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Thursday, April 16, 2009

I have discovered the secret as to why the whole world has gone insane

Its simple.

The video I am posting - the embed code, which is something that you simply copy off Youtube to get what you want to happen. You want to see your video embeded.

But the code only copies partially and I want this copy of this vid from this persons site due to the superior sound quality.

So I started doing the embeding manually which means switching between screens and copying piece by piece as I do not have limited computer skills (other than having a natural affinity for systems (well duh) and figuring stuff out alot by winging it or trial/error.)

As I did this it almost felt like the pressure in my head was relieved...I was memorizing codes again. Text. or phone numbers even.

It felt good.
I now have lost alot of my ability to think and remember due to the mold exposure and the harassment(stress). I would have been able to photograph that info at one time and regurgitate it through recall.

As I did however it occured to me something else. That the reason that we are all so frustrated is becuz we dont understand the tech we deal with. It is something we are forced to deal with, yet our true understanding of it is limited. We deal in codes, like gods, that are the very math of the thing it creates, yet all we are doing is copying it and putting it from one place to another.

This video exists due to this code that is like its DNA. Like a greedy child I want only to copy it for my own get what I want out of it. And all I know is in my ignorance, that I 'copy' the numbers and letters that make it 'exist'.

I dont truly understand it or what it is made up of. I felt a calm come over me as I became familiar with its contents..its 'code'. I understood what made up the video and became less frustrated with the mystery of these numbers and letters.

We as humans have been forced to deal with a system that we do not fully understand that is not something we can retire from at any point easily.
The tv and radio were different. They worked on thier own once you figured out a few buttons and knobs.
You are forced to deal with a whole system, have to view how it works readily, and then have to deal with glitches in that system, then to depend on computer people to figure it out for you.

We have been dragged into the geeks world even if computers are not something we enjoy dealing with. And seeing codes that make things exist is sometimes akin to seeing the organs inside a human being as you look at them with x-ray vision. Its disturbing and its too much information.

So, humans are made to bow to a belief system which stops critical thinking. That belief system IS technology. And economy.. and anything else we dont understand how it works but are forced to deal with it daily.

The transition to totally using tech was probably too fast for the average person. And it was not voluntary.
You are pretty screwed if you dont get with tech nowadays.

I never would have become interested in computers unless I had to due to being targeted. And if I did, me being the way I am, I would have wanted to learn it from the ground up, being able to master the entire system or craft as to be able to build my own.

THIS is a good part of what is making humans insane and the world screwed right now.

Some people are ready to be little gods..those people are special and talented. Artists, computer programmers, great managers of people...etc. And everyone has something that they master which makes them 'great'.
Why is it then, that we are forced into the geeks world where only they have dominion?

I had sympatico for geeks and still they have been most helpful when asked. They naturally understand my urge or the necessity of getting around a system. I only have to mention I dont want to deal with the normal set up that is sold to most people and they immediately start talking on the level of 'how do we get around this'?

But I have seen so much interference with tech and it has to be by people who are computer people.

We are forced into a system we hardly understand and taught how to get what we want (good little monkey-learn how to get the banana) but dont really understand how it all works.

I think we are all in denial as to what, exactly in such a short amount of time this has done to humanity and the world we live in together.

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Valisystem2011 said...

Well it's one explanation. I do get very frustrated. But it's good to see you've calmed down too. I'm not being patronizing as you'll know if you read my emails. I accept a lot of the responsibility for it. I signed out of hotmail so easier to just 'reply' here and send you this link. Delete, post, edit, ignore, whatever. No, I don't mean I don't care.