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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

This is an educational blog for awareness as well as sometimes a telling of candid personal experiences to demonstrate theories as they might be experienced by a person who theoretically is existing under such conditions. Thus the 'candid' expression, poetic license and marketing myself as product or character. This is NOT a journal or diary.
Being a reasonable person of sound mind if I had concerns for my safety or others I would take responsible action for self care as my established medical history can demonstrate.
Any actions taken against me by others questioning my sanity or competence based on my produced work will be construed as activist/dissident intimidation and whistle blower retaliation and proper legal action will be taken against you by my family and support system.

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Thursday, April 16, 2009

I am told by a commenter to this blog that I am a p*ssy and not as tough as I think..nor enlightened of course. He then provides me with advice.

"Here's a useful link. If you were less conservative, less of a 'pussy' if you like, as you americans say, you'd have less trouble with it, or posting anything of course, rather than falling over backwards at the first sign you might be losing any credibility or respectibilty, (what with you and like minds being the true revolutionaries what with your real grasp of 'reality'n' all, feeling important having to plan idiot cloak and dagger strategies as likely to enmesh you in further and deeper fear and trepidation over potential retaliation for 'taking them on directly.'
And potentially harmful advice can seem all the more plausable when it's wrapped up in a mix of genuine concern and 'truth'.) Still, I can understand that. Nor as you as tough as you make out, but that goes for all of us of course.
And if you're so revolutionary and 'enlightened' or open-minded in your way, you'd be less reticent about other ideas and ways of lookng at the problem, let alone posting any.

You are pretty funny though, ascerbically witty; no question. Oh I do see the joke/s. I've not quite lost my sense of humour yet.
Even if I am often confused with someone else and you seem to be no exception.

Publish Reject
(RKH238) 11:04 AM"

Of course I ignored the link.
I am as tough as I can be in the situation. And I wouldn't have to be tough if I was allowed to have a normal life like everyone else. Go to Gitmo and tell those torture victims who turned out to be innocent that they are not as tough as they think they are as they do what ever they can in a desperate attempt to fight for their lives and their sanity.
This is one of the best yet at trying to destroy morale and I want to thank this prick for providing my readers with a good class room example of what is more artful than a tactic. This, my friends might not be a perp even. This is someone going for the throat..almost like its personal. This one is not getting his rocks off or getting paid. This one is being competitive and is a jealous bitch.

Study this very carefully and try to steel yourself against such an attempt.

You have to let this sort of thing sink to the bottom like a stone.

Stop and think logically.
What is the intent of the writer? To hurt, end of story and that's all you need to know. And he is baiting me with competitiveness due to the fact its easy to tell by my tastes in music and my style I am naturally competitive to a point.

I was put into this situation and everyone knows its completely unfair from the beginning. People were obviously threatened and had to choose between losing everything or gaining something...most people will not sacrifice for what is right or what they claim to believe. I was suicide programmed anyway, so it matters little to me what comes next in this life. All I know is I am fighting.
I go according to what I feel must be done.

I have never been allowed to make my own empire by my own hand. I am kept and forced to react ONLY. This is not my doing nor my choice.

I make choices only by the limited selections I am given. They are not however fair nor is the situation. And what is happening to me is a product of pure corruption. The laws of my country claim my life should not be in such a condition.
I have experienced a definite message sent from the very people who enforce laws in our country, that they are part of the corruption.

This leaves me very little choice but to fight in an outside area. Cyber activism and self defense out in public space is really my only options.

I had other defenses but whoever is behind this insists on not showing themselves and sending unknowns to do the harassing..so I have no targets to focus on. And so I forget about the people who sold me out as a focus.

It is brainwashing plain and simple. I am dealing with it just as one should. I am facing them directly though they choose not to show themselves.

I am being kept alive for reasons unknown to me this is not my doing. So obviously, powerful people are protecting me
1) as part of the plan which I do not understand
2) becuz they think the situation was unfair and out of my league.

One cannot be 'tough' in this situation. There is no such thing as Willful toughness in this. For me there is only programming.

Someone else is doing the keeping me alive dept.

That is not my dept.

My dept is to keep myself healthy and try to defend myself. And to produce this work.

My system knows nothing else at this point becuz all else has been destroyed.
I am nothing else.

When you attack my actions as you have you attack a machine. This is completely illogical.
I am reacting to stimuli. I don't understand your complaint. Its as if in forming your conclusions you have not taken in all the facts nor the circumstances of the situation.
This attack registers as personal. You do not know me. This does not make sense other than you are a security threat. However, I am not able to see who you are nor am I going to view you in person. I will not have a personal contact with you so therefore I cannot size up the sender of this and extract from him his motives for such an attack.

