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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Seth Green From Adult Swim's Robot Chicken to create Truman Show Like Experiment: Control TV


Anonymous said...

About music that's missing the energy. What about Magic by Pilot?

"It's magic, you know. Never believe it's not so". From 1975. Sounds on the surface like pop fluff, but is there a hidden message there, a warning? It's magic, never believe it's not so. Sounds like it could be a warning to what the future may hold in terms of "magic" that they do with their real and synthetic psychics.

I just thought about that song when thinking about the James Tilley Matthews case, where it seems unrealistic that the chemistry and physics where advanced enough to do mind control in the later 1700's. Then the song came to me, I recalled the words "It's magic you know. Never believe it's not so". What I started thinking about is never believe they couldn't pull stuff off like this in the late 18th century. Because it's "magic" what they do. As in Black Magic, perhaps. Pop fluff, but it came to me when thinking about Matthews and the likelihood he really was delusional and the tech was not able to pull off mind control that long ago.

I've got a song phrase I pull up for every thing I think about.

rajiv said...

Great, you are trying to talk about something that remained a constant threat to the society. It. good that you try to bring notice to this hidden aspect in society.