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Monday, April 6, 2009

One of my perps thought she would just get handed a job at's why.

This horrible girl from Virginia with a dad in the Navy who knew way too much about me and my situation thought that as she helped handle and isolate me that she would be handed a job at Boeing.

Now magically they are going to overhall their plans..after lives have been ruined. How insane are these people?

Its obvious without me reading too much exactly what they have done. Alot of people have made thier money and now its rap up time.

And who in the hell tries to mechanize and make fighting machines electronic?

First of all, hackers would have a field day throwing off the systems (duh), which might be all the experimentation was about or has been about.

Secondly, can you pleas get over your phase of being little kids playing with toys on the living room floor??

I can see it now, the Star Trek episode where there is a bloodless warring society and everyone peacefully gets into vaporizing chambers becuz the whole thing is done by machines. What the Hell is wrong with you people? Where would the loss be if it were mechanized? Financial?
If anyone in the military tells you oops, we screwed up we thought this or that why do I not believe them?

Its the covert actions and tech everyone has to now be aware of now. There is no accountability at all for this technology if it is abused for the benefit of corrupt powerful people/criminals.
You dont need toy tanks or even real ones if you have mass mind control. You are then only making a more covert and obnoxiously obvious than ever before.


Anonymous said...

I've had a few perps/handlers in the past get fired from their jobs. Similarly, turning perp from TI doesn't guarantee the harassment will stop. Maybe the only thing they get away with is they get a lesser sentence for their crimes, but I don't see how that's even guaranteed. I think the lot of these people are either paid, get reduced sentences, or just enjoy becoming part of the system. They don't have much to live for anyways, and gangstalking makes them feel like they are accomplishing things. In fact, talk to any gangstalker... he/she will tell you they are achieving something, while the TI, no matter what she or he does, is a nothing, and they haven't achieved anything in life -- a failure.

They really think:

1.) we are lower life forms than they

2.) We are 'animals' or little kids.

3.) We are losers and criminals, as well as 'scum'.

4.) We've never achieved anything in life, and we are failures as well as stupid people.

You won't believe the number of times I've encountered 4 above... some of these perps/shills really think they are moving up in life.

Medawar said...


If you get past the assumptions about who is doing this, does the general pattern of the skits on the train in Switzerland, bear any similarity to what happened on trains and subway in Boston or New York?

I think the T-shirts with Japanese logos that make no sense in Japanese, have to be aimed at this particular victim, in Switzerland at least!