He is playing in the dark, hiding behind a cloak of anonymity of the world we call the Internet. Ironic then is it not, he uses me not facing people as a weapon in an attempt to wound.
He shows himself not, he also has not given himself up to battle with me in person at close range thus his assessment of my battle ability cannot be sound.

As far as battle goes, he is a shadow player, playing in the dark.
He deserves no further concern as his moves are illogical and he is not directly in the game. He is non existent and assessed as not a threat.

So there you see how you have to just use logic. Most of the people who throw things at you are taking advantage of you being down in this situation. However, most are not hunters..they are jokers. This one however, is getting very close and wishes to be acknowledged and let into the game. He is attacking me on a level that seems almost personal. One might assume he was someone I may have met or known personally at one time. One may also assume he is close to such people as sources of information, thus his assessments- then allowing him knowledge of vulnerable areas to hit.

He is however, in the terms of war..inappropriate. He is not a fighting soldier, and he is not going according to the rules of engagement.

He could be a stalker outside the gang stalking system trying to get in on action or he may even be as dangerous as a serial killer who has become obsessed with me as a potential victim due to my being visible on the internet. I always assume there are such people present viewing my content at any time.

From my experience whoever does my 'security' will take care of such threats and I am sure whoever it is has done so already in the past. Their motives for keeping me alive are none of my affair.

However, due to the intimate nature of this comment I request the sender give me any and all info he may be in possession of about the situation. If he chooses not to do so, it is his choice. However, at this juncture he has made himself not only of interest to me but of whoever monitors my communications at any time.

Good Luck dear.

So take this as a lesson TI's. That is why I posted it. In the end they are all hiding behind anonymity. The ones who you did know intimately that harmed you directly don't want to know you anymore becuz this provides them release from their offenses against you.
In a way, the shadow idiots are working to replace all else in your life. And to solidify the final insults and offenses of those who you did know who sold you out and screwed you over.

Now that wasnt so "tough" was it? (wink).


  1. I am going to address this person, as he sounds like one of my high-level perps leading this crime against me. Or he could be someone targetting you. Whatever. I am going to address this person primarily with this response.

    I get the occasional comment like that, i.e., the "Oh you think you're so tough, but you're not". My reaction: Listen man, everywhere I go, I have some pretty strange people saying insulting things under their breath, essentially 'disguising' them, or more likely, trying to make it look like they're not really harassing so they can 'get away with it'. When you add up all of these tiny occurrences, numbering in the dozens per day, each harasser thinking s/he is some kind of badass in control of me, yes, it is very hard to deal with.

    That is what these attacks are for: so outsiders can see us reacting negatively, and they don't see what the larger picture is.

    To me, this person is yet another aggressor, trying to provoke, accusing you of being closed-minded, because this person 'sees' (imagine that... must be someone inside the system) that the gangstalking/oh system has some potential good uses. But they are rarely used for good, and like any 'powerful' system, it will be exploited by criminals and mean-spirited people trying to make it look like they are protecting you and looking out for you. Well, maybe some of them are, but the majority of them are just abusers looking to get away with a crime.

    And that's exactly why this thing, called the 'Constitution', that some people apparently don't know about nor care about, is supposed to do for us.

    I know you perps think you're real smart, but everyone knows your game now, and I personally have been letting people know about it. Why they persist with this gangstalking/harassment knowing that a lot of the general populace knows about this abusive system, I don't know.

    Perps, you think you are smart. Maybe YOU should become open minded, and start to consider that, there is this TINY little chance that the 'dumb' people that drafted this 'Constitution' thing you know so little about, just MAY have been smart enough to foresee some of these abuses you're committing, and to oh so cleverly work them into that Constitution.

    I can see it now .. I'll see some jerko that supposed to be me, waving a flag around, mocking me as some Constitution waving zealot, war-mongering right-winger. You people are so predictable. Just because you are making money illegally doing this sh*t doesn't mean I have to go along with it. I can predict every single one of your reactions. Why then do you persist wasting my time? Just because I refuse to acknowledge some jerkoffs with no hobbies and nothing better to do with his time, walking along the side of the road with a plastic bag in his hand, does not mean that I am closed minded.

    Now do the right thing, and turn you and your gangstalking thugs and perps in the the authorities before you get caught one day, and you really WILL be in the trouble you have been avoiding with this bullshit that everyone knows about. Oh but it is SO much fun for you creeps to stay out of trouble and protect the other drug dealers with your informant/snitch system, isn't it? Or what is it that you people are trying to achieve with this? It's obvious... even if I'm wrong about the avoiding jail time, you still are hunting other humans like prey (that makes you a predator), and are knowing subverting this little piece of crap paper that means NOTHING to people like you.

