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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

ONgangstalking getting too big? Tell me

How many of you think this blog is now too big and would be too confusing for new TI's or anyone for htat matter to naviate through?


AJH said...

Maybe I am the wrong person to answer, but I don't see it as too big. It is a journal of a TI, and related sites and the bigger picture when relevant. Having an Introductory section as you do should address the concerns of a new TI.

Medawar said...

It is useful to us: to know what's happening (is the old girl alive or dead?) and to share insights on what's being done, who's behind it and how best to resist.

But it is perhaps too much for a new TI to wade through.

On the other hand, Eleanor White makes her blog
so orientated to being credible for new TIs and non-TIs, that perhaps something is being lost.

I'm trying, myself, not to be cornered into only, or even mainly, talking about what a bunch of sadistic madmen are trying to do to me, and trying, instead, to voice the sort of thought which they are attempting to suppress.

Perhaps do a "stalking victim's guide" on one blog that doesn't get updated every day (sometimes articles get pushed into the archive on your blog because you've posted so many new ones, so quickly, or because they are quite long (I should talk).) Then keep up a "resistor's diary" type blog.
And with links both ways between the two.

downcastmysoul said...

Maybe you can put super old posts on an archive blog to keep them separate from the newer ones and move older posts there as they become old. The blog as artform? has not been around that long. What do others with old blogs do? I personally like to read blogs (old or not) from the beginning to see what the blogger intended to do with his/her blog. I would hope my readers read mine from the beginning, at least the first few posts to get a good idea.