on being a targeted individual.

During the Bush administration the gang stalking actually became a sort of battle that I got somewhat good at. Thus I gave up who I was in order to survive and adapt.

THEN they changed to rules when OBAMA came in..we are all grateful that the totally overt and insane gang stalking has subsided but its a mindf*ck when you now have a way to ace them by becoming good at battle with them..then this part of the war stops- and they change the rules.

It is supposed to be a mindf*ck I assume becuz you are altered which is what they probably wanted. WHY? Becuz now it is easier to try to brainwash you as a target.

And how is that being done? Well, still through some gang stalking but the tech seems to be either increased to alter and brainwash and coerce into modification or else a target at this point has become brain damaged, the brain chemistry altered and may be more suggestable..perhaps a combination of the two.

A worn down damaged TI with some new way of manipulating them.

It doesnt seem that the tech is about getting me to go postal anymore, or to slice my wrists in a hotel room somwhere. The suggestion and ideation is VERY geared towards conformity and puritanism now.

And I have said before it seems that different regions want for you different things (outcomes). In NM recently it was a constant badgering (along with constant gang stalking) to conform and disappear into the society around me.
In Boston it was constant badgering to become a nurse and get a husband.

In Tucson AZ there was no ideations and suggestions but there was constant organized stalking to the point where I couldn't function anyway.(problem solved I assume).

In El Paso the suggestion is to go Christian and alot of me being out of place or needing to change and especially give up my writing.

But as I wrote the last piece on that article on the military suicides there was a very clear idea that I was indeed begging for my life and trying to kiss up to the system to survive. That I was being manipulative and that it should not be paid attention to (by whoever).

There is also this insane Christain right or some other extremist suggestion that keeps coming up lately that I come from a pedophile family and so not only do I have alot to account for with my own life (that came up in South Carolina-that I have alot to pay for or account for), that I am inherntly dangerous due to my coming from this DNA. That I am just being manipulative and whatever I do and say that seems genuinely caring or 'good' in nature should be ignored.

Now this is not the only time I have gotten these 'impressions' or whatever you'd like to call them. I have heard this right TO MY FACE FROM ANOTHER HUMAN BEING WHO KNEW ABOUT THE HARASSMENT. She intimated, just once, something about another person we knew- that "he has alot of child molestation in his family". The effect of the way it was said was that all people who have 'that' in thier families deserve to be targeted, that its a valid reason. (this is brainwashing pure and get one to believe something like that.)

Also, I wont get into it, but there was an attempt that is very er, how should I put this..complicated, to get me over time to go into Brighton police station (around 2004 or so?) and admit I had done something like this. A false confession, and there was another person in the news who I and others suspect is programmed who made a false confession publically WITHIN THE SAME TIME FRAME.

This 'bad seed' nonsense is never going to work on me but it is psychological torture and its only purpose is to shut me up about various things--especially programming and mind control I assume.
Let me tell you why the system fears people who come from evil THAT CANT BE MANAGED becuz their nature comes out somehow more gentle than thier family or the perp in the family.

This is why they have to re comprimise you.

Also its part of the PR campaign to cover ass for the real criminals who can hide behind money and connections and a 'good' family.

My old landlady used to let this crazy infamous druggie around Allston-Brighton get away with way too much in the building I lived in (335 Washington St Brighton MA). Her excuse was that "well she comes from a 'good' family, she just got into the drugs and couldnt stop". Knowing what I know about Boston, MA, USA a 'good' family is a rich and/or political one and that is all the credentials that are needed. The kids can be f*ck ups as long as the family has cred.

This lets me know that if THAT can be used to get someone OFF the hook then it can conversely be used to off someone in a PR campaign. This is also its purpose I believe in my case.

Dangerous, from a bad family etc.

Now, if some extremists somewhere actually believe this then they have a perfect specimen to reform. Or it could just be all the set ups make the target believe this and then its easier to use suggestion on them as you behavior modify them for other reasons.

We are going to go deep and we are going to change you, that is the way it seems to be going.

The problem is that I didnt need this to 'change'.
I needed to not be harassed and I needed therapists to do thier jobs. I needed people to be honest with me.
I needed that psychologist from St E's to NOT tell me in her heavy Russian accent that I shouldnt go to a hypnotist becuz "..that would bring up much memory for you", and a week later tell me that her diagnoses of me was that I was "beautiful and lazy".
I should have went to the hypnotist but I was too harassed to do ANYTHING.
I needed support. Not a frame up.

So therefore I will never BE altered the way the system would like by this sort of action. WHY? Becuz it is an untruth. It was wrong to begin with.

Thier system is in ERROR from the start. That cannot be allowed to flourish into anything. It is of the utmost importance that the truth be shown..things as they really are.

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