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I am a writer, an activist and artist. I claim my RIGHT TO EXIST legally under US Constitution and international law.

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Friday, April 17, 2009

Diabolus est in formo

I want to say a few things about religious antics in the media and in relation to organized stalking.
This is what is going on in the media over the last few years:
I saw this and thought I would bust laughing..
I actually have one of these on my own..of some celebrity flashing this sign just as psuedo descretely in a poster in the front of a makeup store in Burlington mall, MA. I need to get it out of where I stored it one day soon. But someone else has gotten a more interesting one:

And certain bands for kids these days seem to be overtly 'satanic' in nature and thats probably seen as harmless as we have become so jaded:

(Your average adult fan here).. www.nardwuar.com/gallery/albums/nardpics/slipknot.sized.jpg
I have seen Mr. Marines/ all American John Cena flash the devil sign as he lifts his baseball cap on wrestling.
I have seen this gesture on a show about sharks on 'Good Morning America' where the diver flashed the sign of the horns. A few other spots on tv as well. It is always done very quickly, marginally subliminal, in the same spirit of gang signing.

Why would Satansim be 'IN' in this sort of grossly commercial way?

Firstly, becuz Bush and co. drove everyone so insane over the last few years with the Christian right, the country is disgusted. Christianity has become a parody. Especially the pushy types on Daystar channel and such ...whom alot of seem to be pushing being wealthy over spiritual values. I also encountered some talk from preacher types that was telling viewers about phenomena that sounded like the results of electronic mind control technology documented by all TI's...and trying to infer it was God.

Also, this is a way to be bad ass in a safe way and it's not based in gangsta culture which I am sure alot of parents and people are sick of, if not leery of.

This is marketed as safe.
However, it's dangerous as I have illustrated in my post with the very cynical and humorous video titled "Slipknot sucks". What I am trying to show is that the sounds they make are more enslaving of humans and only focuses on primitive monkey like noises or goes the other way into pop music and never goes deeper.
Its creepy in a corporate way not a satanic way..well, it is one mindset of certain satanists to want to enslave/fool mankind but why would you want to be unwise and play into thier hands?

The other problem with this trend is that it doesnt take into account other forms of occult and how, if you don't really understand what you are doing or can't handle this realm, you are going to get lost on the paths and potentially really hurt. Also, if you are not experienced you may miss out on the fact that to be truly in charge of your own affairs, you have the right to utilize good and evil or negative and positive as this is what the world is made of.
Why is there an insistence on limiting one's options? Why so..reactionary? Why aren't they marketing Hermetics for instance, which would give one all powerful choice between the positive and negative? Or why is there no distinction between occult practices not all being the same?

Unless you are naturally drawn to the occult and investigate such things by something natural in you, then you are once again taking a cue from the enslavers, the mind controllers and the brain washers. Its yer choice however (hmm, or is it?).

I have known many people in my life from many faiths. Alot of them are hypocrites and full of sh*t.
The Wiccan scene in RI may as well have been Satanists..at least they would have been honest. They used to whine about persecution from Christians and then turn around and hate on them.. in a country where church and state are seperated, religious freedom protected and most Christians dont even care about other people's beliefs unless they are extremists. One priestess even tried to mess with me once becuz I was worried about a Wiccan gay friend during his wedding. She hit me with something and I did not appreciate it. I am sure she was hurting years later...for I always kept her in mind.

My friend would call me and say things like "Should I project for a new computer?" give me a break. At least admit you are selfish and greedy and not a white lighter like you are hiding behind. He was innocent about it though, his greed.

We used to have arguments of belief becuz I wanted proof, math and logic and he wanted to dance under the moon and play with herbs without a medical degree. Years later he saw the value in critical thinking and I perhaps became more tolerant of just believing something.

The Satanists I have known have been rebelling Christians or recovering Catholics. A few of them I could get along with as I saw thier beliefs as thier business but there seemed to also exist this scene-a group mentality and they were doing things like internalizing s&m and they thought they were geniuses at mind games.
I used to watch in amusment at the attempts to be smarter than me and my bimbo front alter always hid my intelligence but I saw. I considered alot of them metaphysical jerk offs,just scenesters, especially the little use me-abuse-me groupies. You can do what you like with your own self dear, but dont mess with me and mines. Like I said this was a certain Boston scene I had experience with. There stupidity may have been more to do with the fact they were all wannabe trust fund kids from the suburbs where as I grew up in the ghetto, on a farm and in the restaraunt my mother worked in.
There are varied kinds of satanists anyway. But one must always watch out for a cult mentality--and weakness in the individual without the group behind them.

This is a very interesting and complex problem for targets and for the country. What we are seeing most likely is a backlash against right wing Christianity during Bush and the New age/white lighter culture of the 1990's.
Still you have to be strong. You must resist ANY one at ANY TIME suggesting or coercing you into any religous affiliation and that includes Christianity.
Dont let it be social control. Let it be your own Will.