    Today, I heard more of these pathetic losers outside doing the usual screams, 'bloop' noises (which to me has been anchored to mean I'm a 'failed star'. DOn't you wish, honey?) And don't forget all those hulking kids coming in bragging about how much they can bench. Well, I don't back away from these people, you, nor anyone else, and that thing you seem to hate so much and despise, that a bunch of dummies sat around and drafted apparently for their health, guarantees me that I don't have to be afraid of people like you, and to protect me and grant me little things like fair trials, life, liberty, and protection from "powerful" criminals and the 'elite' (whomever that would be... probably just petty little crooks like yourselves trying to mislead the public as far as you can push mankind over a cliff).

    little things that people like me 'don't deserve', apparently.

    Having people mock and embarass, humiliate, and stalk and anger anytime I am out and about.

    Just because I lashed out at you on a public web site, telling you assholes to give this shit up. It's nothing more than a scam for lamers with no jobs, hobbies, or a life like yourselves to make yourselves feel oh so powerful and mighty over targets of convenience.

    You are the despicable people that make blind, handicapped, and deaf people commit suicide, because you know they are easy targets. Sorry guys, I'm very easy going, which made for me being an easy target in the first place, but I'm not that easy. I mean, you will get caught, and you know damned well that all of this is just like the druggie trying to get his rush, living for the moment, knowing he could die any time or get thrown in jail for crimes he committed.

    So why don't you go sit in a corner, and sulk over the little punishment I handed back to you?


    PS, you already told me I was being targetted for 'revenge', and you spelled it out quite clearly and directly twice for me to see. Now why don't you all just find yourselves a hobby, and maybe you won't feel so belittled by mine, Rachels, and other targets' talents and intellect that it won't bother you so much that you have to gangstalk us 24/7.

    And Rachel, this comment was forwarded to you shortly after my latest outbursts against these perps, trying to annoy and harass me every second they can get their dirty hands on me. Trust me, if they were doing things legally, or if they had hobbies or interests to keep them busy, they would not have the slightest interest in their sordid actions against TI's.

    We can NOT afford to be 'open minded'. It's like having my students give me favorable evaluations in return for letting them get away with not coming to class and not doing any work. The answer is NO, the traditional system works, has for years, there is no need for us to be 'open minded'. And if I do my job right, I would get to keep my job anyways. There is absolutely no need to have photographers such as Jasmine Gehrig and Eric Felak harass and taunt me with their staged photographs. Good for you... you managed to get to their heads and get them into your sick game. Well, harassment is ILLEGAL buddy, read up on it. Why then should we be 'open minded'? Time to call an ace and ace and a spade a spade, and for you talentless losers who love to drink, 'party', and sell and set people up for harassment to GET A LIFE.

    I've been told by perps that I should 'just bend over', and take my harassment like a man, because I'm going to get fucked up the ass anyways by these stalkers and criminals.

  2. By the way, I think the classroom/teacher paradigm was a good one. This guy lashing out at you reminds me of this one particular student who went for the throat on my evaluation when I first started teaching. When I first started, I was tough, and didn't take any crap from my students. The one guy who refused to act his age, cheated on exams, and tried to disrupt my class was the one just slamming me on the comment form of my evaluations. Another professor told me that he's 'found that the worst students are consistently the most critical', and some of them really do have a personal grudge against you if you are trying to get them to learn, but are ill-behaved.

    Thanks for reading my comments.

  3. Another thing to keep in mind is that the perps within the system, the high-level ones obviously, want us to post on the internet, and blog. It's like a little containment area for us TI's, sort of the like the prisoners who are allowed out in the yard to exercise on occasion. But when you start to make an impact, ah, now that's where you crossed the line. You've now taken things too far.

    This guy may have been a high-level person involved in my harassment, and your blog helped me see who is behind all of this, and you've now equipped me with tools to fight this guy and the system, and to render some of the people involved against me helpless. He doesn't like that you've helped me fight back against him. You've given me ammo to take this guy and his army of sickos head on. And he's going to the source-- it was YOU who enabled me to fight back and expose this person and his scam. And he is out for blood.

    You are obviously doing something right then, aren't you, in light of all of this?

  4. OK, this is me again... I do have a lot of bizarre elements in my organized stalking, like, having the old fucks with grey hair that have a resemblance to me. I'm 40 and still quite youthful for my age, and have fairly big and muscular athletic legs.

