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Friday, April 17, 2009

A crypto satanist in the FBI? I utilize this part of the writing to illustrate

There is a such thing as ritual abuse yet the belief systems need not be strictly 'satanic'.

However, degrading such claims to 'obsessive compulsive disorder' is a joke and everyone knows it. Deprogramming from high level sophisticated programming is not as simple as "Did I leave the kettle on?" over and over or having to wash your hands a zillion times a day.

A perp in an NA meeting, one of 'the crowd' that was mentioned to me by a defector (a perp who drops you hints and could be working for some group who wants you alive or thinks the perp group is ridiculous) tried to intimate that me becoming interested in Tarot cards and all superstition for that matter, was OCD. Now we see why the Tarot and the following assesemnt of OCD was so focused on. Becuz somewhere they must have been trying to put a cork on my deprogramming. From there across the USA as I travelled there was a campaign of trying to suggest various diagnoses or reasons for the gang stalking. From this OCD beginning to other suggestions like the FBI following me to schizophrenia to depression to bi polar. Everything was sneakily suggested and always during heavy gang stalking (suggestions during trauma).

I had skimmed over Tarot years ago and I had this abuser in my life and took it on again with some new coping habits (daily doses of celeb mags) just to 'ignore' what was happening to my life.

I always wondered why there was such a focus on this and now I know why.
It is part of brainwashing. Since the attacks I have given up my hobbies of astrology and other things really out of being brainwashed into it. These were things I used to keep my mind busy and would have been replaced by school anyway as they were simply hobbies and also one grows.

Supporting religious freedom, as you see, is a tactic of the perps involved in trying to discredit survivors. (satanic panic). You have to focus on either the perps as cult members perhaps utilizing various imagery or focus on programming if that is an issue for the survivor.

This is why it's important what I said in the last post.
See how it is used?
What he is saying is true and would have not seemed like anything until he says all claims of ritual abuse are I see the red flag.

In terms of logic look at what he is doing. He is fully validating and even protecting someone one belief but then denying another person's belief...which is why it is useful for the a-holes to claim all RA claims are an attack on all Satanists. Dont fall for it.
They are depending on you getting freaked out by something dark murky and unknown so YOU STOP USING CRITICAL THINKING.

There are groups who deal with helping survivors of RA who dont make any claims to specifics of the perps belief systems or they have various groups dealing with different kinds of cults who utilize different imagery.
There are religions you have heard of involved and then there is programming that is so ancient and symbolic that it may be called whatever but its all from the ancient mystery schools of Egypt.

All in all we are dealing with PSYCHOLOGY and classical conditioning. This is what should be focused on. Rarely is something like OCD going to produce stalkers who have superior intel about your whole life and psy ops campaigns.

I am sure there are a good number of people who are crypto satanists but it depends on what 'satanism' means to you.
What this article should be saying is 'Is this prick brainwashed into protecting perpetrators?' or in general 'Who or what business is this person protecting?'

If you are torturing people, doing outrageous human experimentation, totally disregarding human rights, and abusing law enforcement and intel collection systems in order to help destroy someone that is crime..who cares about belief? And also, what the jerk above is doing is protecting info that is valuable to an intelligence dept or military opposed to a belief system.

It's interesting to think that if you proved the existence of ritual used with symbolism in a belief system to program someone, like a religion,
that then you used that person for operations pertaining to govt or intelligence
then is it a conflict of church and state?

I think that is what annoys most people about these issues. The perps want so much power. Ritual abuse is one thing. THEN to utilize the person for use,
then to 'retire' them from service with no more than some suicide programming. Then
if they dont die, torture them into forgetting or suicide.

Who exactly do you think you are.

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Anonymous said...

Good example of perp infiltration and power: I visited the local Radio Shack, and couldn't help but noticing the voice digital voice recorders, as well as the old-fashioned analog tape recorders, both micro and standard sizes, are not longer being carried there. Also, the Electronics Learning Lab, which I wanted to buy for my students, has been inexplicably dropped by the entire Radio Shack chain. Again, no explanation: it just disappeared from the corporate inventory as of January. No explanations anywhere. I emailed Radio Shack's customer service, and the reply I got was 'Gee, I can't find this item in the catalog'. Well honey, what I was asking you was, "Why was this item dropped?" I also noticed there were no digital cameras being sold at this store.

Again, those are just hobby project kits, but they had a breadboard area, as well as a lot of electronics components that made it great for college students as well as younger/older learners. The Sensor Lab disappeared from the inventory as well. I did notice two new Hannah Montana items, though. Ironically, I was asked by one perp about a year ago if I "liked Hannah Montana". I was like, well, I guess so. So maybe it was the ever so powerful perps trying to prank me and do some job sabotage as well. I can't believe the influence they have. Imagine a bunch of idiots thinking something like this is funny.

Here is this item that was dropped as of January:|66%3A2|65%3A12|39%3A1|240%3A1318|301%3A1|293%3A1|294%3A50