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Monday, April 13, 2009

Triple X- XXX..A movie review

I saw this one a while ago but it's on my list of relevant movies.

The scene where they set him up in the diner to test's all a set up. And he can see right through it, too.

And the mention of the existence of secret websites pleased me very much as well.

So today's modern James Bond is a rat. An informant who is too much of a p*ssy to do jail time, so he works for The Man who of course uses him like a slave the whole time by putting his life in jeopardy and changing the rules all the time. In the end he makes friends with his new employer and like typical modern Hollycrap, it ends up with them being one happy family and everyone is well off in the end.

The rebel must be absorbed into the system to serve the system is what this movie is really saying to the veiwer.
And for alot of us parts of this movie are very relevant.

And the worst part is probably how gross Miss Silicone is doing her best to show she does Pilates while snaking her way up a bed post ..another typical '4' trying to be a '10'...plastic parts included.
Out of all the gore movies and horror I have viewed, watching her was the worst as well as the idea he was going to stick it to her. If that were real life the look on his face would be one of horror while he says "the things I do for my country"..but maybe I am not a guy and to them, any invite is acceptable.

The group who is trying to destroy the world does have some gang stalker potential...turning everyone against each other becuz no one knows who is doing what.

The best part and really the only remnance of what good villans used to be about, is when the head of the group who is Russian talks about his plans to set off some fireworks. He stands there and imagines the world after a huge world war and says "So quiet..". Probably the highlight of the movie, that and the cool castle they live in. Oh, and the tall, built Russian who's the blonde right hand man. That was nice.

The Russian double agent was OK but as usual in Hollycrapland no female who is highly intelligent and attractive can also be athletic. Imatiated (non threatening) as usual.
Heriones? Save leathe for class acts and works of art like both Hepurns. Get Lucy Lawlessness for the bad asses please. Oh that's right, no more living artworks or class acts nowadays. Only fakes.
Like this excuse for a spy film.
However, it is valuable for TI's so watch it.


Anonymous said...

So this is why we have to put with all of this bullshit? Because some people are too scared to serve a proper jail sentence?

Rachael O. said...

Without that being related to my movie review, in real life, especially mine...that is an absolute YES, undeniably.

In relation to the movie review, its an irrelevant comment. The movie simply holds similarities to alot of what TI's go thru especially with experimentation and being tested, then approached to take a mysterious 'job'. Did I never mention that I was approached in AZ early on after I was perped by these two young men, and after traumatizing me (trauma then suggestion a.k.a coercion) one of them said "I can make it stop Rachael" and told me about a job that paid well and one would travel every few weeks. I ignored it and now it's obvious it's perp work or something else..either way getting forced into any kind of work with a cult mind controlled group is no way to live.
Some of us have more backbone (freedom fighter qualities) than XXX I guess. Yes, the modern Hollycrap American hero is owned..after being pawned of course.
And yes, in ref to real life gang stalking- numerous people who are criminals gain protection by selling out a TI. Believe it.