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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Had to leave Albuquerque back to elswhere, Christianity still being pushed

When I move up into the states again its all a strip mall look in all those cities. And the shelters of the SW are very into Christianity as social control within New Mexico and Tucson AZ.
The good thing about this is that if you can find a place that (claims) to not take govt monies there is less harassment if any at all.
The only problem usually is the population are either jail types who either know your story or are out to get something by messing with you. It is a negative population usually who are not out to do anything spectacular in life (like write or accomplish) but want to continue thier delusional trips concerning thier own life time psuedo bad assness within that demographic... jerk offs is what I mean and they are a pain in the ass. Petty criminals suck. They get in the way when dealing with the real a-holes of this world...I am sure the bigger people and cops know this and that is why this population is utilized readily.

Their lifestyle choice as well as thier incarcerations in a mind control enviroment (prison) makes them an already 'brain washed' population. Quite useful. If you can keep them feeding into that environment then they will never wake up.
The ones from prison seem almost beyond help as far as being conditioned.

This is why it is the goal of organized stalking and harassment to get the TI into prison or at least into the shelter system. There is a population that is utilized to further condition the victim as well as 'keep you down' with thier mentality and behavior.

Christianity and saintliness are being pushed very much so through feelings and ideations. It is simply a continuation of the direct (and obnoxious) interaction with real life gang stalking perps years ago. There was a whole little phase they went through where they seemed to intimate God was involved..maybe for them. But perhaps it was a psy ops or the militaries documented tech called 'the voice of God' that they are having interaction with.
I think they were full of sh*t actually and they are cult mind controlled organized stalkers with varying motives for thier actions..none of which are my concern.

It is only to serve to manage the TI. No one should force anyone into a religious choice . NEVER MAKE DECISIONS DUE TO LIVING UNDER DURESS.
This is part of the mechanics of brainwashing.

I am tolerant of Christians but I am an advocate of man's free Will and self governance in personal affairs. Especially due to the fact that I had a life plan for myself back in Brighton that consisted of me becoming a counselor and part time artist. That seems pretty balanced.

The main goal here is to make it appear that the Target was a horrible and screwed up person and is now reformed. I AM SURE THE REFORMATION WOULD BE ATTRIBUTED TO THIS SYSTEM of behavior modification BEING USED NOT TO THE INNER NATURE OF THE VICTIM/TARGET being responsible for any show of goodness or decency.

It is a con to sell whatever they are selling as far as behavior modification.

t has been said by a couple on Youtube, one of which is a high profile survivor that MK Ultra has connection with the system that is being used now for behavior modification and that system is being pushed as the future of reform of prisoners and mental patients.

And obviously The INCONVENIENT victim witnesses for instance.

This would seem a logical reason to have to make the TI seem horrible in the first place.

They dont want anyone knowing that its being abused or that its used on people who are already 'good' or had good intent with thier life plan. If cops are in the picture then you have a ready made clinically paraniod, jaded population with a limited scope and philosophy of life that says

"All people lie, criminals are strictly this way or that, the system knows best and people dont change"....true. Considering that most cops seem to behave the same way everywhere I have travelled, I can pretty much bet on that point of view and use it against the very people who seem to subscribe to it.

Problem is, what happens when that jaded attitude is used to frame someone who is NOT a career authorities themselves. Cops dont change and they are the criminals minds in these circumstances. And they take pay offs and protect people they feel more comfy with and who are 'like them' moreso...lifetime career criminals.

So is the cop of the future or the prison worker of the future going to simply help this system we are in to function? Are they testing this system on crooked cops to see if true life time career criminal minded people can be altered through behavior modification?

I am not naive. I understand that crime is not curable it must be managed. But the system has GONE TOO FAR with the tech capacity it now has. If the system wants to reform people that is one thing..a lofty goal of science and medical people. But let it into the hands of criminals and like minded individuals (cops, military etc) then there is a conflict for sure.

The system is extending business as usual via new tech. B*llshit.

We are talking about a world where a person wrongly 'imprisoned' cannot have his own mind, his own thoughts or his own feelings. We very likely talking about the results of MK Ultra being used to serve the systems ongoing and never ending corruption.

The arrogance has gone to far out of balance this time. They ask too much.

What are they making guarentees that it will only be used in special cases, like people who need reforming becuz they are programmed? That is not what is being said by people more knowledgeable than I if thier info is right.

Its being said that in the future if you are inconvenient, then you will be altered by this system even if it should be illegal.

The problem is that we are in a strang area right now.

Populations of the past like 'wavies ' , human experimentees, wrongly imprisoned inconvenient people if they can piece their cases together enough now have the ability to at least show example that such things are possible through tech.

One has only to put into the equation that more complex systems would be classified/hidden somehow and also that humans will abuse and misuse for thier own purposes (read a history book) to suggest that this is all possible.

The question is, like any criminal that has the best of you, its an arrogant "so watcha gonna do abowt it?"
Expose expose expose. Its no wonder that the perps hate exposure and they hate cameras and voice recorders.. They refer to a smart TI with gear as "this one is sneaky"...uh excuse me, who's life is being controlled here? (a-holes).
They are so cult mind controlled into the group mentality that they see nothing else. This human force as well as what seems like the abuse of tech is used on the victim..for behavior modification as well as supression of the person and any possible life plan they have.

