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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

The Prisoner: a cute spoof

For those of you who can see the unfortunate similarities between The Prisoner and being targeted, especially for survivors of tbmc this may be a welcome bit of humor..or just for Prisoner fans in general.

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Valisystem2011 said...

Always meant to play it. I can't do it in here, it's too loud. The Recourse Centre is unmanned; there's no earphones. you and your little digs. I'm surprised no-one has remarked on this, even out of courtesy. Don't they find it interesting or see the parallels? As you do with Falun Gong for instance. As I do with all manner of things. I always knew The Prisoner was profound, but it took a while before it was proved just how prophetic it was. He does fight of course. To get on, to move out. Eventually you'll need to find a place where you stick around, to demonstrate YOU'RE in control of your environment and how you interpret it. I let rip with the graffiti after some honked me in McD Rd again. And agent provocatuer? But then I was talking to C just outside the flats. si it was some wise-ass opposite who made the call. I sup[pose that comes to the same thing. Set it up to never let you off the hook, or so you'll react and throw a spanner in the works and bring it all on myself again?

Only this time I countered their belief in untouchable anonymity, through interchangable bodies in vehicles with no comeback. I ONLY have to focus on who co-ordinates it centrally. Cheaper than leafleting too. Now everybody who passes sees it. And I can send photos and a letter to myself to date it and to others in case anything did happen to me; YOU can compromise me though. Just as threatened.