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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Swine flu...who's afraid of the big bad pig virus?

I am down near the border. I am a few streets from Juarez actually. There has been one death in Houston and 70 reported cases in USA. NY, OH, CA, IN etc.

This is a good lesson in media manipulation as well as the power of fear mongering. Also, this is where seasoned TI's who have had to use critical thinking under duress will survive this easily.

You just have to look at the circumstances..
Firstly, the one death that occured was-? fill in the blank: Yes, a weak little baby. I hate to be hard but in order to survive TI's have had to be..realists. Usually in these sort of cases the people who get hit hardest are the elderly, the very young and immuno deficient. Yes, this is striking healthy people BUT SO DOES THE REGULAR KIND OF FLU.

In other words if you aint afraid of the regular flu then it seems this one is acting the same. They are making it out to be like a plague or AIDS or something using manipulative tactics.

Actually, I already had something where I was nausoues for a few days and had a bad ass headache with nasal stuff going on. And it went away and came back again. I took herbs, cleaned ot my digenstive tract and lived on Ensure for a time. Vit c, goldenseal the whole bit.

I dont do flu shots, being a target we all know what that might consist of..for individuals as well as the population (now that we have experienced what can be done to just the individual we can imagine what else goes on).

Having had the flu a few times before I did indeed feel like I was going to die. It is a week long of testing the bodies limits. The insanity during fever is unpleasant for sure and the pain..why is it so painful? I can imagine from this experience that it would kill someone who was weak and not in 'fighting' shape.

Having the flu is like having a down and dirty fight with a virus. And you become very babyish. Its definetly forgetting how tough you are and regressing to " I want Teddy bear, I want mommy and I want my man" mode. All you need is love through this probably-to be babied. However, this new flu might be dangerous I dont know becuz I dont care.

But get informed by reading up on it before you freak out. Not from the fear mongering news but from university websites or sources medical people use. THYE WANT TO SELL NEWS NOT HELP YOU.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'll be oinking if I get it. Symptoms include


Body Aches

Sudden desire to roll in mud

Sudden desire to eat scraps

compulsive oinking

Cook that bacon well, don't know where it's been.

Someone here has a case of it already. But they are a half pig half human hybrid.