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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Smartphones Can Be Used For Legal Wiretapping

I had an experience today that made this subject of interest.

Recently in the place I am staying theres been alot of drama stirred up. Its on purpose I believe as the focus is my room. (Someone in the room is either stealing or the alleged victim is a liar or someone not staying in this room has a key. That counts in supervisors as well. The person being victimized or anyone else involved I DO NOT trust isnt a perp.)
Today when the alleged theft victim was causing me stress by whining to me she had 40 dollars stolen out of her coat pocket which was in her room in the closet, I noted a few moments later that my music from mp3 in phone sounded less loud even at the same top volume as usual.

Tonight when writing a post due to a typing error I accidentally pressed the key that is for speech-to-text. The music I was playing ceased and the mic came on. It then prompted to speak. I canceled it and as the song returned and continued to play I noted this exact same volume decrease no matter how I increased the volume.

It occured to me that today upon this stressful drama in the house and this woman speaking to me that the mic could have been turned on. Theres so much to pay attention to being targeted and then so much damage to deal with daily from years of harassment its hard to keep track of every security detail.

Its impossible to take care of one's security effectively when YOU are the one whos being victimized. Its hard to live it as well guard against it.


Anonymous said...

One peculiarity I've noticed is that some days, my cell phone seems to dream faster than on other days around the same time frame, despite similar levels of use. I believe the battery draining could be due to the phone being accessed remotely and left on and used as a mic. I've noticed that some days, I can leave it unplugged for a couple days, and it shows almost a full charge. Other days, like when I'm teaching, and leave it on, I've noticed it drains within 6 hours to a day. I mean it drains all the way down. Why the inconsistency? Being accessed remotely and used as surveillance, causing it to draw more current than the usual powered-on state? And if so, there could be recordings made and being sold to other parties.

Anonymous said...

Instead of dreams, sometimes I get manipulated sleep states. Like, I'll be dreaming, and then I'll find myself looking at the bedroom door. Then I get the impression someone is home, like there is the distinct sensation someone has come home, followed by the expectation that someone is opening the door or is about to. Then I wake up completely, to find out that it was just a dream.
Or sometimes I might get a situation where I am asleep but not in REM sleep, but I have this visual where someone has opened the bedroom door. Then I find myself instantly sitting upright and opening my eyes wide, only to find no one there. I have gotten the in-person version of this, too. One time when teaching a class last fall, one kid was pretending to be sleeping. A female student opens the classroom door and says "there's a student sleeping in your class!" But it seems to parallel what my sleep experiences have been. They seem to want to investigate pre-sleep and post-sleep states in particular with me. Like, what happens at the instant someone falls asleep. They have weird ways of jolting me awake. In 2006, I'd get awakened by a choking sensation, like someone is trying to stop my breathing. Then I'll wake up and realize it was one of their tactics again.

Anonymous said...

An example of the Attorney General embellishing a report for manipulation purposes.

An attorney for former Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky blamed the attorney general's "embellished" rhetoric for setting off the furious public outcry that led to the downfall of longtime coach Joe Paterno.

Karl Rominger said in an interview with abc27 News of Harrisburg, Pa., on Wednesday night that Paterno was the victim of an unwarranted media storm fueled by the attorney general's office and blamed prosecutors for making November's grand jury presentment against Sandusky so graphic it helped hound Paterno out of his job.

"We believe that the report was embellished, embellished for effect," Rominger told the TV station. "In other words designed to hurt Mister Sandusky publicly to whip up public foment against him and that Joe Paterno became collateral damage of that."


So that could be used as a means to get rid of someone inconvenient, even a longtime, legendary football coach.

Anonymous said...

Pretty much every state in the US is involved in this sh*t. take Pennsylvania, for example. You can laugh because it's the most backwards in many ways, but they sure excel over here in harassing targets and keeping them down. I also experienced a dream last night which was strange. It involved me going around in a maze, trying to get answers. I was unable to find any answers. It lasted such a long time, and in the dream I was starting to get worn down. I woke up, surprised it was a dream. I'm wondering if dreams like this are designed to wear me down? Because, I get the same type of dream, consistently, every once in a while.

And when I Googled for Joe Paterno, the first image that comes up is the man facing a black player, and Paterno is shown with a visible gut.

that's one thing the System does all the time: have me get exposure to guys with big visible guts, like they are imitating a pregnant woman. It could be from online search results (which are manipulated), or in-person gangstalkers.

And Amendola said something I didn't think about, that the AG manipulated the public into a firestorm, such that Paterno lost his job. The AG deliberately painted Paterno into a villain by suggesting he was somehow responsible for Sandusky raping boys.

Now, let's see that big brave AG expose some of these pedophiles that are working for the system. Why doesn't said AG go after perps in this system, and let everyone see how nasty and viscious they are? It's time for some of these to get exposed.