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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Bullshit Machine Never Stops Producing The Goods

Oh PLEASE. Are we really expected to believe this?

If they were trailing and surveilling something so important especially to American national security don't you think that someone would have informed the Americans to not disturb thier business there? Or the Americans would have added agents or at least taken over the operation? As if the US doesn't know what goes on within its borders. Its a joke. They know exactly whats going on. Gimme a break.

Even if they didn't and mistook at first the Mossad agents for the wrong motives for being here don't u think American agents would have by logic deducted that the Muslims living in close proximity were connected to why Israelis were there? Dduuuhhh.

Give It UP.

Nice try but this yet another theory doesn't explain away 9-11. Keep it up've got em confused and thats a desirable result-isnt it pets?

Phoenix and Miami huh? Niiiiccce.

Yep..NOW I'm pissed.

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Bob WIlliams said...

Even FOX News ran a piece about the Israeli spy ring before it got pulled.

The same site has a copy >>

so even FOX News agrees with a Left wing German newspaper about Israeli spy rings in the USA leading up to 9.11.