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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

TI website review- Titled: Your Only Hope

The author contacted me and I wanted to give it a mention. I believe its important we support all other TI's work who seem credible while still adhering to individualism.
First let me say its a website promoting the study of scripture as your only hope. For those of you who find this useful then utilize this resource.

However, personally I have never been a big fan of anything outside my experience and study of the years..and of course my programming. Its a personal choice.

The website does however make an otherwise sensible approach to the reality of organized stalking. That it is not mental illness etc and the site is graphically done nicely.

But for those of you who are into deep research about this subject it may serve as a false resting place, a place to settle down and stop fighting. If that is your choice I am all for Free Will.

But for those of us who are perplexed as to why there seems to be a link to all this bs to everyone from satanism in the military (Aquino) all the way over to the Christian right especially the materialist money obsessed types, to organized gangs into drug running to some of the nastiest pedophiles and programmers and even the constant mention of intelligence agencies, its going to be pretty much useless for a clean mindset for research which utilizes logic to get answers.

It may even get in the way and become a diversion to research.

I cant myself go this direction. I have too many years of reading books. I know that the bible is not only altered from the get go by scriptures being left out, but that then one must consider the difference between the old testament and the new testament...then one must get into the differences between Judeo and Christian as well as the time frames and especially the politics around the creation of Christianity as a religion. I am especially offended by the absorbtion of Indo European paganism into most regional Christianity thus destroying Indo European cultrue over thousands of years time, and I always have been and always will be.
Then one must consider King James's true motives for alteration of the text.

The bible is a book with much common sense information in it and useful information. However, it is to me, just another book to be used as a resource. There is nothing especially pure about it or singular. What, other religious books are all invalid?

There is record of Seth's people making chaos in the temples of ancient Egypt and then being cursed for it. There has always been people of this nature and they are part of the world we live in.

Human sacrifice is an ancient part of every culture. People arent going to stop trying to rob other people of thier lives or thier energy. Theivery and greed are part of human nature. Some people tend towards caring for other humans or 'good' and other people are innately evil.

There will always be these wars.

The thing we need to watch out for is the idea that world peace can be achieved by interferring in mans very privacy
of his mind thoughts and his life. To alter people to make them more peacable or conformist when all the while the true criminals or offenders are at the controls of rthe re education machine.

You are asking for world enslavement of mankind but its disgusting becuz as you see nowadays its all under the guise of political correctness and a false value system. People arent using critical thinking anymore and if they do they are ignored.

We just elected a president based on trauma based mind control. The Bush administartion was such a horror show that we were all beaten and left for dead.

What is our only chance is to fight for our rights and face the machine that IS the military industrial complex. Ignore the religous affiliations and all thier other diversions and smoke/mirrors games.

All that matters is the understanding that this technolgy exists and it is used to destroy human beings usually without thier knowledge or a decloration of war.

It is used by corrupt powerful people in the system (if cops are gang stalking you, your into this area already so face up) to alter people who are inconvenient to the agenda.
If you make claim to your situation being real, even if only at the stalking and harassment level, you are threatened in a sneaky manipulative way with a label, arrogantly as an offer of peaceful surrender to the enemy.

There needs to be acknowledgment of these technologies as well as the reality of psychological warfare. There needs to be recourse for Targets, even if its a grey area to begin with. There needs to be the acceptance that humans are sold out and use for experimentation. That to powerful people that underlings dont matter.

I do not fear satanists. Firstly there are such a variety of them that saying that all ritual abuse or bad things that happen in the world are due to satanists is incorrect and unfair. You would have to be versed in occult study for years looking at many different kinds of beliefs to be truly fair and impartial.

Forget beleif systems. These are things humans gather under in order to get things done or create social groups.

Money, greed, business, domination, jealousy, insecurity and sadism as well as ignorance and low intelligence are things you should keep in mind when dealing with organized stalking; from the planners to the dupes at the lowest levels.

These are practical issues that is all. Dont get too excited about human beings destroying people to get thier own way..its pretty much standard through the ages. And you've got some real idiots with power out there who are extremely f*cked up emotionally and I suspect ra victims themselves.

