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Sunday, February 26, 2012

GS Behavior Modification Converts Normal Humans Into A Modified Copy Or Clone

Not literally through a cloning process but via brain damage and constant hypnosis/suggestion via interface as well as conditioning through stalking/harassment (classical conditioning, behavioral conditioning) a human being can be altered and modified via this process to become whatever is desired by the designers of the campaign. Like a clone, no one really notices any differences except small things and they would have to have known the Target before the long term GS process to note physical differences and note dramatic personality changes. This is why its important to isolate the person from their original environment- their original 'real' former life, community and friends, associates, family etc.

It also explains possibly why my blonde cousin who's a PhD in genetic engineering was so favored over myself-a dark eyed brunette with a Bohemian/artistic personality as well as being dissident and rebellious against conforming.

Taking what we Targets KNOW to be true from our experience, perhaps this is why the 'perps' have never seemed human to us. Their strange energy, which is always similar in vibration if you will. Long term TIs know that the entire environment changes energy wise or 'psychically' when a perp group begins a tactical assault on a TI locally.

It could be plain old programming too. But why bother with selective breeding, implants and tedious programming when you can now simply create people? It would be alot easier.

Sadly Survivors must contemplate the idea that, if we ourselves are clones and not just programmed, altered, have purposefully created compartmentalized minds and implanted as we were originally born normal human beings-but altered from birth, that perhaps we are....clones. Either way it seems these conditions explain why we seem to have no rights as US citizens. Even having perps mock us by stating "She has no rights at all" as a psychological warfare tactical. Yet, this may legally be the case if somehow we are deemed government property or not considered citizens.

Everyone outside of the realm of this subject matter thinks this is a joke.

For those of who have experienced just what the system is capable of especially during Bush- what capabilities they actually have that are advanced beyond public knowledge, you realize as I do that this is coming to a head now...and its no joke.

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