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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

TSA Agents Doing Predictably Abusive Things With The Power To Spy

Targeted Individuals have experienced this kind of behavior for years, especially worse during the Bush era and high alert anti terror years.

Anti terror measures were obviously used to target certain people and the peon level participants always behaved this way.

When I was virtually waterboarded by the helicopter in ST Louis for what was obviously interrogation, there was no such attitude or behavior on the part of the investigator. The people doing the more intense, classified stuff do not screw around like this, unless its purposeful psych warfare to help silence the Target. Even the jerks spying on everything you said in Greyhound bus stations seemed serious about what they were doing.

It was always train, bus employees or security guards or the perps who seem gang related stalking and harassing that had this exact same attitude.

The problem is that 'common' people if you will, specifically working class people involved in this cannot seem to responsibly handle this kind of power.

They were never meant to. This IS the mob we are dealing with (not Mafia but a mob of citizens). Thats why we have professionals and special forces or agents etc. People who are supposed to understand the consequences of abuse of power. Most of the morons who mock, are arrogant or treat a TI with disregard are not people who can handle power.

Now in a GS campaign a TI knows after a time that the designers know this. They purposely give the mob power over a Targeted person becuz they know it will assist in destroying the person or traumatizing them.

This is also the purpose of allowing TSA agents access to info they can't be responsible with. As if that wasnt known in the first place.

Its all to further beat down the American public also part of this since Bush has been a return to sexism.

Its social control.

Also in many videos its been shown that during Bush protesters were handled by military type police who were extremely arrogant in say, shooting unarmed protesters with rubber bullets. For them and the public this was traumatizing. For the special police this was a joke.

Do not think this attitude has changed just becuz candy coated Obama got in office. That is also part of the game.

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