This shows that what THEY are up to is sneaky. This also illustrates that exposure to a certain level is what is effective. At a higher level one would need to prove all of these claims and that is something they know caps off the problem. This is why they are not worried about any break in thier plans or about TI disclosure.

They arrogantly believe that the people will not stand up to them
the law makers will not face them
and that the system not only backs them but depends on them for its existence and survival.

The fact that all these people who are way worse than the TI get paid off and risen above thier circumstances shows that a judgement of crime or moral character have little to do with any decisions about who exactly needs modifying.

In Albuquerque there was the WORST ideations to date on giving up and personal well as to compare that to the social enivironment around the TI to get assimulation/conformity. Harassement into conforming into a social norm to manage an inconvenient victim witness.

Destruction of identity and personal values.

I have gone elsewhere and Christianity is being pushed. This is distressing but not so much as complete obliteration of the self.

There was something about Albuquerque NM that was very disturbing. It has a quality of averageness to it that seemed almost compulsory. Like it was law or something. As if everyone was making such an effort NOT to stand out against social norms, being from Boston to me this itself stood out as..well, odd.

There is something eerily 'average' about the manner of dress, of decor, of style of cars, of speech, of archetecture. I noticed the homeless people were dressed not to stand out, even the drunks. Everyone wore clothes that just did NOT stand out. The buildings all look like a massive strip mall everywhere you go.

It has to be one of the worst locations to get targeted in. It was awful. And I recall that was the bus station during my ealier travels where security people were actually sitting down with perps at a table. I think I have it on tape.
When I went to leave this one security guy was searching my stuff and started talking about pot, like it was supposed to mean something to me.

You know what means something to me? What this is really about? MK Ultra and the abuse of tech to protect criminals and frame people.
Its also the bus station where this bus load of blacks from Memphis Tenn finally got off and left me like nothing happened. That was the one where this one girl actually said to another person on the bus " You know that woman we was supposed to make feel bad or whatever? They say she aint got nothin and she's like 30 years old. I got me two babies and a house full o stuff". At that moment I had the attitude that if she is that 'ignant' about what truly matters in life, and this is the life she chooses, then she can have her 'stuff' for the 2 kids, well unfortunatley there are no laws against who can and cannot breed. Which there should be according to IQ tests and personality profiling. After what I have seen over the last few years.

Yes, she actually admitted that she is doing this on order and for hire.
That also tells me that they do not indeed know thier targets and they believe anything they are told, which of course they re iterate to make themselves feel better.

There are actually people who believe that the TI is being changed for the better or will come along way after years of this torture.
After what I have seen, the TI 'growing up' or 'coming a long way' is actually, in a sane persons perspective, being dumbed down, losing intelligence, and conforming due to being brainwashed over time.

The TI is simply brought down to THIER level...that is ALL.

Forgetfulness due to brain damage and torture does not equal an evolution of man or individual. It equals the neutralization of the target.

Do not ever 'forget' about what they have done to you. Though refuge is attractive it is also certain death for the Truth and Justice.


Anonymous said...

Like I said before, I did what "they" wanted me to and it didn't matter at all! I thought I could make it "stop" with conforming to a sort of conservative image. Bullshit. I even went back several years ago and took their "meds" and it didn't stop. I realized then there was nothing I could do to stop them. Becoming their puppet does not stop their shit.

Albequerque sounds like a hell. One big blah. Wonder if it will be the future of the stepford people? This place is a hell, too. Even the homeless seem conformist and wear clothes to blend in and are always on cell phones, blah blah blah. Only the worst off of the homeless look different. I think perps hire them and give some kind of pseudo "decency" so they can feel better than the targets they stalk.

Something is very sad about Blacks stalking...very sad. It's even worse when Jews "jew bait" targets seeing as they Holocaust was only a few decades ago.

If "growing up" means being beaten down, humiliated into silence, and terrified into conformity to what they "want" I don't want any part of it.

"Growing up" to them means replacing a smile with a smirk, a laugh with a hollow cackle and joy with gloating. Count me out.

Anonymous said...

very insightful and concise writing here. yes, that is what they are trying to do, bring us down, dumb us down under the guise that they are actually teaching us, lmfao. these morons buy into this shit.

and yeah, alot of these perps are really unbelievably stupid and lacking in any sort of individuality. Almost like some kind of soulless clone.
Even psychiatrists/psychologists sometimes seem to be under some kind of mind control or groupthink, they seem to lack individuality and integrity. Surely no Albert Ellis or Viktor Frankl.

Anonymous said...

I've heard that even MEDICAL DOCTORS are perceived as "dumb pill pushers" now that have very little insight into the human body and how it works and just exist to support the system and play a role. Whether or not you get real care or just playacting depends if you are a target or not. My last "checkup" was a joke. Also, the last time I was sick all the drama involved in getting antibiotics was a horror. It was scary. Guess that ti's have to take the best care possible of themselves.