Mind control and brainwashing are the main system to keep in mind. Most of the Satanist types I see into this seem to be nothing without thier group. Yeah for cult mind control.

Like I said thats my approach, but I hope if you use scripture in the way the author does that you can utilize this website. I dont believe in internal wars in a movement of victims. I want you as well as myself to win and that means you using what works for you.
What we do all need to agree on is that the organized stalking is real, psychological warfare is real and the technology exists and seems to be utilized in a manner inconsisent with its orginal purpose.

Sadists and all the human motive listed above should not have a field day under the guise of peaceful conflict resolutions or be able to utilize the tech used for such to their own ends with NO RECOURSE.

This time, the system asks too much and its time to fight to the death, not accept the end result of thier abuses as 'the way it is'.

The way it is is that some pretty heady sh*t is being dealt out and dealt with utilizing tech and using the modern global network of interconnected tech.

Once you start combining military warfare with the way people are made to consume domenstically...who do they think they are gods? We ALL have the potential to be living gods and 'be all we can be' (ha)...some of us more than others.

How are they getting the young kids nowadays to become spies so readily (Obamas security force)? Logically its mind control. Who knows whats in thier innoculations, thier music, thier culture, thier food, thier upbringing, thier music, thier life experience, thier brainwaves, thier emotional signatures, the nano tech in the clothes and products aimed at thier consumption, thier online culture via computers, thier cell phones...and sadly-thier programming.
Alot of people who are younger have said to me that this generation destroys and it doesnt even know why...well duh thats becuz when you are in your 20's you are acting out all your life trauma (which you are unaware of) and even high level programming if it is present. You dont figure that out until beginning in your late 20's and into your 30's.

I have done enough research to know what is used to control people and the problem with young people is that they are very self rightous, we all are at this age. Its only after 29 do you discover there is a whole other 'life' you go into..a change. What is frustrating is that they want to alter older people which is not thier place nor thier business. I have seen first hand the direct efforts of the media to get Gen Y and the millenials to hate on Gen X..still the machine is afraid of us.

Becuz we see the world clearly from how it was to how it is now and we are the children of the transition. We know damn well that this is the wrong way to make a transition to a world where tech is prevalent and THEY WANT TO KEEP US QUIET AS THEY HAVE FOR YEARS.

This is why the millenials are controlled, utilized and cottled. They dont know how f*cked up they are yet. Just wait darlings. You'll be in video games or tech anonomous meetings one day..thats if you can get off the psych pills that make you so easy to control.

Man survived for thousands of years without a book or tech. In fact the world we have created is destroying natural man so there is most likely a rush to create a type of human that can survive. Air pollution is not going to be a changed issue becuz its no longer trendy, there was a war and now a new pres is in.

Look at the facts of what is happening. Also, someone like me would have been stalked and harassed anyway due to my individual situation. In any era during any president.


SME said...

I would like to point out that Michael Aquino has never been charged with ANY crime. This is not because everyone in the military, judiciary, law enforcement, social work, etc. is "in on it", it's because no evidence of any wrongdoing on his part has ever been found.

Rachael O. said...

I did not state that everyone you mentioned is in on it. I have never stated that in any of my work on this subject matter.

Also, I do not mention Aquino in the typical fashion of the conspiracy theorist or in connection to the day care center situation many years ago.

I am pointing out that green berets and intelligence officers in the US military have connections to outside organizations. That is all it was being utilized for in that post.

Dont put words in my mouth. You will find them chewed up and spit out with a quickness.

Valisystem2011 said...

I won't tell anyone if you use Killing Joke's Psyche if you won't: re; email.

I was wondering why you focused on The Only Hope site, until I saw you're in the links below a TI who killed herself - like he or he is waiting to tick them off. Just me then?

'I watch the nightly news with the Book of Revelation in my lap and just sit and tick them off.'
Drew Carey.

I'm paraphrasing, I can't recall the exact quote, bu tthat's the gist of it.

Can I mention the AMAZING latest article by Wapnick again that I finally got around to reading, haqving taken my own advise (shut up a bit and read more). I didn't want to add another distracting emial, but hey, the weekend's another day. If I get online.