    Well, what's been happening, is a variation of the favored/unfavored gangstalking pairs everywhere I go. I'll see a guy in his 50's-70's, wearing the same clothes as me, with pants that don't fit right, real scrawny legs, they know I hate that. It's harassment because I have very strong, muscular athletic legs, and I am getting older, being 40. So to stoop to a childish level of attack, they have these old farts like I described, very skinny unshapely legs, often scrawny, ala the 'unfavored' demographic that AJH talks about in his blog. They'll have this guy with the puny legs paired up with a strong looking woman with very big strong looking legs, trying to get me worked up in a jealous rage against women. I'm sure you've seen that... lookalikes who look like you, but they look older and uglier, and puny/shrivelled instead of youthful, big, strong, attractive.

    I've really trying to make sense of all of this... it does look like someone with power is trying to stoop to a low attack level with all of this stuff. I'll see some old fart standing there at a counter, saying something loud enough for me to hear it, such as 'that thing is now in here'. Referring to me as a 'thing'. OR sometimes they'll be 16 year old brats, talking about some old retard who needs a scooter to get around, because they are 'so young'. Everthing is so low-blow, attacking me and demeaning me, making me out to be this old fart who is crippled and weak-looking, when I'm not. It doesn't seem they are doing that to you, although I suspect you are seeing some of that. I do get the 'stupid' comment a lot, as well as 'retard'. Fucking obsurd, as a lot of these people are on welfare, high-school dropouts, who don't even have a job. Looking all smug like I'm really this weak old far with grey hair, when I'm not.

    Well, my mom suspected Frank Crivella was behind it all. He was a 'Deacon' at a Free Mason lodge, and his daugther, Leigh Ann, wanted me to date her, and several of the people involved with the gangstalking against me asked me if I would consider dating me. A lot of the themes revolve around me being old, creepy, and scary. I'm 40, look around 30, and am very athletic and intelligent. I get so many of these creeps calling me 'fag', and some big fat old hairy guy yelled 'FAG!' really loud as I passed by his house one night.

    I suspect the 'old' themes are coming into play, because Leigh Ann is 21 years old now, much younger than I, and so they have twits in their 50's and 60's parading around, having scrawny legs, or they'll be losing their hair (I still have lots of hair), bald spots. I don't have grey hair either.

    There were some fucking bizarre aspects to this stalking, too. Like when I looked on this web site, I saw all these personal attacks against me, saying go ahead and go to the FBI, because 3000 women think I'm complete scum with poor hygiene. This last thing is fucking weird too, because I treat everyone with respect, and I don't really go near any women. Usually they are the ones coming around me, sometimes with their daughters, saying things like 'Oh that old man didn't scare you, did he? He sure does stink'. Things like that. And I shower regularly, wear nice cologne, and smell good. And one 16 year old brat, when I was going to order my sub, said "The fish smells good, but it doesn't look good." Also bizarre, because some girls will generally concur that I am 'cute', smell good, and am 'hot'. So they are using the age thing and other things that I so obviously am not against me in very weird ways. It's like they want revenge on me for being this way, but in the worst way, like it's so very personal and damaging to them that I'm not like how they portray me like they do, and somehow they are convincing themselves that I really am like that because they are jealous psychopaths.

    And they have photographers with the women/guys like I described, people who take photos for the Tribune Review here in Pittsburgh as well as the Post Gazette. And the odd thing is that I'm seeing similar photographic stunts being propagated on other web sites, like Espn.com and cnn.com. After a year of bitching, CNN.com stopped catering to this stalker/enemy who doesn't like me.

    The thing that is so bizarre, is that this powerful person doesn't like me one bit, and insists on shoving these ideations that aren't true about my intellect, talent level, personal hygiene, health, right in my face with the gangstalkers, and photographs in the papers.

    Or am I wrong in insisting that these tactics are used only on me? You've hinted that they love to show false images of yourself in your face as a measure of stooping to childish, and rather aggressive and scary levels of revenge.

  5. The correct English terms for this kind of person are "wanker" and "piss-artist".

  6. NO, I like "shadow idiots"; very apropos.

  7. So, some of these people aren't true perps, but simpletons trying to get into the game? That's my impression. I do realize now that a lot of the harassment I experience has a motive for all of it... apparently it's medical/scientific research as well as to make the TI manageable. In light of that last point, it seems a lot of the "gamers" don't really know the true motive of this crime, and must think it's one big party to bash the TI. in fact, the people at the top of this structure are trying to study us as well as keep us contained, and I don't think they like it when some of the gangstalkers at the bottom take liberties to just bash the TI at will. Maybe they think we're so beat up from the harassment/monitoring, they can get away with any general harassment?

  8. hmm.. good thread )