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Saturday, April 11, 2009

A comment on SHIELDING and counter actions that deserves mention

Anonymous said...
As a Target you are working against psychological warfare.What is used is classical conditioning mind control as well as chemicals and most likely technologies that are admittedly used for black ops/conflict resolution.Your situation as a TI has one positive illustrates how these methods as well as the tech can be abused by authorities. People are under the assumption that tech is something good and clean and makes the world better. They are not taking into consideration the reality of human behavior and the corruption that is ever present in our world. Either that or we have come into a place where people are so comfortable and used to tech that they now accept it is going to be a tool of corruption.I will give the public one out...not enough people know about the abuses. The general public seems to be ignorant. The ones who seem to know are somehow connected to the military industrial complex or other parts of their system that benefit from all this crap going on.So what you need to do first is get hip to their tactics and live accordingly. A small video camera (chargeable), an mp3 voice recorder (wal mart 50 bucks), and storage of documentation either online or in a safe place.You are going to have to deal with human beings attacking you in groups or seemingly alone (but always with back up) or quick pass bys by individuals. They will know everything they can about your life: online, in bed, on the phone, past present...the whole intelligence collection that they obviously are abusing access to.This will be used against you to destroy you. To brainwash you away from the truth about what is really happening or why you are really targeted.Gang stalking IS brainwashing in a very cult way.Study classical conditioning, cult mind control, brainwashing. Try to stay away from dis-or mis-info. Try to get books by experts that are unbiased and genuine first before you go on the net so that you have a good base of what is cred info and what is nonsense.The reason I survived is because for one I am old enough so that I got most of my lifetimes knowledge early on from books. Books that were regularly passed around from rebel to rebel. Older people would hand me a book to read and tell me to check it out some time. Knowing that I wasn't capable at the time..but it stuck in my mind and I did read those books much later.The danger of the Internet is the way info is presented. Dis info seems credible to the untrained eyes and genuine good info can be discredited by people claiming "you cant believe what you read on the Internet". Its a mess. And info can disappear or be taken down.KNOWLEDGE. And cross checking sources for the bullsh*it factor.Then you have to learn or use whatever is dormant inside you to develop nerves of steel. Fall apart later but don't let the perps get you going. This will over time be the mechanism that brainwashes you and wears you down. So definitely fall apart at some point and keep acknowledging what they are doing and THAT IT IS REAL. If you deny it you will fall under mind control- thus them making you take abuse especially in public spaces and having to keep calm about it. After a while you will find, under YOUR Will and control this is fashioned into a weapon YOU can use that is yours. It is extremely unfair to 'train' someone to be like this and it will destroy a lot of artistic sensitivity as well as do damage to the emotions. However you are now in a war and on the battle field. No going home to mummy now soldier. ITS ON. You have to alter yourself.Use what the enemy gives you to your advantage and convert everything to your use not theirs. They will use all these tactics to enslave and brainwash you and hope you commit suicide.There are some idiots out there who are pseudo hard asses who are actually just abusers and people who get off on drama and abuse who claim that all this makes you stronger etc.That is bullshit. It makes you damaged. ANY STRENGTHS YOU UTILIZE OR DEVELOP WERE INSIDE YOU, THE TI THE WHOLE TIME. Or something in your DNA comes up that wasn't being used...something along those lines. This should not have happened so don't get to attached to the idea that you are now powerful.Also if you do not manage the use of your new weapons system due to fighting the perps you will inadvertently sell out and become like them. You will like power a little too much and become an abuser yourself. They have won on this front by conditioning you through trials.ITS ALWAYS ABOUT ALTERING THE HUMAN BEING FROM WHAT THEY WERE AND WHO THERE WERE. DO NOT AT ANY POINT GIVE THEM CONTROL OR ALTER YOUR INNER SELF OR SYSTEMS COMPLETELY. In other words, don't internalize the situation completely..ever.The #1 thing you need to beat the psychological warfare by perps in person as well as the tech (both are intrusive) is PRIVACY.True privacy. No cameras, no one listening at the door, no one you cant trust around, no one messing with your personal belongings to let you know they always have access to you. They will make sure you NEVER HAVE ANY PRIVACY. This is one of the keys that makes this system of mind control work.PRIVACY may be gotten in the ways I mentioned from the perps in person.Here are some shielding methods against the tech.I have heard that if you are feeling especially targeted with tech anywhere anytime try these counter measures.Close one eye or wear an eye patch.One ear plug.Try a combo of both but be forewarned that an earplug in your left ear and covering your left eye will lower your ability to have sensory abilities on your left side etc.Sometimes earplugs in both ears works. Be careful because this looks crazy and sounds crazy, no need to help them label you..but it seems to work.And you'll notice provides a moment of privacy out in a public space or while being bombarded with whatever the tech is.It is YOUR personal space and (finally) no one can invade it. I finally realized that is the basis of it working.Ignoring stimuli seems to be the most challenging but after a while the most fun. Perps genuinely get frustrated at this and I have seen them make faces (and don't look directly at this either. Peripheral vision will do just fine the whole time. Remember none of these people have the power of One. They are group minded.Also, they do not know you intimately and they never did. They are going on info from other sources and they genuinely think they are smarter than you..take advantage of this. Fully. It is their blind spot so to speak. Another thing lastly is do not ever forget that this is really happening. Don't start to become internally used to chaos. True chaos is...something beautiful as one can see out in nature. If you give in to the idea that this is the way life is and that its just another day..if you stop treating organized stalking like its special and start going along with will in this way become their prisoner and under their control.This is one of their excuses as well and shows yet another you can see whatever way they can mind control you is what they want.Along the line somewhere you will recall someone trying to convince you that you wanted this 'perfect life' or that you need to learn that life is chaotic etc. THIS IS A BULLSHIT LINE TO ENABLE THEM TO CONTROL YOU BY THEM USING THE SAME TACTICS AT MC THAT THEY DO ALL DOWN THE LINE.-BLAME THE VICTIM-THIS IS GOOD FOR YOU, YOU NEEDED THIS, WE ARE HELPING YOU.This will be used every time. And its untrue. If you give into this on this level you are saying yes to this oppressive form of social control that is unnecessary most likely. Daily chaos especially drama keeps people down if anything. There is not need for any of this. They want everyone in this nation so stressed out and scared that they are so overloaded they cant fight back. Do not internalize their social norms...'their' social norms are extremely fucked up.Everything they do is to gain control of the Target as well as try to brainwash you into some form of group think.

Creative and informed shielding tactics

Secondly you need to try shielding against tech in ways that have been mentioned here on this blog.'shielding' is psychological and physical.And remember to know your perps. Start a profile on their types. Use this. Take all into consideration..age groups, class groups, education level, region race, religious affiliation etc. Know your enemies because you can see from their superior intelligence that they know you.
4/11/09 2:21 PM

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yeah, most of them are fake bad-asses. They like to have their 'buddies' pimp out them out, and say things like, 'well, that guy/woman can take you'. They know full well that there is always someone in the 'system' who's got their back, to keep you intimidated, giving the perp scaring you the illusion that they're more powerful than you. Meanwhile, it takes lots of psych. from other co-conspirators to build up that person handling you, to make it seem like you can't win against him/her.

So your main handler(s) will have lots of 'accessories' in the form of other perps trying to make you fear those handlers.