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Monday, April 6, 2009

abusive behavior modification camps/ PTSD and behavior mod/

"...advertising is designed to attract maladjusted boys with mental or emotional problems, who need detention and control in connection with their education and training; that they will take 'failing students in a fantasy world,' or who are 'adversely influenced by drugs,' boys with 'brain damage,' with 'schizophrenia symptoms.' ....."
What is interesting about this is the 'failing students in a fantasy world'.. Maybe just send them to art schoool instead. Brain damage huh? Nice.

Behavior modification in children with PTSD:

So plainly if they do this type of thing to someone who is already a trauma victim without consideration of thier condition or thier past then its got some other value. Like conformity or victim witness silencing.

The Tavistock institute had a theory that if you traumatize a shell shocked soldier enough (PTSD) that re traumatization will cure his PTSD.
This is perfect to silence a trauma victim.
All they are doing is what is done to create conformity.

Unfortunately if it is done on someone who is not a teen and not young and healthy it just ruins the persons life.

Great for controlling people who have been abused, sold out, f*cked over and used so that you have a permanent control over the person.

You have however ruined thier mind and thier life. If you can beat them down enough you might be able to convince them that they deserved it and it was to keep them in line or some other such bs.

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