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Saturday, April 11, 2009

More on TI tv..the possible abuse of video survaillence in our society

I was told by a jerk in a hospital in San Francisco that a video tape of me being set up and harassed at MGH in Boston was sold to someone for money.

I notice that theatres do happen when you are facing a surveillance camera.

Society is intimidated by these things and they are making everyone self counsous and its psychologically unhealthy. We feel 'watched' and pre judged of wrong doing. It is social control.

As all TI's have seen the people in security companies are some of the most annoying perps out there when in action. They do not have the training and stealth of real cops and have alot of petty small time ways about the way they harass. Unlike cops they dont seem as militant, dangerous or strategic..however, they have a damn fake badge and an attitude problem. Some slight authority.
These grey area people are some of the worst people you're going to have to deal with through this. They are so disgusting that they might actually let on that you are a TI or be confrontational about it WHILE covertly abusing authority given to them.

The ultimate wanna be wimp in a position to hurt someone and not have to be accountable. Absolute nightmares. I doubt if they are held in any kind of the accountability as an internal affairs dept would have at your local police force.
People know cops are potential deadly weapons, but security people get some of the same respect without the accountability.
They deserve no respect at all. When it comes to organized stalking these people provide back bone to civilians doing theatres or they provide an environment of intimidation for whatever reason necessary during said theatre. They are also the perfect diversion during a theatre.
Lets say, that during any action that involves civilians that may be questioned or fought against readily, they are the ones that hold everyone down so they can be abused..mentally and emotionally that is thier function.
Also they can harass in a public place usually a store or a mall complex. This will depend on the region, the company they work for, the company they are protecting etc.
Cops are going to be alot more questioned as to why they are there and what the hell are they doing there.
Also, as far as I know police have to account for thier whereabouts moment to moment when interacting with the public during thier shift.

Getting gang stalked by police is far more damaging and traumatic..however its more overt warfare due to thier style being more militant, professional and well..violent. You can plainly see what they are up to and they certainly dont need help from civilians. The car itself provides intimidation.

So, what of the people BEHIND the cameras. Always remember that there is often a live human being behind those cameras..or someone may view the footage at some point.

If Targets are being abused with perps using public spaces, then the logical asumption, adding what one knows about corrupt security employees--this may just be what is reffered to as "TI television". Either the vid gets sold like I was told, or I am wondering about the capacity to hack into security cameras or systems to view content either live or recorded. OR a corrupt employee could copy, download and sent the footage out via thier own personal tech.

There are laws that could be made about privacy with everything from the internet to camera phones. People are purposely avioding the subject in order to have this atmosphere of paranoia, spying (money making) and informing as well as I am sure for profit/exclusive entertainment.

This is not a theory based on paranioa. Take all I just proposed and add to it the existence of secret websites etc. All this means is that you need special access to know it exists and see its contents.

I wondered this today after another person had an obvious tactic pulled on her in the public library where they dont really mess with me for some reason. However, I wonder if it was to see how I react to another person being targeted. I saw the targeted woman react like an ametuer and I felt bad for her. I waited until it settled down and mentioned something so staff and the obsessive security guard could here me. I mentioned stalking. I mentioned the correct way to handle the situation...I did not look at them. So all the cameras see is me mumbling something directed...well, nowhere.
(Also, do to them what they do to us- if ever they ask you what you just said or react directly, be a perp and play stupid, dead or lie. ONLY if you think the situation warrants this. After I looked at the camera set up and I noted that I was right in the line of vision and so was she further back. Once again it was also before a shift change [something that perps seem to do at this library]
So also, be aware of where the cameras are, where staff is and also when is thier shift and when does it end. Often another counter tactic is to leave when perp is on shift and return when shift change. This upsets everything and takes away the establishements and possibly spying security peoples sense of control. )

If someone is funding your harassment and they are wealthy and connected I highly suspect that security people, who have taken no oath to serve and protect and have no internal affiars dept, will abuse that authority in no time. Probably out of fear or out of greed. Pick one or both.

If you know about security systems or the tech attached please email me or comment. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

Nobody really tells me much about my situation. I did have a couple tell me they were pissed off that I wasn't feeling a sense of doom and gloom from my situation. Like, I'm supposed to sit here and hang my head and feel like my time here on earth is limited and dreading every second of it. I'm not like that. All societies have this oppressive element, and I'm just making the best of what freedoms they do allow me. Something wrong with that? They apparently want me to be all downcast, depressed, suicidal, feeling like there's no way out. Apparently, it's pissing them off that their hard work is going for naught. I know that hate that.

I did have some email, presumably from a perp, that told me I was being targeted for revenge. But, like one TI pointed out, perps love to fill us with false ideas and presumptions as well as correct ones. Then it's up to us to sort out the correct from the false info. The email before it said my targeting was for 'safety'. Then two others said 'revenge'. I suspect that all perps are looking for 'revenge' 24/7 on TI's for resisting their efforts and not getting pissed off at them, or maybe just staying alive.

Anonymous said...

Typical perp behavior:

And when the victim finally gets on his feet, run and hide behind the safety of the 'door'. Hehe!