The thing about being a TI is that I have experienced something very suspect about religion being presented in the gang stalking games. Why is it so important to get me, for instance, to become a Christian and at other times, try to get me to choose Satanic beliefs?
I notice in both instances my free Will is the thing I am NOT allowed to have AND THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO PAY ATTENTION TO.
Why is that such a threat or even not allowed? Why am I being worn down and coerced into choosing between only two religions? And both are somewhat distastful to me for different reasons as well as due to my programming neither one is possible as an affiliation.

This is why you see my taking stuff from You tube and articles or posting music for energy and note how I dont care if its a Christian or Satanic affiliation? BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO FOCUS ON THE TACTICS OF MIND CONTROL ALWAYS more so than labels.
I have done this purposely throughout just to mix it up, so the labels lost importance.

Think about it. What does the gang stalking system use against a TI? Labels.
What does it try to do to the TI the most? Stereotype them and get them shelved with a label. This makes use of belief systems and belief stops all critical thought.
I have experienced being harassed and messed with by people claiming to be Christians. I have also had bullsh*t, lame Satanic imagery and the horns sign used on me, which as you can see from my posts I simply find amusing.
Becuz all this is diversion. You are still dealing directly with tactics and strategies.
You have to stick to the idea that these are war games or covert war not anything else. It doesnt matter about the other guy's religoius affiliation becuz if THAT is what you could use to clearly define the enemy, then they wouldnt keep presenting you with all sorts of different and opposing religious affiliations to screw you up. Get it?

What is important is that any special interest group has an edge due to infiltration and outside connections.
It doesnt matter who is behind the trickery, its how it is done. THAT is what you need to be free of what they are pulling.
And first and foremost if you are being held from your own free will then THIS is a major problem. Not what the perp may or may not believe in.
I listen to some pretty extreme music to keep going and after all that has happened to me, its only natural and its my right to utilize energy to survive.

Stop falling for the labels game. The last time people who claim to be helping fell into the labels game there was a Satanic panic and the perps took full advantage and created the false memory syndrome association or whatever it is. Like they have the right to make such judgements..why did they think they had a right to create such an organization? Becuz it was partially a backlash to people going after religious affiliation like a witch hunt.(The people you are going after are pedophiles and programmers. Human experimentation is done and its unethical. Slaves are kept via mind control. Dangerous and powerful people are on ego trips.)
The marketing of Satanism in this way might be to get the public to numb out or turn cold towards lawlessness in our society. All I know is that MY free Will was undermined and the law says it shouldnt have been. Thus the reasons church and state are seperated.
I dont care how much satanic imagery is used or how much it freaks you out. Religious freedom protects that in this country. I have seen this mentality time and again by perps. THEY KNOW THIER RIGHTS..get a clue. Look at what that nightmare Mary did to me at the Rescue Mission of El Paso. She KNEW that I could not sue. She also knew how to get away with what she did. THIS IS THE PEDOPHILE AND ABUSER MENTALITY. You need to learn how to go after them in an effective way. And they usually have lawyers who will twist things around to thier advantage anyway.

From the kind of Satanism it looks like they are marketing it appears to be trendy and also very group minded. It does not serve as intellectualism nor does it strenghten the individual. It seems to be more sheep herding.
Maybe people are scared and now they have been so burned through post 9/11 and everything that happened that they will jsut fall into this sort of thing.
Humans are 'satanic' enough all on thier own, we needn't worry about popularizing religion. For years I have pointed out how most people go to church on Sunday, go through the motions and then act like satanists the rest of the week anyway.
Trends are jokes anyway and everyone knows it. Once it dies down the public will go on to something else.
Its people who are truly motivated by other things that you have to worry about, and again its thier nature and thier actions that matter more than what medium they are using to express themselves.
Its the energy and tactics and strategies behind organized stalking that you have to watch out for. Human energy directed with intent is what is power, not the system that is used to this end.
And when you start fearing people due to them being Satanists then they have you psychologically to begin with.
The real problem is a sense of priveledge that they themselves might get from belonging to such an organization. They might think that they can do as they please in totally disregarding peoples human rights becuz they can network this way. THAT is the problem.
And if you have a connection to human experimentation or military or anything where disclosure is going to be..er, cause embarassment and possibly monetary damage or they whip out the national security excuse then they are going to be protected and that is it.
Dont let them psych you out I dont care how vile it appears. It is what they are doing to other people and the laws they break or the protection they gain..not how they express themselves. You cant afford to take the bait anyway on this.
Perhaps something did occur in 2003 as I have read. Some sort of change. What are you going to do about it and also how is this different from any other dark age. The last one was brought in by people parading as Catholics.
Its always the same bastards who want to enslave the earth and its people. Powerful people who have to enslave and steal from others to survive.
Its the mechanics of what are done that you have to watch out for. And it seems that mind control and organized stalking have been going on long before any of this came out.

My ex associates who helped to ruin my life and destroy me are of all different faiths. My family are Catholics but I am not one of them, there was a whole faction of rich Jews and the others were wealthy Protestants, one of which thought is was very amusing to go to church on Sunday. Why? Becuz they are first and foremost criminals..career criminals. They victimize people, that is how they function. They do not function like non criminals. They see people who are not like them as weak.

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