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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Youtube redesign

Firstly I appreciate YouTube existing in the first place.
And without it alot of activism over the years for various subject matter would not have been heard, as goes for the internet in general.

The redesign will not change anything for TI's becuz thier will always be people searching for our specialized content. And when we finally chase the predators off our land so to speak-the detractors and others who try to dis credit us and make us look just crazy, really our content is political or activist related.

It would be great to have a special section for that. The only problem is that it would give the perps an area to just go to and start messing with content.

But if they start charging for use to replace ad revenue this is a disaster for TI's. Already targets and activists get censored or have shut downs of our work, but considering Youtube is pretty free speech friendly compared to some other nations or other periods on history.

Most targets wont or cant put thier names on something directly especially when it comes to billing. The second you have an address or bank account attached your telling the system 'HERE I AM..COME MESS WITH ME!'.

I can understand them NOT wanting to give anymore free time to a squirrel doing whatever or other nonsense. But it would be nice if content like this were somehow free or exempt or cheaper.

What they should have done is charge people who can afford for luxuries or charge a really cheap rate all along. If it goes totally corporate then its going to get expensive.

This may be the saddest way to start censoring the internet. Just go corporate and anyone who cant afford to be heard..simply wont be.

Why must things in this country always go from one extreme to the other. I hate it. Why cant there be a system that works from the beginning?

I would be willing to pay..if it were in cash.

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