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Monday, February 6, 2012

Look At The TIs Work Independently

Theres something I want to make crystal clear. I dont care nor pay any mind to anyone from my past or hometown. No one else should either. If u choose to do so thsts your choice and does not involve me. I am not a part of that. If anyone wants to try to weace me into that then it exists only in your reality not mine.

Those people some of them were in on the attempt to frame me as mentally illl to.protect Julia from any reprocussions of that federal investigation as well as protect themselves. Someone told me a few months ago that my mother testified on my behalf thst my pills were stolen. She did this partially to protect me but moatly to.protect hersled as she had crooked lawsuits and was supposesly hiding thousands of dollars under my name which may hace atteacted the feds.

However after my grandfather's death my mother took on an extremely evil aura. Instead of getting better she got worse. Its very common for a mother to be programmed to do harm to her child. Thst is wjy nothing these people have done shocks me. She was always compartmentalized, unable to get awsy from.that family.of hers which MUST keep her undsr contrl as she has the diet on her father, and her mother as an accomplice. If my mother is the original experimentee in radiation experiments connected to MK Ultra shes not a reasonable person especially becuz she isn't admitting to being compartmentalized or dealing with it. Shes not truly in control. Shes under control from my.experience with her. Which is why I won't harm her becuz its not her fault shes a pawn for the system. Shes been being harassed for years and as a black bastard perp in St Louis said to me years ago "Women from Boston might be beautiful in dare hearts and in dare mayynds, but a person can take only so mich". (yes i am impersonating his accent. dumbass.) Thats great genius but programmed women are special u turd. Learn it f*cker. There was a stupid black cop there too in St L. "...the rain has to come down for some stripper". Hmph. Listen you mere HOUSESLAVE don't u and the peons like you wish that was the truth of this situation. Then the moron gave me his number. I wont tell you exactly what evil devious shit I would pull on someone like that today.
Its very tempting to want revenge on these guys like by becoming the next Eileen Wenernos. Stripper? Delicate sophisticated machinery is more like it. MK Ultra is smarter than you, BOY, now please go f*ck yourself.

They send these overt insulting pieces of sh*t after you when they know you are just getting through layers of SUICIDE PROGRAMMING and other internal deprogramming difficulties and they know that no matter how superhuman youve been made to be you are at your most vulnerable and confused in your lifetime. They know that no human being can handle a workload like that, to be able to deal with whats going on externally as WELL as internally.
It IS very tempting to snap at certain points or like now after years of being harassed to learn from your tormenters and teach men a lesson in manners they so desperately deserve. However the ultimate revenge being the truth cleaning house would only blacken one's name and reputation. And these men are raised to be idiots in our society anyway. It would be pointless. There are just soooo many ignorant guys especially nowadays with thug culture then neocons and Iraq war bringing back sexism. Men simply suck now. Bald heads and baggy pants so they cant be sexualized-only feared and respected. Thats most American men I see now. That or dead boring YUPpies. I dont have a sex life anymore mostly becuz there is really nowhere in the US I like the men. NYC, parts and upstate NY and Nashville TN. Thats the only places I see any hot DNA I am attracted to.
So I feel very castrated nowadays-by the new culture coming out of Bush era and just American men generally. I meet men from Russia and they think I am beautiful. Cuban men. Always foriegn men. American men seem to hate me and the feeling is mutual now.

But at NO STAGE in being targeted nor tormented should a Survivor snap or act out with violence as retaliation. I know they all deserve it. And I know its not fair that we, some of the toughest, intelligent creative people are denied even being allowed to grow our potential while lesser people around us who sell us out get favored.


My point being that a bunch of lazy trust fund kids from Boston as well as my scumbag family who want desperately for my blonde, Christian, ordained minister, genetic engineer scientist cousin to represent the family and be a true reflection of what they were and are about, unfortunately I also exist, s reflection of thier darkness. (Is this sounding !familiar yet to anyone familiar with the occult? That in order for this to work for them a light and dark reflection must be created? It certainly keeps control over the TRUTH being seen. Which is its purpose.

My family are liars. My mother IS a documented radiation experimentee from the Naval Hospital in Bethesda Maryland in the 50's both parents being US Marines. She was simply incapable of doing what I do: being like my dad and not being silenced. Which is of course why the whole attmpted label thing went down. Which was pathetic by the way. I bet they are still sticking to that still. Trying to keep as many people believing that as possible.
After seeing my cousins weddng pictures and what a nice life she has been afforded while I wasnt even ALLOWED to go to UMass I am certainly not going to let everyone get off so easily.
Everyones walking off into the m*therfuckin sunset with while I live in torment. They ars all going to get theirs. Some already have. Like Onlick and all those ARROGANT black people in NY and Boston and Cambridge who were part of this. Anything to get Obama in. They did anything they had to to anyone. All the way back to Africa this goes. I'll take care of them later.

No one steals from me.

So dont listen to my family or my old associates. They all have alot to answer for. And I am just as dead to them as I ensure they are to me. We can simply just hope that Boston suffers a major disaster soon and theres massive damage. And Jake is visiting his co dependent mother's house when it happens so I can get rid off all my betrayers at once.

As far as becoming a serial killer we all know I have more sense than that and I want the blood of my enemies in a gold chalice, (which represents the truth) not some messy murder scene in real life.
If you want to use this post to try to frame me go ahead. It will be as successful as when u tried to frame me for bank robbery during Bush. (Informant told me). Good one. Is that what you did to Fritz Springmier? Or was he disinfo bs also. His work seems accurate according to what I know.
I cannot believe someone can be framed for bank robbery or be targeted into it and no one sees that for what it is.

Dont listen to morons and don't listen to disinfo agents. Listen to what you know to be truth. And every instance is going to be different.

Dont listen to me certainly.....what do I know?

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